Hello there! I realized that there are quite a few Touhou fans on FimFiction, so let's all get together in one big happy group and discuss some stuff!
Yukari shenanigans will probably ensue.
Add Touhou stories to the Stories folder so we can all read about our favorite Shrine Maiden and Magician getting into trouble! Or whatever the story's about. Doesn't matter as long as it's Touhou.
Why don't you introduce yourself to everyone, and then get right to the fun!

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Surprise! I was away from Touhou last time I was active on the site about 2 years ago (if my brief interest in Touhou in 2010 counts as being 'into' it), but I really became re-immersed into Touhou for the past 2 years........even if my interest with playing the main danmaku games is still barely there.

A reminder that Kogasa is best umbrella (and Fantasy Maiden Wars is a great fangame series).

Merely sleeping! I'm still around.



The "Pony of Shadows" is "Sumireko Usami" who enters to Equestria as an Astral Projection just to steal Equestria´s Occult Ball.
Sumireko is unable to enter to Equestria by the mirror, so instead she uses her own Occult Ball of the real world (transforming into a pony during the process), but by this method she can only be there for a short period of time before being kicked back to the real world, so for that reason she only project herself as a shadow to learn about this magic lands, their inhabitants and the elements of harmony. And plan something so she can finally steal Equestria´s "Occult Ball".

The cycle will begin again.

Made solely for the facial expression.


The title makes me think that Elly's going to be in it. After all, Bad Apple was her stage theme in Lotus Land Story.

I feel terrible for not updating Harmony in Gensokyo. XD My ideas keep getting more directed to other ideas.

On that note, keep an eye out for a possible Okuu/Celestia story. Shipping included.

Needs more fairies.

Long enough to incite you it seems :pinkiecrazy:

Also, welcome :twilightsmile:

Since when the fuck did this group exist?

(Treekee led me here)

I'm writing a Touhou MLP titled BAD APPLES, and I plan on making it be good. If anypony wants to suggest some ideas with me for the plot (I have the beginning and basis of the plot figured out already) it would be truly wonderful! Expect it before or after the start of January 2015.

I think we start them in our blogs so that way the sound can be heard and it echos through-out the site.

Sure, though I wouldn't know how to organize these things:twilightsheepish:

Care to add your name to the list?

Interesting. I'll be looking forward to this.:trixieshiftleft:

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