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Howdy Ya'll

Howdy Ya'll! Ah'm Jon bucker, ah'm a reader not so much a writer but that might change in time. Ah'm a 17 year old brony, ah don't have many talents but ah have a love for hard work, ah love helpin people and ah love hard and physical work, its just who ah am, Guess ya'll could say ah'm a work horse.
All drop whatever ah'm doing in an instant if that means helpin a friend.

Ah'm vary Honest, ah don't like to lie ah don't like the feeling of it one little bit, not to mention ah'm downright terrible at it. Ah’ve always told myself that even though lying is easier, that doesn’t make it right.
Ah take Honesty vary vary seriously, which is a good quality, but I can be blunt at times, I'm trying to work on that...

Ah'm very cheerful and have a positive attitude, ah don't like to ever look at the negatives, I’ve always found that if you look at the negative's in life then you don't live happy, so ah always like to stick to the positives no matter how small, but ah can still get frustrated or depressed at times but that's anyone. In shorter terms ah have a very active conscience.

If ya ever have any questions or problems talk to me, ah love helpin, all you have to do is ask, Ah wont judge you. Judging is one of those things that ah truly hate. Ah come from a vary judgmental and critical family and ah now how it feels to be put down or told your stupid or bad, and ah would never want to cause that pain to others, so I never like to judge and instead accept people and for who they are and there likes and dislikes, and that's made me some of the closest friends ah could have ever have asked for.

Ah have a vary mature, in depth and considerate mind for my age(But ah know that's not somethin Ah can just say, like Honesty, you can’t say it... ya have to earn it. so ah hope I can earn that with you), though it don't always show. But ah have a great understanding of things, but ah think that’s because ah’ve been through alot in my time and have seen and experienced things that ah know not too many others have. I've really been though hell and back and felt alot of pain and loneliness in my life, but everybody has hardships, it’s how you take them that matters. I choose to look back on my past and learn from it and not let it hurt me or change me for the worst. But ah guess that just comes from the stubborn part of me. I never like to give up, especially on myself or others.

I'm also a retro and modern gamer, if yer ever looking for a brony friend on Xbox live send me a message and all give you my gamer tag.
List of games.
COD Bo/Bo2,
Battlefield 3,
Halo's 1 through 4 including reach
and minecraft.
if ah'm not playing these then its skyrim or something on my N64... got ta love the classics.
I'm not a rage gamer whatsoever and if ah start ta rage ah turn it into a joke and make myself laugh. (But ah normal play at night, because that’s cheep hours for hydro and ah want ta help my parents as much as ah can, not ta mention work around the house comes first fer me).

And however took the time ta read this sort abbreviation (Ah'm ain’t sure if that word works there but it sounds good so Ah'm gonna use it anyway) of who ah am Thank ya...

Stay strong and safe everyone, take care...

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Do you have a deviantart?

2007291 Nice bro, I'm working now (literally taking to the term work horse XD) and I may be planning on moving out within the next little wile, depends on how things play out

2007288 :rainbowlaugh: I've been busy with school, and have plans for moving away from my boring hometown after I graduate

2007287 Hey turbo! Long time no see. You know, just buckin about XD

Welcome back Jon! How've you been?

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