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  • T A Wielder and His Students

    2012. The year that was prophesied to be the end of the world. But in reality, it was a test for humanity, and we failed. Well, except for a select few who passed, like me. Now I have my own Keyblade and live in a new world, teaching future wielders.  · Golden Flare
    16,586 words · 550 views  ·  46  ·  13 · sex
  • T A Replica In Equestria

    [Displaced Story] I heard of the rumors of people disappearing at conventions, but I didn't believe it, until I went, cosplaying as Riku Replica. Now I'm stuck in a little girl's TV show, what could go wrong?  · Golden Flare
    2,071 words · 555 views  ·  38  ·  9
  • T SAVE

    After being the most ostracized student at CHS, you wanted to be a part of something greater. Your pleas were enough for some unseen being to give you the power to "SAVE".  · Golden Flare
    6,830 words · 613 views  ·  28  ·  6
  • E Hunter of Numbers

    You are the worst Duelist in CHS and everybody knows it, so you refrain from dueling anyone besides your friends, Snips and Snails. But when the appearance of these "Number" cards start possessing people, will you rise to the challenge?  · Golden Flare
    10,141 words · 374 views  ·  18  ·  5
  • E Golden Bells 3: The Newborn Pie (Yet Another Hearth's Warming Special)

    It's Hearth's Warming Eve once again and everypony's excited, but not as excited as Golden and Pinkie are, as their child is expected before the holidays...or is it?  · Golden Flare
    1,021 words · 134 views
  • T Canterlot High Ends With You

    In the aftermath of the Friendship Games, Twilight and Sunset both end up dead and are forced to play the Reaper's Game to regain their lives...and those close to them.  · Golden Flare
    13,176 words · 297 views  ·  26  ·  4
  • E Black Gold 3: Coping Mechanism (Yet Another Nightmare Night Special)

    It is once again Nightmare Night, and everypony in Ponyville is excited! Except for Golden Flare, who is still haunted by his mistakes as Shadow Blaze. With the help of Pinkie and her friends, they just might be able to pull him out of his sadness.  · Golden Flare
    1,258 words · 81 views
  • T Equestria Girls RPG: Persona

    You came to Canterlot all the way from Manehatten for a fresh start after the tragedy that befell you, but you'll soon be thrust into a grand mystery that involves something from your past...  · Golden Flare
    5,076 words · 525 views  ·  18  ·  5 · sex · gore
  • T Equestria Girls RPG: Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ

    When Kingdom Hearts: Unchained χ is finally released for the new VRH (Virtual Reality Headset), Devin just couldn't wait get his hands on it! But once he enters the game, he'll soon find out it's anything but... [Sword Art Online parody]  · Golden Flare
    4,200 words · 361 views  ·  9  ·  7
  • T The Demon Swordswoman

    [Displaced Story] I cosplay as a male Akame from Akame Ga Kill, buy Murasame from a merchant, then end up in Equestria and become part of Celestia's army in the distant past of the MLP lore. Great.  · Golden Flare
    2,178 words · 521 views  ·  43  ·  42 · gore


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A friend of mine who's been helping me with my stories is having his birthday today, go and wish him great birthday wishes!

Have a great day and stay brony, my friends :moustache:

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Kingdom Hearts: The Heart of Friendship - Tales of Canterlot High

  • Kingdom Hearts: Equestria Girls Sora and Donald arrive at Canterlot High to search for a magical disturbance by the order of King Mickey, But when they get there, they get more than they bargained for. by Golden Flare 48,143 words · 8,698 views · 262 likes · 21 dislikes

Kingdom Hearts: The Heart of Friendship - Keyblade Wielders of Equestria Part 1

  • Kingdom Hearts: Princess Twilight Sparkle Sora needs a new training ground to prepare for his Mark of Mastery exam retake, King Mickey sends him, Donald, and Goofy to a new world for such a task, but will it be another world in danger? by Golden Flare 26,558 words · 7,265 views · 153 likes · 11 dislikes
  • Kingdom Hearts: Castle Mane-ia Sora, arriving early, helps Twilight figure out the meaning for the mysterious chest, so they head for the abandoned castle to research, their friends for their own reasons, as well, but they may find more than they bargained for... by Golden Flare 2,591 words · 1,373 views · 51 likes · 6 dislikes

The "Inspired By..." Series

  • The Rejected's Recognition Soon after waking up, Spike finds himself within the basement floors of Castle Oblivion and each floor makes him relive his memories, he has the chance to do things right, but little does he know that he's a pawn for a much bigger scheme... by Golden Flare 7,092 words · 596 views · 16 likes · 2 dislikes
  • You Shouldn't Be Here A parody of Undertale inspired by "You Don't Belong". by Golden Flare 5,653 words · 403 views · 10 likes · 4 dislikes
  • Sunrise You heard the rumors about Anon-a-Miss, but after everything that's happened, you don't believe it's Sunset. You try to find her and save her Christmas spirit before it's too late. by Golden Flare 2,764 words · 2,486 views · 49 likes · 5 dislikes

