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A brony who also happens to be a writer. And a happy Mexican too.


The world of Pokemon has his colorful and bright places, but it also have is more obscure and frightful realms, realms filled with the worst the world could have ever seen, a world the mercenary guild Checkmate knows all too well.

But how will such group adapt once they are thrown into a mostly calm and friendly world of ponies? Not to mention to a mostly peaceful new world and by none other that their God himself!

The answer is simple: by kicking as much flank as possible!

A side story to Zeusdemigod131 work "A New World, a New Way"

If you haven’t read it yet: WHAT ARE YOU WAITING!? GO AND READ IT... no seriously, you need to read it first to understand what will happen here.

All comments and suggestions are welcome!
Just remember to be polite.

Chapters (36)
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Comments ( 460 )

Nice beginning... I got a bit confused when you pulled out the Ganger name as I thought it was a misspelling for Gengar and there was not trace of one... oh well.

Another wonderful story to add to the series. I am very pleased.

On a side note, I thought the trainer who 'beat' X was named Rick. Nick is the happy-go-lucky and adventurous main character of "The City is Always Bustling on the Other Side" by Smashing Skunk. Of course, its not really a big deal, since Nick is such a common name that likely nobody is gonna care too much.

Also, reading it again, the number of small grammar errors is...rather high. You might want to get a proof reader for this.

4584287 Thanks you for making notice both, I have fixed the name and as many errors as I could, but I will admit I do need a proof reader too.

Yeeeaaahhh... You could really use a proof reader. I volunteer.

The king in the Checkmate insignia is not actually checkmated, he's just in check. Taking the queen saves the king for several turns.


"Just to be sure, did you asked ZeusDemiGod before uploading the fic and placing it in the main canon. He is pretty strict when it comes to spin offs.

4592218 Trust me, that was the first thing I did even before start writing.
I even send him each chapter in order to get a green light, so nothing conflicts with his canon.

For a while, I recognized Simon's awesome personality but only when he mentioned drilling to the stars heavens did I place it. Adding in a bit of tengen toppa guren lagan was a stroke of genius.

4594415 I agree but I will say I personally found the Giga Drill to be a bit much.
But then again Simon is supposed to be the Checkmate loose-cannon-of-crazy so I can forgive him duplicating a move that made someone explode TWICE. (Yes Spike; it can be done.)

4596881 I couldn't say it better.

Going to give you this advice right now. Get a second editor, preferably one who specializes in spelling and grammar as you've got a ton of mistakes littered throughout the story. Your story is great so far but the errors are detracting from it.

4605054 Thank you.
I do know about this (My grammar is horrible!) and I have left a few comments on editor’s groups.
I still wait for someone to do me the favor.

And thanks for the advice again, as well for the small cheer.


I like how the story is developing. Can't wait for more :D

I think it's a great chapter! 10/10

“I hope it’s subtle and well planned, not some ‘Now I have done this, have fun!’ speech”.

This makes me laugh.

I'm digging this so far and I wonder what Cynthia wanted to discuss?

4754010 You would have to ask Zeus about that.

That ... that had to hurt. I'm at a loss as to why, but Roll is pissed.

As for that Surskit and her gym leader, I can already imagine Checkmate showing up just in time to finally put an end to that rather persistent and irritating Spiritomb. Since you haven't even done the 'Arceus Anouncement,' I can assume that the two kittens haven't had their first encounter with the Spiritomb at your story's current point in time.

4768107 In order: yes and more or less.

That... is one angry Lopunny!

Lemme guess, has Power Up Punch, Thunder, Fire and Ice Punch?

I've decided too, I think I'm gonna go with Titania.

4769154 You don't know half of it.

And sure she does, although I like to think pokes know and remeber all moves (depending on level of course) but they are only allowed to use four per match.

And that is awesome... way to kill the surprise.

But still, I wanna see what happens on your end.

Well, I wasn't expecting that.


Wow... um... okay. That totally came out of nowhere...

Not that I'm complaining mind you.

4795704 Good :pinkiecrazy:

I liked when I can surprise people!

4796341 - I'd like to think I'm pretty Genre savvy... so kudos, you really got me this time.:twilightsmile:

O.o Okay, that was not what I was expecting. Given the other stories in this group and the way that Weiss transformed into the same species, I thought you were going to be pairing Shredder with him. Eh. *shrugs* Nice :twistnerd: you pulled on us. Looking forward to more, as always.

Holy lesbians!!!!!:pinkiegasp:

I think I found my new favourite side-story.

Weiss has a deep story that is not explained outright, but spoonfed to us bit by bit. It keeps a reader engaged, not to mention you have an excellent cast of characters.

Like the Lopunny. That attention grabbing, crazy, loving bunny.

Though I am very curious with what Daring has planned next.

4799178 These are mercs we are talking about! They don't have to follow the rules.

4803636 I thank you words, they honor me. As for the bunny, I don't know if she its a attention huger but I sure like writing about her.

Hope you enjoy the rest, when it comes out in due time.

That last scene. All I could see in my head was this, despite the Gurren Laugan other folks were mentioning.

Start at 1:14

4808641 Welp, the GL reference was intentional. But been conpared with One Piece: now that its an honor there!

Oh Arecerus...

Even being a bit of an ass even across the seas.

Another great entry into this story. The timing for Arceus's announcement couldn't have been better. Considering the map of Equestria, they will end up in Manehattan, Filly-Delphia, or Baltimare upon arrival.

Quick comment: editing with a tablet SUCKS BALLS!
Sorry, have to take that out my chest... But come on, a freaking hour to publish this!

V... whats a Thenth move?

Maybe you should get a laptop or pc

Two questions:
1) When did people get the ability to understand Weiss? I noticed this last chapter as well,. One second it's "Bi-Bisharp", and the next everyone understands him perfectly.

2) How exactly do you pronounce "Weiss"?

4853150 Its the action of moving your lovely thenth out of some old sight to a more interesting nature view... Sorry, needed to be a bit artsy, I fix it.

Thanks Zeus!

4853938 Once I got the bits, for now I am stuck with this crappy tablet.
Then again, I can continue writing because of this crappy tablet.

Life can be so abstract!

4857491 Since he reencounter himself with Xavier, and Weiss itssaid... Go to google translate, set it on Germany and click on the speaker.

I could say 'as it sounds' but Spanish sounds different than English.


for 2) - Weiss would be pronounced the same as Vice, I believe

4874236 Is it a good 'Oh god' or a bad one?

The use of Noivern was excellent, though it is nice seeing Weiss have a little solo fun.

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