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Yea, I'm a writer and I occasionally freelance as an editor or collaborator.


Everyone has a bad morning every now and then. Most ponies just have to put up with it.
Colgate however has the power of time travel. And with great power comes great... screw it, she just wants coffee, and if it take violating the one unbreakable rule of the space/time continuum to do it, then she's willing to take that risk.

Something short and random I wrote as a break from other things.

Cover art by Furrgroup

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Jade Leaf is a lucky stallion. He has a steady job, good and caring friends, and most importantly of all, a special somepony to call his own.

Every year on Hearth's Warming eve, he remembers just how he met his partner, and how his life turned out the way it did when he finally came to realise the truth about himself.

Because Hearth's Warming isn't just about the founding of Equestria. It should be spent with a pony you love.

Written for the The Coltcuddlers Holiday Classic write off. Contains M/M shipping, but nothing that could be considered NSFW

An entirely OC populated story.
Thanks go out to Evening Storm and Guy_Incognito for the use of their OC characters.
Honey Drop, Sunny Side, and Vincent are all from Guy's fantastic 'There's Something about White Mane,' while Nightengale came from collaboration attempt between Evening Storm and myself a while back.
Go show them some love.

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Now with an audio reading by Scribbler. Check it out.

Bat Ponies have returned to Equestria following the return of Princess Luna from her 1000 year banishment.

While most of Equestria is slow to trust these strange night worshipping creatures, for one pony, it represents a perfect new avenue of study.

When a Bat Pony comes to live in Ponyville, Twilight jumps at the chance to ask him a few questions. What she didn't expect was the condition that came with those questions: That she let him take her out to dinner first.

Just a quick little story that kept on growing as it developed. The story was inspired by, and based off of a sketch image originally drawn by Jaxonian which was put up for adoption into a story.

Contains a small amount of blood towards the end of the story. Teen rating because of that.

Now with an audio reading by Scribbler. Check it out.

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The Dragon Tree. Supposedly the birth place of dragonkind, the tree's sap is known in dragon lore as being a magical cure for just about any ailment or malady one could have.

When Rarity falls ill with a terminal virus to which there is no cure, Spike will have to brave the unknown reaches of the dragon homeland to search for the fabled lost tree in the hope that its sap can cure her.

Along with Zecora, he must battle foes he never imagined and prove his worth to the legendary guardians of the tree. Only then will he have a chance to save the one he loves.

Rated teen for some mature themes and occasional language.

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Princess Celestia as been challanged to a showdown by her former student, now princess, Twilight Sparkle.

Army's have risen, plans set in motion. In the end it will all come down to which princess is the better strategist with the fate of Equestria hanging in the balance.

Now with a Dramatic Reading.

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Dinky Doo is normally a very happy little filly. She has the best mother ever and friends to make her life better.

Her dreams are another story, and recently she has been dreaming that Corona, the Tyrant Sun, is trying to abduct her again.

One night she goes to sleep, and finds herself trapped in a forest, hunted by the memories of the greatest evil to have ever lived.

A short Webisode that takes place in RainbowDoubleDash's Lunaverse. Longest Night, Longest Day should be read for maximum understanding, though is not required in any way.

Cover art by Khiroptera.
Rated teen for some dream horror.

For those not familliar with the Lunaverse, Corona = Celestia's form as Nightmare Moon. Ditzy Doo is the element of Kindness, not Fluttershy and Trixie is Luna's student in place of Twilight.

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Cosmic Guardian is enjoying his birthday celebrations with his friends and royal cousins when he meets Princess Luna. Luna has just returned from the moon a few weeks ago and still does not believe that anypony likes her or her nights.

Cosmic Guardian sets out to show her just how much things have changed and how wrong she is.

A birthday request from a friend. Cosmic Guardian is his OC.

Cover art by Cleventine.

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Continuation of "Interview with the Changeling".

The Changeling threat has been averted and Trixie is once again traveling Equestria on her own, on an endless quest to find her destiny.

Stumbling upon an ancient tomb, Trixie finds a secret that will teach her the truth about herself.

Join Trixie as she attempts to piece together the remains of her life, learn how control the new powers she had been gifted with, and most importantly, show up that stupid sexy Twilight.

Includes Twixie shipping and implied Trixie x Blueblood

Cover art by: Tzolkine

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While training Sweetie Belle in the use of her magic, Twilight finds a tape and a lemon on her door step, the former of which seems to be the ramblings of an insane man claiming to be one Cave Johnson, a man who comissioned a combustible lemon be made so he could get even with life.

but surely the lemon Twilight found is just a lemon, right?

Short crossover fic with the Portal franchise, just because.
written for no other reason than that I wanted to get some writing practice in before tackling my next larger project

Cover art by trunsako9

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A Changeling drone comes to Canterlot offering an explanation of the attempted invasion during the wedding and a through description of changeling shape-shifting abilities in exchange for Equestria's help in saving the hive from extinction.

Celestia accepts the offer,eager to learn more about a potential threat to Equestria but it becomes clear that this deal is far more complicated than it first appears. Has Chrysalis really changed or is this simply they build up to her next little scheme?

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