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*sigh* · 10:40pm Feb 14th, 2014

Hiho everyone,
I just wanted to say that going online on Fimfiction don´t feels the same as it felt in the past.
First I was here for stories, then I was here for writing, then I came online to talk with people and after that to Role Play
But now? Now I almost don´t have anything that motivates me to go on here. The only reason why I still log in is because of one particular person.

But why do I even write this, most of my 87 followers don´t care about my shitty blog-post anyway.

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"Sad Piona" Drawn by the awesome artist Alicechan and my new Avatar.

And here is a fitting song to that picture by the fantastich musician Myuuji

The result of several hours of hard work!

Group Pins!

(Seriously, there should be more of these things)

Well, kinda my favorite quote!

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Comment posted by Holographic deleted Feb 22nd, 2016

Dunno bout what

Sadly, it is. Want to talk about something particular?

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