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I like to write stories and shit. Mainly crossovers, but will most likely do other kinds of stories. Hope you enjoy.


After Midna, the Twilight Princess, returned to the Twilight Realm and destroyed the Mirror of Twilight in the process, Link continues to travel around the land of Hyrule. One year has passed, and our hero in green revisits the Sacred Grove in Faron Woods where the legendary Master Sword resides. As he looks at the blade and all the events that was associated with it, a portal forms above him. He is sucked into the portal along with the Master Sword and later finds himself in a grassy field.

This story takes place after the events of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.
This is my first story so be gentle.

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Two things I didn't really like:
One: Link isn't turned to a pony D:
Two: Link can talk now? When did that happen? As far as I know, in Twilight Princess all he could do was gasp :/ I really need to play that again >_>

But other than that, it was a pretty good for a single chapter. I want to see where you go with this.

Also, I've seen a story with mute characters as the main character, and they do a really good job with displaying emotions and personality.
I'm going to try and find the Link...

(Sorry it isn't linked properly, I had to edit T_T)
(See what I did there?)

Honestly, I was expecting Link to just yell.


Hmm, you have earned my attantion, don't squander it.

more chapters please


I'm not sure if I should turn Link into a pony because it would affect the story a lot but I MIGHT turn him into a pony at one point in the story. No guarantees though. Besides, his pretty face in the game always got him the girls. :D
In Twilight Princess, after you found the children from Ordon in Kakariko Village, you are able to go back to Ordon Village and tell all the people there that the children are safe. I'm pretty sure Link had to speak a few words in order to get the message across, although it was off-screen...
I'm still a noob at writing. Talking Link makes it easier, and yes, I did see what you did there.:moustache:

yeah i like it~!:twistnerd:

Comment posted by OrdoPonius deleted Aug 18th, 2013

Twilight Princess is best Zelda (sans Majora's Maks).
Spoiler: Twilight Sparkle is Midna. Princess Twilight and Twilight Princess. hur dur

This looks pretty good. Have a mustache and a fave. :moustache:

it is a god start but there are a few things I should try and point out. some of your sentences are awkward and are kinda weird.

She trembled a little but felt safe because of the unconscious state the bipedal creature was in.

you might want to change it to something like

She trembled a little bit felt safer due to the unconscious state the creature was in.

She would most likely not instantly assume he was bipedal

little things don't ruin the story just make it a little clunky and read a little strangly


Keep link human it would make very little sense for him to turn into a pony I vote human or hyrulian if I remember that's what they call them or some shit elf I dunno can't remember.

Some of you have been pointing out some of the mistakes that I have made and I thank you for it. For now, I am going to rewrite the whole story and change it up a little. As some of you said, it was too rushed. Thank you again for all your help.

In the Zelda games Link does "talk" they just don't show what he says, its so you can pretend his talking voice is whatever you want it to sound like.

Everytime the character fucks up the first contact I usually just say:
"Why in hell would you do that?! Are you serous?! Have you been drinking?! Are you sane?!"

haha, very funny!! God, why do you do this!! I swear, are you intintially trolling people or do you just want to hit the twilight fans where it hurts most?

She'll be fiiiiinnneeee....probably...
(*Insert magic healing potion here*)

Not yet, save her link with a fairy

This chapter seems a tad bit rushed, don't get me wrong I enjoyed it but adding some details in key places along with some... whats the word... perceptive ignorance?

Just a couple tips I'd suggest, I am by no means an expert btw. Giving Link some more back story in Hyrule before the events of coming to Equestria may do you some good. Sure we all know the story of Link, but backstory fills space and gives buildup to the drop into action.

Back to the two words I'm not certain I got right, a trick I use in my writing is pointing out the (for lack of a better word atm) ignorance of the visitor to Equestria. Rather than

Fluttershy squeaked and backed away. It was at that point that Link realized he was still grabbing onto the Master Sword. He sheathed it and Fluttershy seemed to relax a little bit. Only a little bit.

Link does not know who Fluttershy is, so maybe emphasize on that and alter the wording a little.

The cream colored pegasus let out a worried squeak as it backed away. The Hero seemed puzzled at her fear, until noticing he was standing before her sword drawn. After sheathing the Master Sword, the small pegasus relaxed. A little bit anyways.

These are just helpful suggestions, like I said I am no expert but these are tactics I use that work well for me.

All in all, this looks like a great fic that has much potential. I love the LoZ games so naturally this caught my eye. :twilightsmile:


so let me get this straight, link comes, link is at first calm, then scared, then heroic, then twilight is dead. all in two chapters.

ok... if you were to draw this out into about 5 or 6 chapters then it would be at a good pace

Uses a Fairy ..... A pink fairy the ones that constantly hit on navi in ocarina of time.

Aaaaand you're still moving too fast. You've just changed directions.


well when you think about it, first contact is alot more difficult when realization hits you. for instance, 1) you just jumped dimensions. 2) there are more dimensions than the one you existed on. 3) Sentient life. 4) (in equestria's case) Sentient life that's NOT humanoid. that can really throw an "sane" character for a loop.

(Reads last line) .....God damn you.

I bet he will use a fairy to revive her

If you going to put in midna in this story, then that would be the best.
I have always wanted link and her to meet again, there farewells where to sad for me.
and i´m pretty sure that nintendo is not going to do a reunion
so please :applecry:


....fairy in a bottle

bullshit! fairy in a bottle, or a healing potion.

I sense a mob of angry Twilight Sparkle fans in your future.
Edit: If she is not revived quickly.

Doing a good job right now. Keep up the good work:twilightsmile:

"It was still partially his fault for leading the purple unicorn into the danger zone"

good chapter looking forward to more:moustache:

this. is. AWESOME! i've been trying to get this game again for a while now, so to find a crossover of it is pretty neat! oh, right, i also meant to say that you'r doing an amazing job! are the chapters just going to get longer, or are they going to stay around this length?

saw it coming but great work any way. I love these games:pinkiehappy:

I have twilight princess, skyward sword but I have never finished the games.

This story, there be good shit here. I like it, another!:moustache:

Played Orcarina of time(beat) Oracle of seasons and oracle of time(beat), Wind Waker(beat) Twilight princess(beat) and Skyward Sword(beat). So I know the game well and so far this is going good. Though I would like the chapters to be a bit longer. Also I have a theory on how Link didn't notice the death spider. The smallest spider he's encountered were the baby spiders in the temple of time and those were the size of puppies. Thus how he failed to notice it until it bit him.

"I'm pretty sure it was a guy but his face looked kinda pretty. Almost like he would've had a girls name like... Zelda?" Pinkie Pie explained.
"Now how'd you get that sorta' name?" Applejack questioned.
"Just a hunch."

Bullshit it was a hunch.

That is all.:twilightsheepish:

"Yeah Rainbow, you already said that like four times now." Applejack remarked.

"Which was the EXACT number of times it spun!"

Applejack facehoofed.


I love this story! Pwease continue? Zelda is my favorite game, and MLP is my favorite show! It's the best combination ever! :pinkiehappy:

Hmm maybe that dark Twilight stuff comes to Equestria, and he gets reunited with Midna and GAH! IDEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!:duck:

First metroid, and now legend of Zelda............... MY LIFE IS NOW COMPLETE:twilightsmile:

This is good so far, keep up the good work. I shall be watching for any and all future updates. :pinkiehappy:

~ Super-Brony12

Yup she died way too fast.... On the other hand great job on chapter 2

*Walks up to table*
"Too short!"
*Flips table*

3086419 *Flips it back over* You can only break pots, remember?

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