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This story is a sequel to The City is Always Bustling On the Other Side

Everything is finally settling in Vinyl's hectic life. Finally back in Ponyville and happy to be away from the hustle and bustle of Manehatten and back to her late afternoons and rowdy nights. Now instead of dealing with all the chaos of pokemon in the big city she just needs to deal with the three that have moved into her and Octavia's home.

And what a headache they could be. For each other.

Terra keeps pestering Nick and Elena and their so-called relationship. Always putting them into rather...risque situations. Vinyl can only wonder at how much more they can take before finally go Primeape on the little cupid-wannabe.

Part of my sidestories within A New World, A New Way

Edited by: Tdnpony

Coverart made by Jayesixx

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Ooooh Smaaaaashing. I'm not gonna stop asking till I get my answer, no matter how dumb it may be. What. Is. A. Sneavile?

I meant Sneasel! It has been changed.

Very nice and absolutely hilarious!:rainbowlaugh: I like your version of Vinyl as more than just a party mare.

That was a great story man! Oh yeah and I'm curious will there be another sequel?

Oh god. Two things.

One, that was awesome.

Two, Dat coverart... So! Freakin! Cute!


Yes, it needed these qualities in order for the prequel to get its "View Crown" back from our well-written "A Brave New World".

Curse you and all your followers from your previous crossovers.

4801127 - Hate the game, not the playa!:twilightsmile:

Thought Terra... why do I get the feeling that she will learn nothing from this encounter. Ship Master forever!!

All that was missing here its this:


Great continuation, but I have to ask; will there be more ?


I shall say the same thing when people asked for a sequel for the previous one...

It will happen if it happens.

OMG!!!! PRINCESS BRIDE REFERENCE!!! I love that movie!

It's like Lord of the Rings, no matter what you like everybody agrees Princess' Bride is a good movie.

4801495 And on a side note... The Terra-Tavi ship is A-Go!

I think your shipping googles are on a little tight mate.

4802193 No, they were actually on so loose I almost didn't notice it... but that scene where Tavi was reading Celestia's Bride to Terra was SO ADORABLE!!!

I like it and all, I just prefer the other one more. Still a good story though.

Terra is too awesome for words. The maniacal shipper that is that little Mawile is the greatest thing ever, especially when being the center of a story such as this.

I think that your interpretation of Vinyl also is fantastic. You can't judge a book by its cover, and a nightclub DJ may just be a wiser person/pony than you think they are.

Ten out of ten, ten out of ten; best game, best game. :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

4802079 Yo dawg, we herd u liek ships… :trollestia:


Thank you!

Though if you don't mind me asking what about this one here you did not like?


Life lessons can be found everywhere, even in the bottom of a pile of mares with music pumping through your skull.

4802439 Or if you're plastered and wake up in a back alley with a bunch of hobos?

4802412 Only when they make sense. :eeyup:

4802619 Uh…

Not sure how to respond to that. :applejackunsure:

I don't know, I just prefer the other one more.


Loved that ending.

the emperors finest demand moar.

You sir. Are a genius

Shucks, if you like this, you are going to love the next one I'm working one. The one thing I like about it:

No humans. Or at least no direct interaction.

Thinking back to her years in high school in Canterlot, Vinyl remembered how all the stallions bent themselves over backwards just to get some small bit of attention from Princess Cadenza. It would have been nice to have all those guys serving her hand and hoof.

Interesting fact: according to the comics, Vinyl was the age of the CMC when Shining and Cadance were in High School (Shining actually caused Vinyl to gain her cutie mark)

Anyway, that was fun. Also entertaining to see how the crazy shipper in us all can cause such insanity :scootangel:


Exactly! That is why I included it in the story. Thanks for catching it.

And they lived happily ever after.
...with the exception of Terra, of course.

That was hilarious. :rainbowlaugh:

A Mienshao x minotaur ship? Didn't see that coming.

LOVED THIS! :rainbowkiss::heart: Terra has to be my favorite character in your story. Just every part with her is hilarious. Good work.

Also, Mienshao and a minotaur?...That's so strange that I must love it!

Have I mentioned how much I love the cover image for this story? Because it is just absolutely adorable/hilarious (then again, Mawile is a pretty cute Pokemon species).

If you ever need cover art, just hit up Jayesixx. Link in the image!

Still one question remains...did they fuck??

Another side story staring Mienshao and Ceely?

I definitely want to see more of the Mienshao/Minotaur couple in the future. Plus it seems to me that Vinyl's thoughts on love to be more mature and wise than Octavia's overly romantic approach is because Vinyl's a loose party girl - she's had so many conquests that the experience allowed her to grew and mature in that area, while Octavia's a prude who's only outlet seems to be mushy romance novels.


Exactly right! And for pointing that out, I give to you a seal of approval, starring one of the most upstanding citizens of the cartoon world.

Nice story, but there's some things you may want to edit.

Before Terra could warn them not to touch the punch, it was already too late as they each had a full cup and begaun to tip and swerve around the party while they did some things that those of the wiser mindset chose to back away from.

That should be "began".

“An entire world filled with prudes, and Arcerus brought all of you here. Guess us ponies going to have teach you all how to live a little.”


“So you’re using a story that was written based on Princess Celestia. forgetting how it completely ignores all the boring history lessons we learned since we could barely trot?”

Either that peroid should be a comma or "forgetting" should be capitalized.

Both Octavia’s and Terra’s teeth were on full display, including the two jaws of life and death behind the Mawile.

Is Terra a Mega Mawile here?

She Gave only a sidelong glance to the steadfast Boldore.

That shouldn't be capitalized.

Yvetal take me now...”


Oh, don’t you worry your little blue head about it.”

You're missing a quotation mark at the beginning.

“Hey, just stating the facts that all us girls in the field egg group know. He ain’t my type. I prefer my male with four legs and a rock hard body.”

I think that should be plural.

“Okay, so she likes the quiet fellas and she’s strong to boot. So just because there’s a chance she likes Nick Elena will get all territorial?”

I suggest adding a comma after "Nick".

Let’s see who broke fir-BY THE HAIRS ENTIE!”

First, that should be "Entei". Second, I suggest adding an "of".

“Oh so your one of those purists like the Pokemon Rangers, Miss Terra?”

And that should be "you're".

5048473 dude try this pony generatorhttp://ponylumen.net/games/3d-pony-creator/

I bet you can probably tell that I am a fan of this Zoroark X Lucario Ship. :trollestia:

everypony listen to the wise words of vinyl

Another pregnant pause filled the room as Terra’s eyes widened, staring at Vinyl who was simply leaning against the wall, and with a straight face, she said. “I got to second base with two hot mares, WHILE making over 200 bits towards starving foals in Zebriaca. It was a total win-win night for me.”

I may be wrong but are you quoting from one of Meatloaf's songs?


Not Bad at all.:pinkiesmile: Really liked the bit about zoroark and their illusions in the end.:pinkiehappy:

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