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This story is a sequel to Melody of the Future

Two friends separated by circumstances and eras...

Both return to the same time and place, back to their own world, their old lives.

But both have changed greatly, and they did not return alone. And both carry scars of what happened to them, inside and out.

Can these two pick up the pieces of their old lives, and go back to where they were? Or will they perhaps become something more?

Part of the PWNY-verse.

Edit: New Cover Art by Spitfire-Sos over on Deviant Art! It was a prize from a raffle, and I love it so much!

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 210 )

Only the first chapter and already the feels are overwhelming :pinkiesad2:. Keep it up man cuz I know this will be an awesome roller coaster

Try do not cry
Turn around
Cry alot.:pinkiesad2:

Fave'd, Like'd, and Feels'd.

It's ok Venyl,...:fluttershysad: let it out...:fluttercry:

Hope Prometheus or Skullman/Dynamo brought back some recordings from Mars. I am certain Roll wouod have wanted to say hello and goodbye one last time.

"Our three boys, Tomhas, Mikhail, and Albert,

"Thomas," I believe, is what you meant?

So far, so good.

Only you Tatsurou. Only you have enough of my trust to have me track a story with just one chapter and less 4000 words written. Heck I usually wait until there is at least 3 chapters and 10k words, but in this case I think I can make an exeption.

And what a start for the story this has been. Looking forward to more of this.

Wait... What's this?

A new story involving PWNY Vinyl AND Octavia?


And so the finale begins. I'm gonna enjoy the rest of this Mega-ride.

The focus of Ponyville's present peaceful air seemed to be around a small house at the end of a curving path. Like most houses in Ponyville, it had a unique interior and exterior design to reflect its residents. Unlike most houses, however, it appeared to almost be divided in twain, with each half showing a different style. One side seemed to be made of wood in sepia tones, with organ pipe smokestacks instead of a single chimney poking through the straw roof. The other side was blue stone and rose to a second floor. The first floor windows all had a Bass Clef engraved in the glass and looked out onto windowsill flower beds. The second story window had a Forte symbol engraved in the glass. From within the house, the sound of a softly played cello could be heard wafting out the windows, carrying on the wind.

The peace was shattered as the entire house ceased to exist, scattered into energy and light as a massive fortress warped into place on the property, an effigy of a skull resting in an upside down horseshoe the blazed with moving blue light on the front.

Not far away, the day's groceries fell from Vinyl's magical grip as she saw what had happened to her home...and her roommate who had still been inside. Unable to find her voice, she rushed towards the fortress, desperately trying to grab hold of Octavia with her magic, hoping against hope that she was alright.

because, of course it had to be a stable time loop. (pun not intended)

Well Octavia is a better planner, but she had Pinkie giving her info about what could be coming so she was cheating. Let's see how these two families merge.

"He's been useful...even if his Adaptor makes me fluffy."

Just be glad the Adaptor doesn't make you "DAMN!"

Likin' it so far. Right in the feels.

:raritycry: This was beautiful...

faved, tracked and d'awwwed

Who ever disliked this will get my boot so far up their ass that to take a step they'd have to open their mouth. I'm serious too.

Dammit, I haven't read WWW OR MotF yet, and you already go and make another sequel?? C'mon, Tats, slow down! I'm trying to finish TMT first! :raritydespair:
Then again, those way ahead of me are clearly boundlessly excited for this, so I probably oughta keep my trap shut. :facehoof:

Are they gonna visit Mars at some point?

Got Dangit Vinyl... I Knew there was an ontological paradox somewhere in this mess...

8205622 I have a Favorite, The Sooner this updates the better and a Reading this Now bookshelves. Guess which one(s) this got put into when I finally got home from my graveyard shift job and found this gem waiting for me?


Come on tia, Luna, Twilight! Come and barge up to the new castle and demand answers and I'll be laughing for a MONTH when only Aperture Fortress saying high to the Combine can top your welcome:pinkiecrazy::scootangel:

The excitement is real!!!

Now I'll have to go back and reread WWW and the other one!

in an upside down horseshoe the blazed with moving blue light on the front


I'm just sad that their Fusion house went bye-bye:applecry: the same reason I can't watch Zathura watching that beautiful old house die :twilightsheepish::facehoof::twilightsmile:

Crazy with feels on top. Just the way I like it :moustache:

The feels are real...the feels...

been waiting awhile on this one. hope its as good as the stories that preceeded it


I bet it was someone who's just automatically dislikes stories or likes to drive by dislike stories because they have problems with stories that have a lot of up votes and never read the story.

can't wait for twilight to be cuaght droolling over all the tech and maybe a few of the robot masters

8206714 The way your said it, Twilight seemed more like a dragon with her tendency to want to know everything and hoard knowledge for herself... at the cost of her social life.

To be fair, this is a direct continuation of two other fics. If you add all the chapters/word counts together... :twilightsmile:

It's almost like I'm psychic. Almost 4 days before the last chapter was finished, I was like "I should catch back up with MotF. I never played past X7, this should be interesting"
Then the day the last chapter posts us the day I caught up and got the wonderful news of a sequel.

I love you so much Tats.

hey tats quick question what does the current update schedule look like

Sunday - "Yes, My Lady" "Dressed to Steal"
Monday - "Three More Things" Choice Update
Tuesday - "Denouement Duet" "Mother X: Father"
Wednesday - same as Sunday
Thursday - same as Monday
Friday - same as Tuesday
Saturday - free day

Looks like I may have to finish reading the other two stories.

How is this instantly featured, anyways?

The more prolific the writer, the more likely featured. More followers = more likely.

Unusual story ideas are more likely. Past that, IMO it's just luck.


Suggested BGMs:



LMAO! This is gold! Mind if I use it?

8208746 THANKS! I've been getting turned around for the last week, at the least:twilightsheepish:

Twenty-one stories within the PWNY verse now.
Holy heck on a tritium broom stick shoved into the a:yay: of Kratos have you come a long way.

Now let us watch the madness of two ponies befall the land of Equestria with weaponized cuteness.

All aboard the Vinyl Self-Loathing train! Stopping at Memory Lane, Feels Avenue and the Tunnel of Love?

This feels right, like how it was meant to be. You've taken a universe I actually didn't really know and had a hard time appreciating before, and turned it into something just so... So...
Well, I'm not going to post a second comment tonight just praising your work. Just know, every step of the way has been so much goddamn fun.

What if Axl had a kid with both Cinnamon and Marino? One boy and one girl that are named Rock and Kalinka in honor of their grandparents?

Get it while it's hot Vinyl!

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