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At last, the second season of your favorite wind mage's adventures in Equestria is here!

Just as Vaati has fully settled down into his new life in Equestria, the unthinkable happens; Ganon appears and declares his intent to conquer. Now, with the Princesses forced into hiding, the Elements of Harmony scattered all across the land, and races all around Equestria suffering under Ganon's harsh rule, it is now up to Vaati, Twilight, and their friends to join forces with unexpected allies, recover the Elements, and take the fight to Ganon. And all the while, an even greater evil plots from the shadows, enacting a scheme centuries in the making that shall soon encompass two worlds that do not yet know the connection they share...

And as the adventure gets underway, one by one, the Mane Six begin to have nightmares...

Meanwhile, the Cutie Mark Crusaders must combat the darkest depths of madness and twisted illusions if they want to save Scootaloo from falling victim to the evil power that weaves the strings of all their fates...

Rated T for action violence, minor language, mildly suggestive themes, and some scary/disturbing images.

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Naryu's mammaries

I laughed so hard at that, and why does not have a TvTropes Article?
Also Pinkie's comment about Link, is that actual confirmation or is it her just making stuff up?

Already off to good start...I wonder what will happen...

MFW S2 of this is up:

And then she saw him. Mane red like fire. Yellow eyes aglow with malice. A bipedal body taut with muscle and steeped in fearful armor. And on his thickly-gloved fist, a strange design gave off a strangely holy aura, three triangles arranged into a larger triangle, but two were only outlines while one was filled in, as though it were incomplete. The man laughed, a deep-throated bellow of a laugh that promised death to all who stood against him.

Huh, only the second paragraph, and we already have the King of Evil… THIS IS GOING TO BE GREAT!

"Sigh…Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad, Daddy, Dad, Dada, Daddy…"

We all thought this…

When he opened them, he found himself staring into the excited eyes of his foster daughter as she hovered in the air. A wide grin was plastered on her face as she waited for her surrogate father to notice what was different about her. She watched as Vaati's eyes slowly gained focus. It seems he had partied harder at the Hearth's Warming party last night than he had anticipated, Scootaloo noted with amusement. Suddenly Vaati blinked in realization. "Scootaloo…are you flying?!"

"For Din's sake, Scoots, she's a horse! And I'm a Hylian!"

… Do you think something as trivial as that's going to stop the shippers?

"So?" Scootaloo asked. "I'm pretty sure the odd Diamond Dog-Pony couples out there do the nasty too."
"Thank you, Scootaloo, for sharing that most wonderful of images with me," Vaati sarcastically replied. "Now I don't think I can sleep anymore."

Oh, trust me. There's way worse. Gentlemen, prepare yourselves for what lies below in green...

Scootaloo grinned. "I learned from the best."
"I don't recall teaching you."
"I wasn't talking about you."
Vaati's left eye twitched. Damn you to the bowels of Tartarus, Nigellas. Damn you.

Oh, PLEASE. You have yet to see the worst of it. By the way, if he wants to stand a chance of surviving his now smartass-ified child, he'll need to resort to… the dad jokes.

"The King of Darkness," Nigellas muttered, pulling the rim of his hat down. "The fudging King of Darkness is here! Nayru's mammaries, we're toast!"


Vaati gave her a serious look. "Truthfully speaking, other than the Master Sword, the Four Sword, the Silver Arrows, and the Light Arrows, all of which were designed specifically to either kill him or kill other powerful evil beings like him, I don't think he has any weaknesses. He survives half of his battles with the Hero of Legend despite him carrying all that anti-evil weaponry and is just sealed away for a time, and the other times, when he actually IS slain, he is simply reincarnated as part of an unending cycle, that is if his servants don't resurrect him first. He even survived his own execution, for Din's sake! He simply shrugs off every other thing anyone has ever thrown at him, be it sword or spell."

Join the club.

OMG :pinkiegasp: I didn't expect it to come so soon.
You are just soooooo awesome.:rainbowkiss:


GAH, WHY WOULD YOU POST SOMETHING LIKE THAT???? Also I'm surprised you didn't catch the subtle reference to the CD-i games.

I know.

3647914 Of course I would get an answer more jagged than a Zigzagoon.

3647914 now that the readers (also known as Piranhas) have smelt blood in the water. its time for a feeding frenzy!:pinkiecrazy:

3647697 It's confirmed. I can't remember where but at some point the author wrote down that Link would show up in Season 3.

This... this is the first chapter, right? 'Cause it's just that boss fights usually come a lot later. You didn't, like, forget a couple of filler chapters or anything? :applejackconfused:

*sees a story

Well that was quick honestly wasn't expecting it till next year. :applejackunsure:
well better get reading.

That's my reaction to seeing this.

Awesome start. Can't wait to see how this season turn's out.

So if Ganon is in Equestria... does that mean The Golden Trio Curse will carry over to this world as well?

And I'm a Hylian!

Technically your a Picori.
Well this is escalating quickly.
I am really curious to see how well the elements fare against Ganondorf. From all appearances the things are pretty damn powerful, but then Ganondorf is holding a third of the power needed to make a world from scratch.

Hm... nevermind that he also has... the very sword used to attempt execution upon him, can likely 'blend in' by taking the form of a 'normal' boar, can be further resurrected like Dracula by sprinkling the blood of his slayer upon his ashes, can, as of Twilight Princess, possess the body of a resident force of light, the incarnation of, according to Skyward Sword, the goddess Hylia, is able to freeze an entire civilization, create simulacrums in his image (Phantom Ganon), etc...

