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Kingdom Hearts x Equestria Girls

What does friendship truly mean if it's gone?

A powerful magic had suddenly revealed itself, drawing unwanted attention from the Darkness. Riku was sent to investigate the phenomenon, but was never heard from. With Riku's whereabouts unknown, Sora must travel there to find his friend, discover where the powerful magic is located, and protect it. After all, everyone shares this special magic, and if it disappears, who knows what will happen. Little did Sora know that he would have to go through High School to accomplish his mission. But with the help of six friends, he could make it through in one piece.

Takes place after Dream Drop Distance.

NOTE: This story is cancelled, but there is a rewrite. You can find it here! For an explanation on the cancellation, check this blog post for details.

Edited by the great NightmareKnight
Preread by the cool XxEpsilonxX & the neat Golden Flare
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Aw shit I started reading and I loved it... make more soon.

Good start, I love how you incorporated the music. Please update quickly!

Good to see people enjoying it as much as I have.:twilightsmile:

A well written Kingdom Hearts story. And it has a Sunset tag! Me Freaking Gusta! Please continue, I mostly curious to know why Sunset went back on her word. Still, she'd make for an interesting boss fight.

(Especially if she managed to get a keyblade) what?

This looks great! Will be reading along, keep it up! :twilightsmile:

Kingdom Hearts!!! This is great! I loved the story! Well written too!! :D Keyblades, Keyblades, Keyblades! :D

Floop :3

my guess is something along the lines of an advance party of Xehanort's corrupting her.
( if this story was not rated everyone I would make a crude joke but it is so I shall stay my tounge)

So...... something I don't get,
fluttershy mentioned a twilight, is that twilight the one from equestria or the one native to this universe.
basically is this twilight the one we all know or is she a new character

3410560 Well darn, cause now i'm kinda curious. :trixieshiftright:

I will attempt to describe it in general terms,
At a certain time of the month a woman may experience pain or mood swings as a part of their biology. these mood swings may be in the form of anger or irritability

Awesome can't wait to read more of this. :yay:

3410567 I might as well say it now, this Twilight is the one in the Equestria Girls universe, not the one we all know and love.

“I must warn you, Sora,” Yen Sid cautioned with his hand raised for emphasis, “If the magic of friendship is destroyed, all ties with friendship will cease to exist.”

Ooooh, you had me right here! What a great storytelling concept, it merges the themes from MLP and KH perfectly.

I keep picturing the scenes unfolding like the cutscenes in KH, complete with the letterbox view and subtitles when each character speaks, :twilightsheepish:

Very nice start thusfar. I do think that Sunset would TRY to make friends after what happened. But, not just for the shake of making friends, at least at first. She sought to become a princess cause she thought she was entitled to it, entitled to power, but thought she had to seek out that power alone. Only to learn that true power, more than she could imagine, results from having friends. But, just cause she said she wants to make friends now(likely to at first to gain power from such), doesn't mean she'd be able to break old habits easily. The ol' 'some things never change' scenario.

Anyways, great start, and eager to see more.^^

3410610 Ah, of course. Eh, I've worse jokes.

Oh yeah. Also, how is Twilight there? Unless Twilight's counterpart joined the school to learn of its mysteries after having witnessed youtube videos of the magical events there.^_^ Which is quite possible. Bet some tried to record even while zombified by Sunset. XD

If this world was an actual Kh world, it would be two worlds in one, kinda like what they did with KH2 Disney Castle.

But still, it would be awesome to face the demon as sora. The Encounter would be playing in the background and everything.

Sunset gave a short laugh, “Feelings? We’re not seven-year-olds anymore. Grow up, you baby.”

If I was sora, I'd kick the shit out of her right now, unless she has her own keyblade which is highly unlikely.

Sunset gave a short laugh, “Feelings? We’re not seven-year-olds anymore. Grow up, you baby.”

I wasn't aware when you reached a certain age you turned into a Cyberman...

In any event, a bit of cheese in a KH/MLP:FIM crossover is pretty much unavoidable. I just use it for pun fodder and move on.

I don't really know much of anything about Kingdom Hearts, however this has my attention...

Bugger...better step up my game on KHoH

I like this... alot!

3417033 Dude, don't doubt yourself. Your story is amazing, and I always look forward to each chapter! Though, I do appreciate the thought.

