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So I took this thing... · 11:51pm May 11th, 2013

I figured out the blog! Yay! Now, for a bit of exposition or whatever this is called.
Sorry for the massive delays I have been putting out, but school has been being a bitch. However, I have commandeered a portable keyboard, and am allowed to use it at school, so I have some ideas for some fics on there. Just going to throw them out, see what people think.

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Thank you for liking "The Unlikeliest Of Heroes". You've made my day, good sir. :rainbowkiss:

586482 Yay! A fellow Bay12er! Wondered if any of those were here. But I have the same name there as here.

Thanks for the fave!

Also, do we know each other from Bay 12? I'm Fr0stByt3 over there.

And it looks like you haven't written anything. Hey, if you have Skype or XBOX Live, I'd love to talk! :twilightblush:

It's about time someone took a look at Phoenix fire! :pinkiehappy: But for the record, I wouldn't recommend reading it unless you've read the first. :twilightsmile:

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