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Loyalty; Generosity; Laughter; Honesty; Kindness; Magic;
These are the pillars upon which Equestrian society stands. Upon these principles, Harmony is maintained, and civilization flourishes.

But there are other magics in this world. Intelligent life requires three things:
Wisdom, to decide upon an action.
Courage, to go through with the action.
Power, to carry out the action.

An individual with Wisdom, Courage, and Power... can change the world.

Evil unlike any Equestria has ever seen has come to the Everfree, and through proximity, Ponyville. The Mane 6 must attempt to overcome the darkness they are faced with; it will not be easy.

But they will not face such evil alone.

The Hero has come.

A Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess and MLP crossover.

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This better not be one of those really crappy ones.:trixieshiftleft:


Well, that's up to you to decide. I like to think my writing is at least reasonable.

So, does it pass muster?

hmmm.. now on to chapter 1...:trixieshiftright:


that opening description.....beautiful :fluttercry:
TIME TO READ!!!! :flutterrage:

:twilightoops: HO. LY. SHIT.
You sir....Like+fav=Will you PLEASE write another chapter and SOON!? :raritystarry:

"FUCK YEAH! Dude, this fic has me on the edge of my seat!"

God damn it Sarah Im go--Yknow what? Better idea. HEY DEADPOOL!


Scuse my while I watch one of my characters get chased for breaking the fourth wall while I laugh and eat popcorn. :eeyup:

I still approve of this story.:moustache:

next chapter please :pinkiehappy:

TLoZ: Twilight Princess, in Equestria? Hmm... Interesting..

I do oh-so approve of this.:moustache:

This is getting good!
But, how come Pinkie is the only one who can see Link?
By the way, does this take place after Twilight Princess?
So Ponyville is saved, but they don't even know who their savior is, except Pinkie.

scion #15 · Sep 22nd, 2013 · · 1 · Tears ·


Pinkie can see the wolf in the Twilight realm... Because she's Pinkie. :pinkiesmile:
There is no other explanation.

This takes place during the events of Twilight Princess. The original concept for the story was "what if there was a fifth province, a fifth temple, and that temple happened to be Equestria?"


Oh I see:pinkiehappy:
That's good to know, because I haven't finished Twilight Princess yet.
I hope to see another chapter soon.


And I love how only Pinkie can see him. :pinkiehappy:

I want Fluttershy to find Link. Tis would be an awesome and epic meeting.OF EPICNESSS!!!!

I like this. Well written. And how does pinkie know it is called the "Twilight zone"? Might of given the wrong idea to some ponies that Sparkle-butt did it.

I like it :pinkiehappy:
I had a thought maybe if the mane 6 had the elements of harmony the physical ones maybe they could see things like the wolf can in the Twilight zone :pinkiehappy:

I really hope Wolf Link meets the mane 6 soon. Though seeing how he just went into the lair of the evil, it may not happen soon. Either way, great chapter! I can't wait for the next one!
Same reason she can see Wolf Link in the "Twilight Realm". Because she's Pinkie Pie! It's as simple as that! :D
3299719 3299991
By the way, it's called the "Twilight Realm". There is a difference you know. Have you two even played "Twilight Princess"? Not to insult you or anything.

what I mean is if the mane 6 were wearing the elements of harmony :derpyderp1:
maybe the elements of harmony will allow the mane 6 to see though the Twilight zone

I was talking to ArchAIngel in the first part!:flutterrage: I was answering his question about why Pinkie knows it's called the "Twilight Realm" I was never talking about your idea of the Mane 6 using the Elements of Harmony to see things like Wolf Link in the Twilight Realm.

Twilight realm :twilightoops:
Twilight realm :derpytongue2: Twilight zone
oops :twilightsheepish:

Fluttershy will encounter the wolf, I gaurentee it.

To be honest, I'm not sure whether its realm or zone, because technically, the Twilight Realm is an entire dimension and they were just spreading it. In the end I just decided to call it Twilight Realm (hey, Pinkie can't be right ALL the time...)

And yes, this might be played for laughs with the town thinking Sparkle butt is responsible.


Having the physical Elements there would have helped them... However, they didn't have them :rainbowwild:

3302786 Ah, you call her Sparkle-butt too? Cool. Also, what would a rainboom do to the flying things in the Twilight Realm? Splat?


Not unless she hit one of them. Dash doesn't cause other ponies to spontaneously explode whenever she does a rainboom. Still, the backwash would buffet them around a fair bit, shockwave and all.

Assuming, of course, she doesn't lose her magic again if she encounters them.

Yet another great chapter!