Superdale, I hate you for writing a EQ Girls story, but I love you for writing a Kingdom Hearts, so all is forgiven. Just make this bloody fabulous :raritywink:

While I like it, I don't think that making Sunset Shimmer a bad guy again was a good choice. It seems that after such a big failure, no one would care about her. They'd realize just how little control she had over them and stop bothering with her or having anything to do with her. Also, Twilight is not there anymore. I can understand wanting to bring the normal human Twilight into it, but she has no connection to the other girls, so why is the normal human Twilight their friend? Maybe if pony Twilight revisited the school, then that'd make sense, but here, it just doesn't work. Accepting those flaws though, I look forward to reading the story and experiencing it. Your writing is pretty strong, so I'll give it a shot. :pinkiesmile:

it disappeared in a black mist, a crystal heart emerging from it

Hmm, I'm pretty sure Pure Bloods don't release hearts, only the Emblems do. Anyway, looking good so far.

Ok! Just finished reading this chapter, and you've got me hooked. The combat flowed nicely and the interactions with Fluttershy were good. However, I strongly question when you started each song. To be more exact, when you started it was fine, but do we just play the music until the next one starts? I did that for all of them, but the one that felt the most out of place was Kairi's theme and Sinister Shadows. I think that it would have been better to start sinister shadows when Sora first noticed the shadow, and not let Kairi's theme go until he actually started fighting the heartless. I'd recommend starting it here:

Narrowing his eyes, Sora saw the Heartless dash out of sight into another hallway.

Just a recommendation. Can't wait for the next chapter. :pinkiehappy:

“The old coot?” the second figure scoffed, “As if.

It's obvious that this 2nd figure is Braig, or as he's more commonly known as:

NO II: Xigbar, The Freeshooter

That leaves the other figure a mystery though,

But a few examples of who he could be are:



Young Xehanort

Isa (Saix)


Sora should use thoughs forms from the secend game and go all badass on the heartless and nobodies. Just a thought.:twilightblush:

3430631 I really tried to think of how readers would flow with the music and reading, and I have to make a lot of assumptions. Sometimes I wanted parts with no music, but I wasn't sure if people would know that there's no music on a spot when a scene break appears. Not only that, but I put the music in right before I upload, so I fail pretty badly when it comes to music placement. :twilightblush:

For your other concern in another comment, I understand that everyone views Sunset as a failure (especially after re-watching the movie), but I can still see people fear her a bit. Even still, I didn't want her to be some person in the background I'd have to bring up, and it's far easier (and better, in terms of story) to just make her a villain. Oh, and don't even get me started on Flash Sentry. I have no idea what to do with him. :facehoof:

And 3430616, you are absolutely right. Pureblood heartless don't release hearts. I fail at research. I'll be sure to change that.

This is a fine pickle that Sora got himself into (not that he got into trouble.), and I thought have one of org use Sunset Shimmer not as helpless, but use power of darkness like how Riku lost the keyblade and lost the battle on the first one.

Another excellent chapter. Eager to see more.:D

Just finished reading the chapter, It was good :D the interaction with Fluttershy, the expressions, heh, even the fighting scen with the heartless was good :D I liek where dis is going :D

Maybe the next chap would befreind another and a short part of Sora apologizin' to Fluttershy :D

Floop :3

Lime GreenSharde'

Comment posted by Katnips deleted Nov 2nd, 2013
Comment posted by Katnips deleted Nov 2nd, 2013

The story is getting interesting :D
The interactions with Fluttershy was pretty good, even the combat part. :D I'm lookin' forward for moar of your work :D I'll be stickin' around, heh.

Floop :3

Lime GreenSharde'

Comment posted by Katnips deleted Nov 2nd, 2013
Comment posted by Katnips deleted Nov 2nd, 2013

Is it just me, or do we really want to see Equestria/Canterlot High as a Kingdom Hearts world after KH3?

Not to criticize, but shouldn't you have figured out most of the story before you started writing it?

3509971 Hey, I just suddenly had this idea, and rolled with it. Do I look like I have a plan!? :pinkiecrazy:

3510001 With that profile picture? Yes. :trollestia:

I have a suggestion, why not involve the Mirror World Twilight somehow? Not Princess Twilight, just the Twilight of that world.

Sunset Shimmer suffering an ironic fate: that is, turning into Canterlot High´s Nobody after losing her heart .

Honestly, I think Sunset was honest about wanting to get friends... but not for the sake of friendship. What Sunset wanted was the power to rule.... and Twilight proved the true way to such power is with friends. So, she likely would seek friends not for redemption's sake... but rather, so she can acquire the same power Twilight had. Or at least, that would be the reason at first.

I would usually have a lot of ideas to offer, but seeing as I haven't played Kingdom Hearts in years, i'm in no shape to help. I'm very sorry.

Sunset's got darkness to spare, give her some Heartless to control.

I would have to say Applejack and Pinkie Pie, and I wanted to see what expression of Sora when Pinkie Pie goes what pinkie does.

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