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Well this is it. · 11:49am 7 hours ago

Sorry guys, but since net neutrality shall not be a thing soon I must say goodbye. I am not a rich man, and I do not believe I shall be able to afford the rates my internet company will most likely be charging. So goodbye in advance.

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Speaking of loops, here is one for ya. It starts with a Vase, inside the vase is two oceans. Residing In the oceans are three islands. On the three islands there are four castles, and five towns. In each town there are 6 warehouses. Inside these warehouses there are 7 crates, and inside the crates...there are 8 vases similar to the first vase, within each two oceans, three islands, four castles, five towns, six warehouses, seven crates, and eight vases. There you go, a basic infinity loop.

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Oh, god, if you reply to this one, do I just give you another one, or come up with something else!? Either option leads to an endless loop! 

Well it could be swarm, horde, nest, plague, cloud, or rabble...plus a few others. Thank you Biology, I do not regret taking you anymore.

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...would a group of fans of Changeling fics be called a swarm? 

I did enjoy the cuddle stories...how I didn't find them before now is beyond me, but better late then never!

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