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A Group dedicated to Sweet Leaf from the Eco-Kids

About Sweet Leaf

Sweet Leaf is a very cheerful and upbeat kid! She's always trying to help the environment, and has a knack for making her friends feel better. Sweet Leaf is super sensitive to people who pass judgement without getting to know her first, though. She might overreact in situations where she is accused of something when the opposite is true.

Sweet Leaf is an Eco Kid at Canterlot High, and very enthusiastic about plant life and shrubbery. She is friends with Starlight, Paisley, Green Cycle, and Captain Planet because of this.

Sweet Leaf has other friends at Canterlot High as well. She's friends with Tennis Match, Cherry Crash, and Rose Heart, to name a few.

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It's amazing how much she bears a resemblance to an OC of mine named Sol Do.


No Prob :pinkiesmile:

Oh and thanks for the Post in Background Humans :pinkiehappy:


Well I would say you're not just a Background Human-Fan, but THE Background Human Fan :pinkiehappy:

391067 I made about 8 or so fan wiki pages for background characters on it! :twilightsmile: Also fun to work on OCs!


Wow, didn't know that there is such a Site :pinkiehappy:


Oh, sweet! Thanks for the link! :yay:

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