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So I took this thing... · 11:51pm May 11th, 2013

I figured out the blog! Yay! Now, for a bit of exposition or whatever this is called.
Sorry for the massive delays I have been putting out, but school has been being a bitch. However, I have commandeered a portable keyboard, and am allowed to use it at school, so I have some ideas for some fics on there. Just going to throw them out, see what people think.

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Thank you for liking "The Unlikeliest Of Heroes". You've made my day, good sir. :rainbowkiss:

586482 Yay! A fellow Bay12er! Wondered if any of those were here. But I have the same name there as here.

Thanks for the fave!

Also, do we know each other from Bay 12? I'm Fr0stByt3 over there.

Thanks for faving Hazardous Environment. I hope it won't disappoint you in the future.

And it looks like you haven't written anything. Hey, if you have Skype or XBOX Live, I'd love to talk! :twilightblush:

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