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Small hiatus · 10:59pm Jan 15th, 2015

The production of any of my stories has been halted indefinitely, for I have examinations. That is all.

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Thanks for faving my story The 4th Broken Rule

Thanks for the fav :twilightsmile:

It's alright. :derpytongue2:

I didn't particularly like it, because I played it on survival mode and that difficulty forces you to do stealth, and I don't like stealth. It's kinda like resident evil, but I was hoping it would also be a loot game, cause I like looting things.

I own neither, actually.

Holy shit, I'm just now seeing this. My bad :derpyderp1:

But yeah, if you got the evil within cna you tell me if it's good or not? And do you have ps4 or xbox one?

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