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I am the Fan Hidden Within The North. I write for fun, give me any comment. Your joy is a great gift.

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I'm Done With Ponies · 3:35am Aug 25th, 2015

Or buying them at least. BronyCAN cleaned me out, I might have a bit of trouble with my costs until next summer. I still had a lot of fun though.

Bought some swag.
Met the artist behind the wonderful Horsewife.
Spent a morning with the horse famous fellows, IMMATOONLINK and MetaHew.

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Artists Up to A Simple Task

-If anyone is interested, could they draw me an avatar if I describe them. Just my pony character.

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Thanks for faving Deepest Penetrating Sword! Hope you liked it!

Thank you so very much for enjoying Paragon Guard.

If you're up to it, perhaps you could leave a 'Like' or even a comment on the story on why you liked it?

I know...Keep getting distracted.

Been hoping to put my new-found art skills to draw one for myself for the past month, but university been a kicker to me.

you really need an avatar

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