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After Diamond Tiara accidently causes the death of Apple Bloom, Princess Celestia decides to make her repair the gaping hole that she tore in the Apple Family.

Chapters (4)
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This is....

Hmm. Interesting. It could use a grammar upheaval, but the dark analysis is pretty intriguing.

I don't know why this had 2 downgrades, but as for me... It's SUPER DUPER GREAT!!!! I loved it, not to mention the justice system involving the crime is... somewhat, good... but all in all, I love it. :pinkiecrazy: how about a suggestion? If you're interested, contact me... let's talk private. :twilightsmile:

Uh, as cruel as Diamond Tiara can be, I don't think she would ever go so far as to sabotage something of the CMC's if it could get them killed. She's not completely stupid, and I like to think that even she has enough common sense to know where to draw the line (even if she never demonstrates that discretion on-screen).

I... Have no idea how to feel about this fic. On one hand, the concept is pretty messed up, but on the other it is interesting despite being messed up.

Doesn't this count as "strange and unusual punishment?" Isn't there a law against that sort of thing?

Well, life encased in stone is possibly worse, depending if you are conscious while inside of it and since you are unaging as stone, you would spend basically until the end of time watching but unable to do anything.

This is a very interesting story.

Kind of horrific, when you think of the ethics behind it, but imaginative in it's execution and absorbing in it's detail.

Couple of points: Diamond's full name is Diamond DAZZLE Tiara, not Diamond Tiara Rich. And you've labelled this as a single chapter story, but also as incomplete. So... Which one is it?

Still... marked UP...

If you ask me, I think what everybody else did is worse then What Diamond Tiara did. She killed Apple Bloom, not on purpose, but that doesn't excuse the fact that she still did it. But instead of sending her to prison (which would have been more justified), the apple family plus twilight turn Diamond into a replica of Apple bloom, and they try to move on with their lives as if nothing had ever happened. What they did is the same thing as getting a dog, dog dies so you buy a new one and try to move on.

6117462 As far as I can tell, that sort of thing doesn't mean squat in Equestria. Being imprisoned on the moon or in stone is definitely a cruel and unusual punishment, and Nightmare Moon and Discord were both imprisoned without due process of the law or a trial by jury. Heck, when you think about it, throwing the changelings out of Canterlot amounts to mass assault and battery!

This is very interesting...though the concept makes me want to retch. No offense. It's just...the idea that Diamond Tiara has literally been forced to be somepony else, physically, mentally, and maybe even emotionally...eurgh...


Or having Tiara smirking during the trial (she is a verbal bully, not a monster; the guilt should have left her broken), or AJ being ok about replacing AB with a copy , etc...

The story needs work, but the concept IS unique and I've never seen this kind of thing done before. As a psychology fan, hypnosis stories involving Pavlovian Conditioning like this REALLY get me excited. And yeah, I can understand why some people might be turned off by the dark premise, it is pretty disturbing seeing the characters do this. But overall, I don't mind. Stories with moral ambiguity like that are pretty interesting, I just think you're grammar and structure could really use some work. I'd love to see someone take this concept more in depth, as a matter of fact...

But, that's for another day. Overall, excellent idea and new concept! If you're looking for someone to edit this story, I'd do it for free if ya wanted! Idea and moral ambiguity in of itself is enough to get a like and follow from me! :twilightsmile:

Needs grammar work. But I like the concept.

The killer in that case had become a permanent resident of the Canterlot Sculpture Garden.

*laughs* I'm sorry, but this is really funny in a dark and twisted way.

Also, boy this story is dark.

This is COOL and unusual punishment!

I love this concept, it's amazing! You didn't do too bad with the execution, but after the first bit it felt like you were just saying 'this happened and then this happened...' instead of actually telling a story.

Also, I kind of feel like this was just a story made to torture Diamond Tiara. Not that I like her or anything.

Interesting idea. The dislike ratio is bogus.

6117568 The changling one would be revoked on par for the invasion as it would be considered an act of war on head of state and capital.

Why did they change the gender of the colt ?

and do they stell have there old colors ?

:rainbowderp: :pinkiegasp: :raritydespair:

Wow... talk about cruel and unusual punishment. I dunno I might have taken prison myself instead of being the test subject mutagens and brainwashing. And the colt who got a sex change to protect his identity, Yikes!

