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RIP Kevin Conroy · 5:29pm Nov 11th, 2022

My older brother just called me to inform me that Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman, passed away. So naturally, this news saddened me.

Granted, there have been other VAs that played the role of Batman, but to me, Kevin Conroy will ALWAYS be the Dark Knight. As such, I say goodbye to a man that has brought joy to many children's (and us older adults') lives.

Rest easy, Kevin. May your legacy live on for generations to come.

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lol i'll take it <3

Hey there! Apologies for taking so long to reply. Hectic schedule lol. But I may have unintentionally followed you while browsing through my followers list. Sorry about that :twilightblush:

Now that it's been brought to my attention, it feels kinda wrong to unfollow you, so hope you don't mind. :twilightsmile:

Hi there! I really appreciate the watch, but since I haven't been very active recently and I don't actually have any stories, may I ask if anything in particular precipitated it? Anyway I'm flattered, thanks!

Hee, awww :twilightblush:

You deserve a smile, awesome possum!

Trying to spread more kindness around this site. Always here to bring the cheer. 😇💖

You're my friend-a-doodle now. Have a cookie! 🍪:rainbowkiss:

Ah! Very much appreciated! Thank you!

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