Honestly, The Best Fanfics I've Ever Read :)

  • Hitting The Books When a writer from Earth ends up in Canterlot High will he survive the horrors he has endured once before? by CrypticMetaphor 73,328 words · 2,125 views · 103 likes · 24 dislikes
  • Trixie's New Life in the Crystal Empire Trixie, having nowhere in Equestria to go, leaves the Country behind in search of a new land to call her home... or her final resting place. by Yukito 51,412 words · 4,251 views · 469 likes · 8 dislikes

Honestly, The Best Fanfics I've Ever Read :) Part 2

  • Twilight Hears The Narrator A strange voice appears in Twilight's head. by Stratocaster 5,488 words · 14,963 views · 1,662 likes · 34 dislikes
  • Cuatro How can one feel empty in a world full of friends? by Dirty Bit 177,781 words · 14,604 views · 1,477 likes · 56 dislikes
  • My Name is Harmonic A violinist comes into Canterlot looking for work. While playing at a charity auction for Fancy Pants, it is discovered he's is an alicorn. Yet several questions arise from him. Among them, why is he hiding the fact he's an Alicorn? by CrackedInkWell 39,014 words · 3,808 views · 131 likes · 17 dislikes
  • Symphony of Life A sequel to "My Name is Harmonic." It's a slice of life story of Prince Harmonic and the artist Color Spectrum. by CrackedInkWell 23,928 words · 1,099 views · 54 likes · 6 dislikes

Top Favourites

  • Candle In The Wind You are a student at Canterlot High, trying to win a particular bacon-haired girl over. Prom is coming. by Gypsy Writefag 9,658 words · 3,760 views · 81 likes · 9 dislikes
  • Chronicles of Crimson Sky Not knowing where he is or who he was Crimson Sky must adapt to the strange place he lives in, and he will do anything it takes to remember his past..... Even if it means death. by Somekid295 12,984 words · 753 views · 16 likes · 41 dislikes
  • Past Sins Can Nightmare Moon, reborn without her hate, ever escape her past? by Pen Stroke 203,015 words · 138,926 views · 10,859 likes · 373 dislikes
  • Winner A new Colt moves into town and starts stealing hearts... entirely by accident. by SouthernCross 12,939 words · 5,408 views · 426 likes · 19 dislikes
  • The Gift of the Mash Button Mash tries to help Sweetie Belle have a good Hearths Warming experience by Rated Ponystar 13,426 words · 15,429 views · 952 likes · 25 dislikes
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  • T Confession

    Overwhelmed by the stress of Anon-A-Miss, Sunset finally caves. Knowing that trying to convince her friends of her innocence is going to get her nowhere, she collapses beneath the overwhelming weight of it all  · cerealkiller78
    5,394 words · 1,987 views  ·  88  ·  9
  • E Heart of the Cards

    Looking into incidents that were linked to the recent appearance of cards of unknown origin, Celestia casted a spell in hopes of finding where the cards came from. Instead, she warped a unlikely hero... A duelist.  · AspirantWriter
    13,503 words · 78 views
  • T The Incident

    Twilight has something to say  · The Story Writer
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  • T Change

    Twilight Sparkle is not who she says she is, she doesn't really know WHAT she is...  · tom117z
    149,634 words · 17,944 views  ·  2,103  ·  116
  • E The Principal's Project

    Principal Celestia deals with Sunset Shimmer on her own terms.  · KingMoriarty
    11,843 words · 650 views  ·  86  ·  3
  • E Immediate Notice

    In light of what happened during the Friendship Games, Dean Cadence and Shining Armor does something that catches Principal Cinch off-guard: They quit.  · Autismo555
    3,376 words · 4,980 views  ·  165  ·  5
  • T A Ponyville Outcast

    Void Crystal is a stallion with a hard life. He's lived alone by the Ey verfree for many years and now finds himself being brought to Ponyville. An outcast and dark magic user, Void isn't sure if he will ever feel at home. Luckily a few ponies will.  · Shadowboltwriter
    5,387 words · 103 views
  • E Stormy Flare Suffers a Heart Attack

    Stormy Flare suffers a heart attack while attending the Wonderbolts Derby in Canterlot and Spitfire must come to a decision on whether or not she should take a leave of absence.  · twilightsparkle3562
    2,867 words · 174 views  ·  10  ·  0
  • T The Weirdest Canterlot Alternate Universe fic EVER!!!!

    At her brother shining armor wedding Twilight is turned into a changeling by Chrysalis.  · The Fiery Phoenix
    2,667 words · 478 views  ·  10  ·  2 · gore
  • E Highs and Lows

    Sunset Shimmer is standing out in the snow wearing summer clothes, and Rarity wants to know why. Sunset's explanation reveals a profound truth.  · Soufriere
    1,274 words · 4,878 views  ·  224  ·  11