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I fucked 12 women at once! I got aids. Yolo lol!

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Thanks for the follow sir may I ask why you followed me? I not upset or anything I was just wondering :twilightsmile:


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Woof woof

954374 Your writing, dear sir. Thank you for that lovely compliment. Keep it up and keep it real.:raritystarry::scootangel:

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HAZAA!! UPDATE! · 7:28pm Oct 18th, 2014

Drum roll please!
Queue the trumpets!

I am posting a update to Apples To Ashes, it will be Part 3 in Special Tutor!

I know I haven't updated this story in.... MONTHS! I apologize, I'm not gonna make some crazy excuse like-
"Oh sorry everyone my hamster choked on a marshmallow!" Or "I went to La-La land.."

It will be the answer to the cliffhanger my collaborator brony laughsatme left you with.

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All about my OC

Well, my OC is named, Lirex Stargaze.
He's the son of Princess Luna.
He was born and raised on the moon, he was sent by his mother down to Equestria.

If you'd like to know some more here's his story:
Dream amongst a Nightmare

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Just some stuff for you to look at when bored.

Derpy, is amazing!

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