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Today has been productive · 1:18am February 11th

Next chapter for KoT, WoE is about 75% done, rewrite for the Moon And Its wolf is about 95% done, and finally the next chapter of the Guardian of Peace is about 85% done.

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Oh, no! The tables have been turned on me! I shall now dramatically react as though my best friend and mother were killed by my worst enemy while sleeping together, completely disproportionate to the level of emotion that should be invested in a game website! 

Speaking of loops, here is one for ya. It starts with a Vase, inside the vase is two oceans. Residing In the oceans are three islands. On the three islands there are four castles, and five towns. In each town there are 6 warehouses. Inside these warehouses there are 7 crates, and inside the crates...there are 8 vases similar to the first vase, within each two oceans, three islands, four castles, five towns, six warehouses, seven crates, and eight vases. There you go, a basic infinity loop.

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Oh, god, if you reply to this one, do I just give you another one, or come up with something else!? Either option leads to an endless loop! 

Well it could be swarm, horde, nest, plague, cloud, or rabble...plus a few others. Thank you Biology, I do not regret taking you anymore.

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...would a group of fans of Changeling fics be called a swarm? 

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