Welcome every pony, welcome!
This is viciouskiller speaking, here to bring you to my slaughter house.
Now, I am other wise known as Rainbow Crash, the amazing OC creator, and the great dark lord. I am a psychotic-mind diseased, married to Pinkimena and Rainbow Factory Dash, gruesome, but yet awesome story writing, amazing artist, and have a passion for killing.
That's all about me now, and now with the rules!


1.) No killing each other. We work together as a union. No need for grudges, now do we!
2.) This group is for stories only of the sort for Torture, cupcakes, sex that is gruesome, etc.
3.) No hateful comments towards others. If you do, I'll grab you by your kinky hair and throw your ass out of the house.
4.) Posting NSFW is allowed. That's what goes along with this group, so yeah.
5.) Role play? Sure. It's not like I give a fuck.
6.) Post whatever art on here you like. I don't care.
7.) Stories in the proper folders, thank you!
8.) No stupid remarks to the rules.
9.) Contest will be given out soon.( must reach 50 members first)
10.) Don't care for clop or Shipping, as long as there gruesome, okay?
11.) No comments insulting Rainbow factory Dash nor Pinkimena!
12.) Other than the eleven rules above, do whatever you want. I really don't give a fuck. Toodles!

Killer to your service,


And now for pointless gruesome art.

(Done by me. Have fun!)

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  • Viewing 1 - 1 of 1
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