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What's that smell? Is it blood?!... No, it's a Snickers bar... But what is inside?


Life is full of surprises. That is a known fact. However, you always expect some kind of minor surprise, like your train arriving a little too late, or your ice-cream having vanilla taste rather than strawberry. But sometimes, life will give you surprises you could never predict. For Fluttershy, it was three little foals. But not her own foals, or even orphans. Three little foals that used to be her and her friends' most fearsome and dreaded foes.

Sombra, Chrysalis and Nightmare Moon.

Will Fluttershy's nerves survive this onslaught of misadventures? Will she keep the three villains hidden? Will she even become friends with them? Why do I sound like a narrator to a bad criminal drama? Don't think or try to answer those questions, just go ahead and read!

Edited by: MessoriaAQ, Cerulean Voice, Gidget_TheGear, Twilight Fashion

Cover art by amazing Missangest!

Cover art got featured on Drawfriend in EqD!
The story itself got proudly rejected by EqD!

Chapters (16)
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chrymbra, chrymbra, chrymbra, chrymabra, chrymbra, chrymbra, chrymbra, chrymbra, chrymbra, chrymbra, chrymbra, chrymbra, chrymbra, chrymbra, CHRYMBRA!!!!!! :flutterrage:

Comment posted by HiddenUnderACouch deleted Mar 23rd, 2014

4124270 They just met. Shouldn't he take her out for dinner first?

4124278 Do whatever, just make. It. Happen. :pinkiecrazy:

They are all black, they all have cat eyes, they are all royalty, they have their own unique characteristic.Sombra is Dark Crystals and Shadow stuff.Chryssi is love and hate and buggy stuff.Luna is moon and stars and dark nights.
So alike, but yet so different.

4124283 *scratches forehead, looks at his own notes* Well, romance is later down the fic. So, all we can do now is wait

When life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade! Make life take the lemons back! Get mad! I don't want your damn lemons; what am I supposed to do with these? Demand to see life's manager! Make life rue the day it thought it could give Cave Johnson lemons!

-Cave Johnson

This fic is both incredibly funny and adorable. :scootangel:

I love this! There are little stories with colt Sombra and I'm glad you wrote one!

4124660 And I'm only getting started *flexes muscles*

These three little villains are adorable. I hope they become good friends and come to love their Flutter Mama. I can totally see her convincing Twilight to let them stay and taking them to school where they cause chaos with the Cutie Mark Crusaders. I can't imagine any of these three getting along with Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon.

So, Spike promised three children candy if they got into his wagon?

I see some dragon frequents 4chan.

I have an idea. How about making them slowly age up, but quicker than most normal equine foals/fillies? :eeyup: (I'm thinking about the romance obviously.)

4125100 that would really go against the name of the fic - My LITTLE Villains. They're not as cute when they're adults. :trollestia:

4125102 Forget I said that. Foalcon is way better. :pinkiecrazy: JK, this "love triangle" is going very well. I prefer threesomes in that situation though in fanfics. :pinkiecrazy:

Lotsa d'awws up in here.
Very well done so far. I did notice one thing.

The yellow unicorn gulped and mentally prepared herself for an oncoming conversation.

I believe you mean yellow pegasus.
Also, I agree to disagree with Eclipse LunarSol.

Umm...if that's ok with you...

This is just TOO PERFECT! They are so adorable!

Two words for you, my friend.
Congratulations, son. You did it. You've told me for months you wanted this to get there, and now it has. How do you feel?

just 1 tiny mistake I noticed, but all in all a really cute and well done story. you sir and/or madamme have earned a fave :yay:

The yellow unicorn gulped and mentally prepared herself for an oncoming conversation. She wanted to explain to these little kids that this wasn't a prison and that they would enjoy their stay here. Maybe, who knew....

Wow.:pinkiegasp:. Just wow:pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:. AWESOME STORY!! Please continue!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::yay::moustache:

Wheres uncle discord!!!

I wanna see Discord react to this when he comes to visit Fluttershy.

Also, is it just me, or does Sombra have a crush on Nightmare Moon?

This story had my curiosity, but now, it has my attention. Please continue. :twilightsmile:

Will read tomorrow. Fully expecting to have my teeth rotten out by the cuteness. :pinkiehappy:

Discord will literally be the cool uncle that visits you and gives you stuff, or simply is cool.

4126627 I can definitely see that and maybe having Discord screw with Twilight's spell to make them stay longer.

You know who Chrysalis reminds me of? Vriska Serket. Except a younger Vriska, like from the fic Loophole. Hyperactive, precocious, too clever for her own good, but with just the hint of awareness when she does something genuinely bad.

I think I'll like this story.

4125320 Feeling well. Though have sore throat.

mmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan you my friend are a genius:moustache::pinkiehappy::trollestia:

I come online and what do I see?! It's on the friggin' second place here, mate! You've done eeeeet! :flutterrage:



Do you know who I am!? I am the man who's going to burn your house down! With the Lemons! I'm gonna get my engineers to invent a combustible lemon that burns your house down!

(Rest of quote :rainbowwild: )

I love this fic! I can imagine the attack of the cuteness coming... :rainbowkiss:

Wonder where these three's shenanigans will bring them. :pinkiehappy:


They're not as cute when they're adults.

That's debatable. At least, for Chrissy it is.

This is a nice story but ah... two things:

1. The ornamental light that hangs from the ceiling is a chandelier. A candelabra is a fancy candle holder, intended to be held or placed as needed.

2. Your placement of some more archaic uses of English is a little jarring. I understand it when applied to Nightmare Moon's speech (although Sombra's should be the same, since he was also locked away for a thousand years), but outside of the dialogue it just seems strange to me.

They're minor things, really. It is a cute story though.

Cute story, but try to use "wherein" and "whereupon" a bit less. It's a bit distracting.

Where do you find parts of Early Modern English outside of NMM's speech, exactly?

Is somepony threatening you? Is that somepony in that wagon?

Do you want me to deal with the body? Well, Mr.Bear looks hungry...

Someone call an ambulance! I'm suffering a heart attack! From joy!

I gotta say that this story is extremely adorable and I'm usually a hard person to please. I really feel bad for NMM since she got hurt pretty bad. Maybe that's why she likes wearing a helmet (and now I feel awful for making that joke). She's also the cutest just by how she talks.

I really hope this story isn't too short cause I seriously want more of this and I don't want the three terrors to be redeemed by Fluttershy so suddenly, leaving room for good character development. I can see her winning over NMM since she took care of her injury and Sombra seems tame, so hopefully Chrysalis will be defiant until the very end and cause drama.

Also, what in the world could Twilight have been up to that resulted in both summoning them and making them into children?

I sort of hope Luna and Celestia find out about them and when NMM sees Luna, she thinks that's her mom because it seems the three of them barely have any memories of who they are or even their own parents. It would be interesting to see how Luna reacts to see the evil version of herself as a little child calling her, "Mother." But then again, Sombra and Chrysalis may start wondering where their own parents are or why they're there.

4128841 Gonna have to disappoint you a little - defiant until the very end is subjective here. I never planned to make it all about 'taming' the three villains. I want to include that, as well as their misadventures after they get along with Flutters. That way, I have more opportunities for jokes, cute and tender moments, as well as even some romance and... action/adventure epic LARP

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