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Walker is an Enderman. His daily life involves teleportation, picking up blocks and putting them in a random spots and can't help but think "Why?"

Why do this? It seems pointless....yet he still does it. There must be more to life. He yearns for the answer. And soon he will get that opportunity to break free.

Thanks to Thresha8 for the new cover art

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So far I like it, hope you keep writing.

Oh my god I love this story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More more More more More more More more More more More more More more More more More more More more More more More more More more MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean it's good.

:rainbowderp: Holy crap. HOW DID THIS GET SO POPULAR:pinkiegasp:.

I like this story, but there's a lot of grammar issues. The part with the messages through the portal can get a little confusing too. Might want to read your story a few times over before publishing it. But grammar issues aside, this is a pretty good story.

3628274 Noted my good reader. Thank you for your opinion:twilightsmile:.

This story seems interesting, I shall keep track of it.:raritywink:

Never thought I'd find a worthwhile minecraft crossover. Please, do continue.

I really like the use of the Mutant creatures mod in this, it actually reminds me I had a plan to do an EE2 crossover back when I was playing tekkit all the time.

Wonder what warren's going to say 'bout you stealing hi boss' treasure...:trollestia:

More of this please, even a grammar Nazi couldn't find much to whine about this. Plus it actually seems to be a decent story overall so PLEASE continue?

This story is awesome! :rainbowkiss:
I need moar! Write as fast as humanly possible and make 5 chapters a day!

-Clay the Draconequus

Wait a min .... do he tranform into a pony/mutant enderman lets see then


Oh wow now this tickled my interest.

Dear god, your profile pic is sexy.
Oh, and good story.

There is a few typos here and there, but it was good.

I will favorite this only if you get an editor, because the bad grammar is bogging down what looks like a really, REALLY good story, please find an editor, please?!

I added it to the Minecraft group. They get excited when there is a new addition.

Very unique story, I shall keep reading. My concerns about the stories errors have already been addressed. However, I have one question... Where in hell (pun intended) is he going to get a nether star?

Thank you?
Ya gotta take me to dinner first.:rainbowkiss:

Now I want a Rythian and/or Direwolf20 crossover. Like: Rythian in Equestria, his magic isn't working like he is used to, the endermen are invading... Could be awesome!

you probably meant to use the greater than/smaller than symbols (< and >) rather than the cornered brackets

It sure is okay, but could do with a little spelling fixes.
Nothing major.


I like this very much.

I always thought Endermen were kinda cute.

Liked and faved.:heart:

3639264 It's the way English people spell center.

Right. I have fixed the Center problem now. Sorry about that.:applejackunsure:.

Its not terrible, the paceing seems a bit fast, Im assumeing you wanted to get Walker to Equestria quickly. One real critisim I have is the 4th wall jokes. Personally I dont mind if its subtle like a wink or a nod twards the camera (just an example) but blatenly calling out the writer feels awkward. But thats just me.

Comment posted by 1st Lieutenant Dave deleted Dec 18th, 2013

Very nice work. I was skeptical at first, but then I realized that you have a good talent for this, please write moar! :eeyup:

I know there is a mod for this.... I remember seeing it on youtube some months back. You had to defeat the mutant enderman that sounds a lot like Walker and then you got a hand that would let you pick up blocks from a distance..... I can't remember the name though.

No but its dangerous for both you and me just....just trust me on that ok its very impotent to me

I lol'ed :derpytongue2:

yay I was starting to wonder if this was dead glad it isn't hope to read more soon

so his head is still square shaped. does that mean that his face is flat?

3785438 The Wrath is the boss you summon once you collect 3 wither skulls and make a Wrath golem. Its the only way to get a nether star. (For Steve at least)

braced himself for the clime ahead.


it felt like some sought of liquid.


There where a few more things like that but I can't remember them right now.

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