Let me guess Aj will find lInk in Barn:ajbemused:

Sweet! If Wolf Link is sleeping in the barn, then the Apple family has one heck of a surprise in the morning! I know that this chapter came fast, but I really hope the next one comes soon! I really want to see Applejack's reaction to the wolf in the barn!

So.. he's pretty much immune to magic now? That's cool, not many protagonists are in stories that I've read.

nice work with the song part


He's not immune to magic, he can now purge whatever magic directly affects his body... If he can muster the willpower.

This means that if somepony chucks a magic fireball at him, he WILL still get burned- because even though it was magically made, fire is fire.

On a more interesting note, this also means that a doll with want-it need-it will still cause him to go bonkers for it- he can purge the influence temporarily, but since the magic is affecting an object and not him directly, if he looks at it again hell go crazy again.

This is starting to get good!

The only thanks I need for favoriting this is more chapters. But fret not! I can wait.

Definitely agree with the "starting to" of that statement. I started skimming text on the chapter before to get to this point. I mean, this is pretty much where the story begins and I hope I don't have to wait much longer before another update.
This is one of the tough things about updating as you go, making people wait. See, if this was already complete, than the slow build-up and high detail would be appreciated. But when people have to wait long stretches of time between each chapter, the above mentioned things become more an annoyance than a bonus, they want to feel rewarded for waiting and so desire each chapter to have importance.
Regardless, This is well written and the plot seems good so far, (though I've seen good starts end up utter flops before) this is the kind of writing that, with some tweaking, could be found in a published novel.
Good luck and happy writing.


I'm happy you think highly of my writing style, I admit it does need a bit more polish, but this is just a pastime for me-I'm content with what I have released.

On the note of updating, I have to agree with you completely- writing the whole story beforehand would make story pacing better.

Unfortuneatly, I can't seem to write like that. I should mention I have other stories I am working on, not for this fandom but still working on. One I have kept back so I can finish it first, then post at a good clip. However, that encourages the mentality of "I haven't posted it yet, I can wait a little longer to work on it."

I actually started this story nearly six months ago, wrote the prologue and part of the first chapter all in one go... Then it sat for three months while I focused on my other story. I need SOMETHING to give me a kick in the behind. Posting it gave me that kick, because now I feel obligated to work on it because people are expecting more quality writing.

So look for the next installment next week/weekend; my goal is once a week, and that's the best I can do right now unless you want me to stop work completely and finish the story before posting again (and that would take ages, I gaurentee you).

well, my complaint is Pinkie Pie realizing what was going on and simply knowing about the wolf and how important it is. It was done so cheaply that it keeps leaving a sour taste every time I read about "Pinkie's wolf"
but with everything you have written so far, doing something about it is pointless. I guess I can simply ignore it for the rest of the fic, so no much problem there.


Well, I'm happy it wasn't a deal breaker for you. Still, thinking on it now, I believe you have a point; perhaps I made Pinkie a bit too omniscient. Unfortunately, you are right, what's done is done. I can't change it now, other than to stop referring to him as Pinkie's wolf. And now that the others have found him, I can start doing that, so it's a start I guess.

And I'll keep that in mind for future chapters as well.

Yeah, I know what you mean. I didn't mind that she could see Link, but it did annoy me that she apparently knew a bunch of stuff about "Twilight Princess" when the whole thing started but seemingly forgot now.
I actually just hate omniscient Pinkie period. Like In the Vasto Lorde story or ones like it where she talks about the author or about "reading ahead", it just seems incredibly stupid. It also both removes me from the story and makes it harder to connect with the characters on an emotional level. Why even put drama or struggle in a story when characters in the story know there's going to be a happy ending and their lives are just fiction?
To Scion, I can see what you mean by publishing to put pressure on yourself, if only more readers thought like that. Most people publish, not for feedback to improve with, or to create that sense of obligation, but instead do it for a quick burst of attention and care little for the lives of those giving it to them. It is because of people like this that this cite and others like it are clogged with thousands of abandoned works that make it difficult to decide what to read.
I've been tempted to read things, but gave up because I was afraid of being left hanging. Hope you don't do that to me and the others who have donated their free time to reading your work.

I made the right choice reading this fic.:moustache:
Yet another great chapter!

You should get epona to show up as a pony that can understand link that would be cool


Epona... yes, Epona...

I have not planned this story out completely, I am playing it by ear for a fair amount... but Epona will be making an appearance...

At the edge of the spring, a wolf waited.

But the Vale of Twilight has been lifted, Link should be back to his human form.:rainbowhuh:


There's no such things as humans in Equestria...
So he stays a wolf.

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