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This group is dedicated to the Mother of MLP, Faust.

She is the Mare that drove the dark times from Equestria and brought it into it's golden age.

She fought against the dark forces of shitty characters, bad plots, and stereotypical girls shows. She defeated all of these with one fell swoop of her quill.

She is the bringer of light, the destroyer of darkness, she is life, she is love, she is everything.

And the human Faust is the only tolerable feminist out there.

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Hi everyone. Can somebody please help me:
I'm looking for a short story, where Faust is Celestia's daughter, and Equestria, their whole world was dying and Celestia and the Mane Six (I think they were there too) was saving Faust by sending her on Earth, turning into a human and asking her to always remember who she is and the world she came from, after what, years later, she (Faust) is shown as a creator of cartoon MLP: FiM.

Fausticorn is best Alicorn-OC. Anyone who says otherwise should be torn from their home and curb stomped

It's so quiet...

363527 might we continue our stirringly intellectual discussions in a more private manner? It would be wise not to anger our red maned Goddess by cluttering her shrine with idle prattle

363521 We are but thank God that we still have a personal union with Queen Elizabeth II. Canada just cut ties with the parliament in London

363520 I thought Canada was independent from the UK.

363519 I live in the Dominion of Canada AKA the human version of Equestria ruled by Queen Elizabeth II and BTW she does not make the sun rise like Princess Celestia

363518 USA, otherwise soon to be known as the Obama Socialist Republic.

363517 What country do you live?

363515 well, we can't always get what we want. I'd actually like to meet you face to face one of these days

363514 Michael Bay is just awful and Teenage Mutant Ninja Goombas From Space is doomed to be a bad movie and I do wish that Tim Burton were to direct a Transformers movie and he must have full creative control of it just like he did with Batman Returns

363513 fair enough. I see why you don't like Michael Bay; what he gives in actually action and fight scenes, he takes away in dialogue and romance and story. Unfortunately I'm doomed to see Age of Extinction, but I will never ever see TMNT, Michael Bay or not it's just terrible.

363512 I just don't like his style

363511 what's so bad about Christopher Nolan?

363510 I think I'll pass on that one and yes Christopher Nolan only produced Man Of Steel but it was obvious that he back seated directed that movie

363505 I think he just produced it. As I recall, it was a cinema photographer who directed the movie. It was his first and I'll admit it's not perfect, but it's enjoyable.

363504 Because it is a Christopher Nolan movie and every movie of his is just the same. Boring, preachy, and with foghorns and Cloverfiled style shaky cams

363466 I hear you don't care for Transendence. Why? To me it felt like a Michael Chrichton story, though admitedly it felt like it dragged a bit.

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