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A Sidestory for Zuesdemigod131's A New World A New way.

Construction worker Jacob Arrow, whom prefers to be called "X" was just a small time construction worker in Kalos which his pokemon team as both employee and family. The team does the job, gets paid, and chill out at home.

Meanwhile, young changeling Nell is struggling to find her own way, hopefully one that distances her from her brood sisters, and is about to depart on a short journey as a merchant.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. When Arceus' master plan is kicked off, Nell and the strange family known as ShadowFox construction must survive the chaos the Alpha Pokemon unwittingly caused.

Editing by the amazing TDNpony.

Cover art by me. Currently a Work in Progress.

(9/8) Featured! Many thanks everyone!
(10/26) +1 feature!

Chapters (22)
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Comments ( 272 )

Seems like a lotta stuff happening in the first chapter.

Another one of these? Wonderful. Will stick with this one for now.

just the way you typed your comment, I legitimately can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not.

Well it is the first chapter. I need time to set up.

I was referring to CS's "wonderful" comment.

4378856 Yea, thought so...

Let me fix that.


No, no, trust me i'm being serious. I hope an army of Zeusdemi's universe crossovers arise and take over Fimfiction.

Then help us Brother. Help us in our goal of FIM DOMINION!

4380391 I might. I haven't written a story on this site before, and I feel as if I need to write an exceptional story before joining this grand force.

This is my first story too.

Don't worry. You'll do fine!


Cool. I'll be a support unit/advisor.

4388827 wait, when did this become our war room for fim domination?

Not complaining mind you just observing.

4389113 The war room clearly must be in the fan group that zeusdemi made.

So I guess this will focus on the changling side of the story

Comment posted by Metroid Prime deleted May 14th, 2014

4390031 does Zeus know what's going in this story so theirs no contradictions?

I would assume so. Think I'll ask him if everything is in cannon.

In the special tree house built through tears, sweat, and copious amounts of nails and wood, was a treehouse. It wasn't very fancy, just a room, but for one Trainer, it was home away from home, though to be honest he spent more time in it than he should.

There's a treehouse inside of a treehouse? How does that work?

Good so far, but you may want to go through and re-read it. There are a lot of really obvious errors.

Carapace smiled on the inside. Due to a stroke of pure, random, unbiased luck, there was almost unheard of amount of work to do today. What little that had to be done could easily be delegated. With an abundance of free time, that could only mean one thing to the Emperor.
A visit to the local Green house for new plants for his garden.
He almost chuckled like an impatient foal. Almost.

1) ...an almost unheard of amount of work
2) "almost unheard of amount of work" implies that there is a ton of work
3) The word "green" should not be capitalized
4) Impatient children don't chuckle. They whine, cry, scream, complain, etc.

I was trying to convey how little work Carapace himself had to do. Thanks for the heads up

Yay, another update! I think I remember seeing that Blastoise in the anime, I think their whole colony was put to sleep because of Jigglypuff.
Now I just have to wait for A Brave New World to update then all these stories will have three chapters out.

I will say that I loved this chapter, but I wonder what will be the fate of Naruto?
Also I am convinced that the Litleo is X.


He messangly took a step forward

I believe that was to be 'menacingly'. Otherwise lovely chapter, keep up the good work.

Okay, so I finally got around to reading this one.

Inti and Apocalypse are my favourite characters so far. As well as Naruto's fabulous hair^^ Still, I'm curious to see what pokemon X will be. Given the topic of one chapter in particular, mebbe a Volcarona?:trixieshiftright:

X as a Volcarnoa? Uh no.

Nice guess though.

After getting through that boring setup, this story got really good. Now I just wonder where X is, unless he's that Litleo.

...was that Blastoise IV bred, by chance? Because, you know, to put up a fight like that, is. the only explanation I can think of...
Good chapter, by the way. Now, onward to plot progression!

Considering he knows Aura Sphere, probably.

The only problem I have with this chapter is that Blastoise knows aura sphere because he can't learn that move in-game
(or anime as far as I'm concerned).

In actually he can. As an egg move in gen 6

4624314 Can't believe I didn't think to check egg moves in my Pokedex :facehoof:. Thank you for correcting me on that.

4624583 no problem. I was just as supposed when I learned Blair could do that. Totally explains why Mega Blastoise have Mega Launcher

.....Blastoise can learn Aura Sphere?

..THat is fucking evil.

I know right? Surprise kills on Steel and Ice and Normal

4624942 ...........



I thought that the surprise might be in the form of Hydro Cannon; only saving it for a guaranteed hit.
Then he said Aura Sphere and I almost cried for Naruto.
I also wish to say: Poor Silver:fluttercry:

I do believe I am quite enjoying this story. :moustache:

Just wondering, do you plan on showing our last two characters soon, now that our dear Zoroark's first section is coming to a close?

4667783 Yes, the rest of Shadowfox will appear next chapter. Glad you are enjoying the story!

4668281 Sweet. I'm glad I've now put aside enough time to read everyone's side stories now. :raritywink:

Nice job with this one. Goddamn that Blastoise was nasty, Aura Sphere, Hydro Pump, Rapid Spin and Ice Beam. I half expected him to pull out a Dragon Pulse too.


“Yes, lets all assume

change that to 'let's'

At his glowing horn's command, two *trick vines with thorns

*Thick, unless they're tricky vines^^

“I fought *he Blastoise yes.”


Then Naruto *Fired, the shot nearly hitting the Emperor

*fired shouldn't be capitalized

With the added *sped, he crashed into Carapace.



It should be Solar Beam.- this is just a technicality, but the transition to X & Y changed its formatting from SolarBeam to having a space in the middle.

Well, those were all I could find anyway.

Then, with hesitation, he slammed his fist into his stomach with a fair amount of force. Naturally, he felt to the ground, one knee on the ground groaning in pain. “Okay, not at dream. Not a dream. Oh god, that was stronger than I thought that was going to be!”


...I'm a bit curious about what Frilly Face said to those Alakazams, but somehow I doubt it would be acceptable for the teen rating. She seems that kind of character.

Unintentional shout out!!

And I do plan on revealing what Inti/Firlly Face said to the Alakazams

Just give us more!
You're getting it right anyways!:pinkiehappy:

but noone insulted his fiends. No one.

You- uh... Yeah, you're gonna wanna fix that.

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