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After Link played the wrong notes on his Ocarina when he wanted to teleport himself to the water temple, he is brought to Equestria instead. Now Celestia is stuck with a bipedal creature who can raise the sun and moon and change the weather by playing in his ocarina and has the worst pet ever: Navi.

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Wait, when did Link had the power to control day and night?


i wonder if he hit scootaloo alot of time, did the other CMC will be immortal and try to kill Link

2994840 In Ocarina of Time, he had the Sun's Song, dood.

So…he can make Celestia drop unconscious…by singing…Ah why not, a men once defeat Hades using nothing but a Lyra

This...is gonna be so much fun!

This seem great so far. But I wonder... Does the Epona's song would have the same effect than the want it need it spell on the ponies?

I think we all remember blowing 200+ rupees on the Bombchu bowling alley for that secret prize and getting "cockblocked."
Nice story btw favorited.


the weird part of my brain:rainbowwild:


You have typos in your short descrip. Might want to fix those.


im really not used to write this type of story :twilightblush:


.....I hope Link is ready to run...and fast!

One thing it should be Ocarina Gone Wrong but everthing else is fine from what i can see GOOD LOOK FRIEND!....woof

“I swear on my name that the one who did this will pay!”
“ Can we hug him before? We want to thank him for realizing our dream.”

best LOZ/MLP story eva! Whotwhotwhot

2995240um at the first sentence it says

Thunder rolled as the Hero of Time give another strike

im no professional but i think it should say gave but thats just me like this

Thunder rolled as the Hero of Time gave another strike


I'm probably not going to read your story. But I'm definitely compelled to give you a thumbs up just for the artwork and description. :rainbowlaugh:

The only way that could have been better is if he were about to jump off a cliff for the old chicken parachute technique, with Scootaloo saying, "What the hell are you doing?!" and Link shouted, "Just shut up and flap!"

2995665 you were not joking, it is quite popular.

oh no.... Link must've played the Sun's Song

You have my attention

Each of his teleporting songs were learned from Sheik also know as Zelda.

Try this instead

Each of his teleporting songs were learned from Sheik, also known as Zelda.

Nice chapter, I'd like to see more soon! :raritywink:

The Grammer nazi in me has gone batshit insane... IT'S ABOUT FUCKING TIME:pinkiehappy:

I see a great future for this story but you really need a beta. The amount of grammar mistakes is appalling.

Pretty good story concept and overall interesting. Not bad.
You fixed most of the syntax on your own, and I'm proud. But those dialogue, comma, and semicolon issues, yeesh. Capitalize those "I"s; they're really easy to pick out.

Also, if you're going to write a new story, don't let other stories fill in details. You aren't even supposed to do that with sequels.

You really need an editor for this. The concept is good but the execution... :unsuresweetie: Please, get an editor/pre-reader, they can point out those mistakes to you so you can fix them. :pinkiesmile: It'll really help the story.


Is because of you if i make progress in english. Thank you againg:twilightsmile:

So...many...spelling...errors...I will die now.

Sheik also know as Zelda

What are you talking about? Zelda's a girl. Sheik's a guy. Girls aren't guys. Silver you so crazy.


zelda did not change gender she transformed into Sheik its like gandolf transforming to ganon he just tranformed to a differnt verson of him

Comment posted by Violet Runner deleted Aug 6th, 2013

3000652 I was quoting adamwestslapdog.:facehoof:

2999892 Thank you. *the spirit ascends but is caught on something* NOOOOooo....wait....I actually like this story....

this is probably the only crossover to hit my favorites- crap! what happened to Epona?:unsuresweetie:


hum...just wait T'ill he play the famous song


Thank Sir! may i leave Sir!

112 people did not even read the fic before clicking the like button. Calling Navi the most annoying pet ever was enough for them.

3004648 Oh, I'm in for shit, aren't I.:twilightoops:

Interesting concept, most plot holes have been noted so ill give my whining here and best of luck finding a beta.

First sentence, you just said the master sword shattered.

“'Sister! Thou are the best! We don’t even know how thank you properly, I know, we should bake you this giant banana cake you asked for so long ago!' Interupted Luna as she run, with the biggest smile on her face, in too Celestia room"

“Sister! Thou art the greatest! We don’t even know how to thank thee properly. Ah! We should bake a giant banana cake such as that which thou requested so long ago!” Interrupted Luna as she ran, smiling broadly, into Celestia's room.

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