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For the love of Robots.

Simply add fan fiction about robots in Equestria. If you don't to see some types of fan fiction simply turn off "mature".

Be nice and whatever and follow the site's rules.

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Best line to use on a Robot, "I cannot lie, I'm lying."

This statement is false.
(I always wanted to do that)

Anyways, I hope this group likes Mechas, because I'm going to bombard you with those.

346289 :applejackunsure: Does not compute.


It's been so long since I asked I no longer remember why I want--

Oh wait, now I do.

Plot convenient memory, go!

'Bout time a group like this was made :duck:

Do Androids qualify?


Oh I get it this is the place where we can hide from the ponies that think we don't have a soul or feel feelings or pain and so we don't get killed or betrayed by other ponies.
Heh I made a friendship is witchcraft reference :unsuresweetie: they will never find sweety-robot-belle

Sounds cool. Still looking for a dedicated Transformers group to join, though. Anypony know of any?

For those who love Robots!

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