... Ponies be screwed... but you know what? Some insane nut in me wants to see Ganondorf be more than the big bad overwhelming force of dark nature. I mean... Wind Waker's expansion, or at least... that timeline's version of Ganondorf... got expanded upon well.

Hm... Perhaps we'll see the Helmasaur King and Trinexx... Perhaps.

oh god he is here already dear lord....
im not sure if the elements would work with gannon because hyrulian magic is diffrent to equestrian magic by their magic "fingerprint" such as every type being unique if not then trow my idea out the window

How did I not notice this being posted?! :pinkiehappy:

3648028 Unless it's a Hopeless Boss Fight, which is pretty much a given at this point.

3648295 :rainbowderp: That... had not occured to me. It's been such a long time since I've played a game that wasn't Pokémon that I'd not even considered that.

The thing is, that is not the better option, because that means that this story is probably going to be 20+ chapters of Equestria, Lava-and-Brimstone Flavor...

"Well now, what's this? The once-great Wind Sorcerer Vaati, lying down with common animals. How trite."

That voice…


3647914 Okay, two things.
1.) Will Vaati do dad jokes?

3648323 Well, the description pretty much tells us that Ganon takes over during the season start. The only thing I don't like about how this is going is that the whole Hopeless Boss Fight thing is kind of overdone already. Still, there might just be a surprise in the outcome, and as long as most of the story is good I won't complain.

Have you ever seen the Hyrule: Total War play through's on Youtube? The maker has greatly expanded the backstory of the LoZ, in a way that I like a lot more than the direction it is currently in. He makes Ganon, the Moblin King, into a villain I love and respect, and created an interesting take on the history of Hyrule and Majora. You should check it out, it is all very good.

You have made my christmas. :rainbowkiss:

The way you are stating how Ganondorf is, it sounds like only one person can help... Link. When or if Vaati has to explain or meet with him ,the reaction of either party will be hilariously great!:pinkiecrazy:

I did not give you a choice in the matter, Vaati! You will join me, or else you will DIE!

I FOUND THE CD-I REFERENCE!!!! What do I get? :pinkiehappy:

this story = the milk in this clip for me!:pinkiecrazy: -eye twitches like crzy-

Holy artifact to slay Black Ginger..... Other than the elements, I can't think of much. Even then, there's no telling WHAT they'll do to him. They've yet to kill anyone....think....

Lesse, Vaati has some of the power from the Minish Cap; the only artifacts in Equestria are the Crystal Heart, the Tree of Harmony, and the Elements...

Damn, I can't think of much. Other than Vaati crossing beams with the elements or something.

Insta fave/thumbs up, dood!

why? because I liked the first one, dood! Onward to reading land!

The only thing that bugged me about this chapter is this line from Pinkie Pie

"It's okay!" Pinkie replied cheerfully. "He's not supposed to show up until next season anyway!"

. I'm not a fan of when she blatantly breaks the forth wall like that. I don't mind when she has random meta knowledge but breaking the forth wall like that doesn't work for me in a semi-serious story like this. Despite all that this story is an inst-fave:yay:

HUZZAH! The fun has been doubled.

I laughed my head off when it got around this scene:

Scootaloo grinned. "I learned from the best."
"I don't recall teaching you."
"I wasn't talking about you."
Vaati's left eye twitched. Damn you to the bowels of Tartarus, Nigellas. Damn you.

But, sadly for the gang, all good things must come to an end...and what an end it has brought! The first chapter of Season 2, and already, things are not looking good, and even Pinkie brief fourth-breaking comedy does not eased the trouble they are in. Ganondorf is definitely not someone you should underestimated or take lightly, that for sure. And, what worse, the heroes are ill-equipped for his nature, only aimed with the Elements of Harmony, and who know how that will work against him. The only good news is that the citizen of Ponyville have been evacuated to safety...safe for now, that is.

Good grief, I've played multiple LoZ games, but never one with Ganondorf in it (known to my brother and myself as Grampandorf). I never realized how scary he is!

Well, the Elements of Harmony should work upon him. {I might call bullfeathers if not.} But this is Ganon. :ajbemused: He refuses to die.

Though, he might be smart and try and separate the Elements before they can activate. {Kind of like Discord.}

I really hope link is gonna make an appearance at some point

how will this go without Link or anyone from hyurle ??

Did Pinkie say something about Link in the next season or was I not supposed to see that? (There goes Pinkie breaking the 4th wall again..:pinkiehappy:)

By the way Link can kill Ganon a million times but he still seems to come back in the next game or so :twilightblush: Sorry mane 6! :derpytongue2:

The only thing I can say is that it will be a Curb Stomp Battle...not in the Elements favor.

3651421The author's already stated in the past that Link will make an appearance, but I'm pretty sure that isn't supposed to happen till the 3rd season if I remember correctly


Finally, my favorite fic gets updated :D

3649381 Shush. She's speaking of next season as the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter. *aside glance*

When it comes to Ganondorf, I love his Twilight Princess rendition the best; yes, I've grown up with A Link to the Past (Best one I've played before playing TP), but he just seems more awesome in that gothic-like setting :rainbowdetermined2:


Damn you to the bowels of Tartarus, Nigellas. Damn you.

Nigellas is my favorite character moreso than usual because of this...

Well, I can assure you there is more to this Ganon than meets the eye.

But of course.

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