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Welcome fellow criminals!
I am queen ruler of gore, theviciouskiller.
If you are a hitpony, assassin, or any horrifying pony of the sort, then you are more then welcome here.
I am married to who you all know as Pinkimena, and Rainbow(factory)Dash.
If you are all interested in working for me, this is the group. We are a gang, and we are to be treated to each other that way unless I, or the second hand leader, say otherwise.

NSFW is allowed.

We kill those who betray our league. And if any of you dare betray me, I will rip out your organs, one by one, deep fry them, and eat them for dinner.
I will kidnap you and make sure your life is hell.

Push my fucking buttons. I dare you.


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tell me who, and where, and they shall die. brutally.

I will find both!

Okay guys, Trixie is in the main hall, we need to go through the guards, and kidnap her. I want her brought to me- alive. Kill the guards, and whoever else witnesses our actions. And if you find Gilda, bring her back!!
We've been looking for her for weeks!


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