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Yea, I'm a writer and I occasionally freelance as an editor or collaborator.

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Hey, you probably don't remember me (no stress), but I just wanted to drop in and thank you.

Looking back over my own work has shown me just how much I've grown as a writer, over the years. I've found quite a few of your critiques on my stories and, reading over them, I've found you to be spot on in your reviews. I think you reiterating what I was writing (most of the time I just wrote, without really focusing on keeping things consistent and such - ended up keeping a lot of stuff in my head where it had a chance to get skewed the moment my fancy changed)) really helped me to stop and take a serious look at my work, to really critique myself and try to step out of the writer's role to see if my story was really progressing the way I wanted to.

In short, thank you for helping me become the writer I am, now. Glad to see you still active :)

All right, cool

Yes, I got it. Its in pre-production now. Dot pointing ideas into plot points.

I just want to be sure you got my last PM

Hey, I just reviewed A Twilight Dinner Date. Click here to read it.

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Last new story for a while · 9:01pm Mar 26th, 2014

Before I begin, this blog will be discussing, linking and promoting a mature story. Those not of appropriate age should click back now.
And before you say that I can't be doing this, that I can't link NSFW material anymore, the rules for blog posts say that I can.

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Upcomming projects

New plans for 2013.
I didn't manage to get Trixie - Saviour of Equestria finished for the new year, so finishing that will be my top priority for the next few weeks, if that long. I have the ending written, I just need to get there,

After that, I'm going to be going dark for a bit while I work on writing an entry in the Selfcest is bestcest competition that is ending in March.

After that, who knows. I have several story ideas forming and a few that are half written. Hopefully I will be able to pull something good out of it all.

I will not be ducking out on any commitments I have already made. All stories I have promised to edit or proof read will be honoured and I will still be around the site, just not posting anything for the next month or two.

Reviews that I have done.

This is a list of all the reviews that I have done as part of my work for the TWE and now the IIE

If you want a review done for your story, then either send me a PM or contact another member of the Impartial Investigation Ensemble
EDIT: Group now disbanded. I will be persuing free agency unless someone wants to make me an offer.


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