Not the best written story I've read, but one I'm not going to forget any time soon.

Thumbs up because I totally despise Diamond Tiara. :pinkiecrazy:

Though I thought that Filthy would disown her, at least.

You have an....interesting imagination.

Story definitely proves there are worst things then death or imprisonment. :pinkiecrazy:

AJ being perfectly okay with having her Apple Bloom pretender, Twilight being giddy with wanting to change a pony's identity and erase their past life, and Celestia of all ponies thinking removing one family's child to give to the other who lost their own by ordering the accused to assume the dead pony's place is sick on so many levels. :raritydespair:

This was a pretty fucked up Equestria. :rainbowlaugh: I can see actual and willing murders committed down the line. Diamond is going to snap and it's not going to be pretty. xD

Have a like for the insanity and absurdity of it all. These ponies are so shallow and insane. It's like AJ and the family just pissing all over Apple Bloom's grave. They are so terrible. :rainbowlaugh:

6117462 if this was the us mabye but Equestria isn't the us

And let the morality wars begin!
*looks around*
*time travels back about 9 hours*
And let the morality wars begin!

... Odd course of action, I must say.

I wonder what TV Tropes this story would have?

This terrifies me. I wonder how the real Apple Bloom would feel about being replaced so easily.

The idea is kinda interesting, but the writing is a bit rushed. This form of punishment seems horribly wrong, mainly to the Apple Family and also to Diamond Tiara's parents. Its mainly creepy and doesn't really set right w/ me.:pinkiesick: The fact all of Apple Bloom's friends and family just go along w/ it is what throws me off. I'll be honest, I didn't like it. And that's why I downvoted it.:twilightsheepish: But please keep writing, stuff like this does make you think and it'd be a shame to let dislikes ruin what is obviously a unique point of view.:ajsmug:

I doubt that DT would have been acting the way portrayed even if she didn't like AB or it was incidental.

Does this still mean she is an heiress to the Filthy fortune?

6120142 I would assume that as Apple Bloom she can no longer get it.


Huh. She still was Diamond Tiara. The way I look at it, she is both of them unless part of the punishment is expungement of the original's past. Which would be pretty FUBAR and extremely demeaning. Still, interesting concept.

6120193 She's still Diamond Tiara inside, she's just not allowed to show it in any way. Sorry if I didn't make it clear. I might edit it a bit in time,and indeed someone else has offered to edit it for me when rl permits.


So she is still Diamond Tiara and her father is just going to pretend she didn't exist? I doubt he has other candidates for his fortune and this would make for better relations than currently as long as she acquiesces and doesn't cause any more trouble. Even Applejack could forgive her in time.

In fact, while the concept is interesting, the biggest hole is that the original Applebloom is gone and the other Apples know it. The second-party victims of any crimes where this is a punishment know what the punishment is and who they can direct their anger towards.

First of all, What the fudge happened?
Second, this is a very dark story. How can anypony adjust so easily?

This was an interesting story. I really don't know if I like it or dislike it. But it was pretty interesting to read.


Loved it to the core. I might not know much about structure, but I liked the idea.


That was something, alright.

As in really dark. Holy hell.

You know, I can see something like this becoming a problem for Equestria. As there would be ponies that say that the princesses are taking ponies lives away so the family victims don't have to grieve. Than there would be others who would say that it is good as tax dollars won't go to executing or prisons, and will make the victims family happy.

Yet also it can be bad, as a pony who is psycologicaly broken could just murder the family as the pony still has his/her mind. So I would say that type of pony would just be in prison, while others who did the crime by accident would most likely be the one to get changed, as they would truly feel sorry for their actions and will want to make up for it in any way.

All in all, good story with an interesting premise, we should be glad that we don't have something like it.

6125045 If I were to add another chapter to this story someday, it would most likely be Diamond snapping and either killing herself or other ponies or most likely, other ponies and herself because of the stress of being forced to be just like Apple Bloom for so long.

6125615 That'd be interesting, could you do that?

6126454 Yes, but due to Real Life it might take a while.

6120417 If it was real, in practise many of the other Apples would be unlikely to accept Diamond as a faux Apple Bloom, no matter how well she does.

Wow, that's hardly fair to Applejack.

She took it gracefully though. I suppose maybe it just doesn't bother her? Or maybe Diamond's not the only one smoking Jamaican :trollestia:

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