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Alice Maximilion and Jonathan Trace are two childhood friends from two very different backgrounds. Jonathan, born into a long line of police officers is striving to be the best he can be at his job. While Alice, born into a long line of Phantom Thieves, continues her family legacy as the mysterious Phantom Thief Fox.

How will the two friends, one unaware of the other's secret, fare when a forgotten God appears and takes them and a majority of their world to a new world?

Rated Teen just to be safe

Title picture is by xBUBBA1995x

Featured 17/05/2016

Chapters (28)
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Comments ( 462 )

I'm always here, I'm always first, I'm always watching, and I am always tired.

I DEMAND MORE UPDATES- yeah... I can't say that since I've been very slow in writing my story...

Being sick makes my brain slow down so it's hard to think.

I am intrigued. Especially since you appear to have borrowed/gotten the same idea as the Checkmate side stories what with calling your chapters 'Heists'. I do feel that this should be canon.

This is good so far! Keep up the awesome work and lemme know if you ever need help.

to be sure, that has nothing to do with the whole Pokemon crossover story´s right? All of them are called new world and stuff, s oto be sure i wanted to ask.

5261672 the message at the end make it quite clear that it is


How will the two friends, one unaware of the other's secret, fare when a forgotten God appears and takes them and a majority of their world to a new world?

this message? this could be an Oc too, or even another god, i mean there are enough games and movies with such things. I mean nothing say´s pokemon but ok, now i know it.

Gaben oh glorious lord assist these characters on the adventure of fellow ship amen.

This chapter when right into the nostalgia!
Even though I never finished to see that show.

Nice start, and welcome to the writing front my friend!

"Take care of your box and your box will take care of you"

That was one heck of a disguise, while it lasted of course.

are you a deticive Conan /Katio Kid fan

Alright, this is looking pretty interesting so far. Hope to see more soon.

Not particularly, but yes, I did draw inspiration from Kid

Aus was here too, but he works from the shadows, until his power is truly needed.

I like this one though, and now I have to watch those Kaito anime you're basing this off of.

I expected an exclamation mark to appear above her head when the box broke.

Is it strange that I imagined Phantom R's theme playing while Fox performed the heist?

Comment posted by tdnpony deleted Nov 18th, 2014

Not really, considering the context. Of course, its not quite the tune I had in mind when I was writing the scene

Oh, this is getting good!! Can't wait for more!

Awesome chase is awesome. I like your phasing, heck, I think I am jelous of it.

Looking forward for more!

Those poor criminals... they have no idea who they're messing with.

“By order of the Kalos National Police, the International Police, AND the Baltimare Guard, you’re under arrest!” Jonathan shouted, as the three of them quickly moved to round him up.

Wait, this story takes place in Baltimare? I honestly can't remember if said city was ever properly described in-depth during this story thus far, but isn't Baltimare a coastal city? And also the setting of fellow "New World, New Way" side-story "the Red Stripe"? Man... that thing had a pretty interesting concept, but it just hasn't updated in forever and a half.

Anyways, back to the main subject, I guess I imagined the city this took place in as being more inland with Sleight Hoof and Quick Storm's mansion and all that (though in retrospect, I do suppose it could be located on the outer edge of the inland side of the city).

Hey TND, just a small note, if one of the two ponies with Alice is described as doing something 'weakly' I'm going to get really annoyed. Please use a different word in the future.

Darn you! I had an idea to use Trixie in a cannon story! :twilightangry2:
I was going to create a weremon!

I think the last chapters is where Alice steals Johnatan heart and Johnatan catched hers

i can't wait until the grand heist of the friendship collection!

The awesome level of many stories keep raicing... and here I am, lazzing around, need to change this

Great chapter, have fun with your vacation!

Is it weird that I imagined the Le Getaway rhythm game music from Rhythm Thief during the actual heist?

Is Jonathan still a riolu?

He evolved at the end of the chapter

Not a bad tune. Its great bgm

This reminds me strongly of a manga I once read, and it is about damn time someone made a similar concept. The risqué manga was "Mouse" and there "is nothing Mouse cannot steal!" Same Schlick too! Grew up in a family of thieves, announced his heists, stole the nation's largest building, etc. I will be expecting GREAT things from you, so don't let me down!

Well...I based this off of more of a mix of Sly Cooper and Magic Kaito 1412. I'll try to live up to the best of the best Phantom Thieves, but I make no promises. Also, she isn't gonna be stealing any buildings. Sorry

Doesn't change how much hype I have! And I'll check out the Magic Kaito thingy too, but for now I'll be watching you...closely...unblinking...unstirring...unbreathing...unfeeling...

This was great, I love what a showboater Fox is and Jonathan seems so happy to be chasing her tail again~

Alright Fox, you want the Crown Jewels? Bring. It. ON!:rainbowdetermined2:

I just can't wait until Jonathan meets Alice in Equestria. I wonder how she's going to explain that.

Not hard at all, since he thinks Fox is a Shiny Zoroark. If anything, its Alice who gets the brunt of the awkward moments/guilt.

5362560 I would find it weird if I found two Zoroark, especially a shiny one, in the same place around the same time who were both previously human. It isn't hard to make the connection that the two especially rare pokemon could be the same person just changing colors with there innate ability to change what they look like. All I am saying is that it would be kinda awkward and hard to explain when they first meet each other as Alice and Jonathan because of the obvious connections now shared between the alias. I want to see what your idea is on what would happen, because you seem to have a plan for it. I am waiting in anticipation.

This is very interesting should bee good!
Dunno how well that heist in Canterlot is going to do but we'll see!
Hey I figured out how to hide spoilers neat! :pinkiehappy:

Actually, I had a very easy answer to that. Fox goes from city to city, so by the time Jonathan meets Alice again, she's already in a different city. Plus, she can use Sleight Hoof as cover, saying that she's helping him with his magic shows.

5365133 Fair point and similar to what I expected to happen. Good show old sir. Good luck to you.

Thanks! I'll try to live up to everyone's expectation. Of course, I have to say, this is the first time I've written using a main character that is technically a villain.

5233532 why is that zoroark blue?

is it not meant to be purple?

5365175 more of an 'antihero' type. she steals, sure...but its usually to expose something a lot bigger...

The master of illusions vs the aura pokemon

I read in another fic from this verse that for a Riolu to evolve it needs to be daytime and a close friends needs to be near by. then considering how distracted Johnathan was when he evolved by the appearance of fox's card I doubt he will make the connection anytime soon

5391527 type wise, Lucario has the advantage in battle, Dark Types r weak to Fighting Types, but with her natural skill with illusions...about the only way i see her losing the battle is if she lets herself be defeated...

I truly enjoy your story and wish there was more of it.

Btw, since your story is not very far along yet, would you consider a crossover? I have my first chapter finished, but since it is entirely on Earth, I can't submit it to FIM until it has some MLP stuff in it.

Crossover? Sure. PM me with any ideas.

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