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Welcome to the FlanChan fan group. Here we can discuss about stuff related to FlanChan and stories too if possible. And if all else fails, just spam pictures of Flandre Scarlet!

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You must never Marisa.:fluttercry:

Wooga Booga

And yours is still adorable :twilightsmile:

317112 I like your new profile pic! Not to say I didn't like your old one, I like this one too :pinkiehappy:

317118 This Gallade is now a nocturnal Pokemon. :derpytongue2:

Staying up late and sleeping in late are one of the highlights of summer :rainbowwild:

317115 Indeed, yet for me its a problem I have :ajsleepy:... BUT I LOVE IT!

It's summer, so why not? :rainbowwild:

317112 Why are you on this late anyways?

hello again! :3


I exploded

Only da breast group 6eva

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