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Continuation of "Interview with the Changeling".

The Changeling threat has been averted and Trixie is once again traveling Equestria on her own, on an endless quest to find her destiny.

Stumbling upon an ancient tomb, Trixie finds a secret that will teach her the truth about herself.

Join Trixie as she attempts to piece together the remains of her life, learn how control the new powers she had been gifted with, and most importantly, show up that stupid sexy Twilight.

Includes Twixie shipping and implied Trixie x Blueblood

Cover art by: Tzolkine

Chapters (10)
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Comments ( 33 )

I Had my attention at twixie shipping

Disturb not the harmony of Fire, Ice, and Lightning.

Odd how, just yesterday I developed a want of TwilightXTrixie shipping. This is looking good...wait..Twilight exploded in fire during the Pinkie sense episode...Is SHE the Scion of Fire?!:pinkiegasp: I think she iiis.:pinkiehappy:
Want more please.:twilightsmile:

Trixie could see a single tabled inscribed with words.
wisps of ectoplasm coming of its body.

1464596 And when she drank the hot sauce during Ep 101 - The Mare in the Moon

Damn, I thought I fixed those grammar errors before publishing.

THis story is based on an idea I had a long time ago, when the original Lulamoon blindbag toy was released, the one that looks like a see through Rarity but has Trixies colour scheme and cutie mark. I saw it and thought what if that was an Ice pony, Twi showed that elemental transformation is possible (Though may have only been comedic effect), so now Trixie gets Ice powers.

EDIT: Fixed errors, I must have uploaded an older version. corrected now.

Battle of epicness is approaching.:pinkiehappy:

Few things I noticed:
If she could truly turn herself it ice (into?)
Very well then. the trick (capitalize)
last time you met, Ha, ha, ha, ha (Is he pausing between each laugh? I suppose that could make sense given his...undeadness... but it said he regained his ability to speak properly.)
A wave of ice, identical to the one that Ixion had cast of her flew out of her horn (on and comma between the orange)

Rather than ask why, ask why not?
...Because bad things can happen...that's why not.
Though I'd have done it anyway.:rainbowwild:

Wait so...Pinkie's a demon?! That makes sense.:pinkiecrazy:

Ooooh, here comes the epic showdown. Fire vs Ice! Will we get a puddle or steam?:trixieshiftright:

Nothing was meant to be able to get it.

The 'its a lovely day in the isles' comment is a slightly obscure reference meant to tell the reader exactly who Pinkie really is.
For those who don't know, I was referencing the Prince of Madness - Sheogorath from the Elder Scrolls game series. A god like creature who's realm of power is everything to do with insanity and madness. he makes his home in the 'Shivering isles'

Got the reference, quite curious if Pinkie actually is Sheogorath, or if he is sealed in her or something. Sheogorath is kinda oblivious to others pain and pinkie isn't; but hey not exactly like anyone really know much about him anyhoo...and of the Daedric Princes he would be the one to have any interest in a world of multi-corlored ponies.

1555763 She isn't Sheogorath himself, but she does have most of the traits of someone who has the blessing of mania.

Think of it like Sheogoraths quest from Skyrim - He is on vacation inside her mind

I want to apologise for this chapter. Both for how long I took to get it out, and also I feel that it took a long time to go nowhere.

I was about 2/3rds the way through this chapter when I realised that I didn't know where this story was going, or how to end it, and I had to scrap and rewrite almost all of it. the last paragraph is an attempt to get the plot back on track to my original vision.

Meh,I'm mainly here for the romance aspect, so developing the characters and they way they interact with each other is fine to me. I'll admit it is a little slow at points but hey, I've read 500+ page books in a few series that in the end, didn't mean a dang thing to the overarcing story, so I'm fine with a chapter or two of character development. : )

I'm mostly here to see where you take this elemental triumvirate you've got going on. Lets see the Changeling swarm take on a living blizzard and inferno at the same time. :pinkiehappy:

show he some respect (her)
and air of expectance on her face. (an)
and focused on her power on shifting to ice
Twilight barrier. (Twilight's)
to keep Trixie over at a comfortable temperature
If you are the Archon, the supposedly I am meant (then)
Twilight seemed to sneaking glances (to be)

Yay Drone's back!:pinkiehappy:

There had been no activity from the changeling hives for some time now and certainly Chrysalis or another queen wouldn’t be so stupid as to try the same thing twice.

:facehoof: You were saying?...

Well...this is a bit of a predicament. Shining Armor and Cadence are away, The other element bearers are still in Ponyville and don't even know what's going on(though I'd think that Rarity would have heard of the wedding and would have attended because she's Rarity:raritywink:). Hmmmm...I smell an awesome battle with Luna and Celestia against Chrysalis, while the powers of Ice and Fire rain down upon the changeling army.

“Trixie had travelled far and done much. (has)
and sever members of (several)
She let some time ago (left)
into a shot of mare standing (a mare)
the attention of a fair size crowd (sized)
before they realised that was they had just seen was an illusion. (what)
to keep a lid of her magic (on)
Some simple smashed into the shield (simply)
Timing she shot for in between two waves of bolts, (her)
But now, we have a wedding to attend. By now, Cadance should just about be ready to start the ceremony.” (Having those both there just seems a bit clunky, you could just nix the "by now" part and it would flow better imo.)
that money never had nor would it ever be an issue for him. (commas)
She whispered to Trixie and Fleur walked past (as)
that every exit was full guarded (fully)

Well i really like this fic so far i cant wait for the next chapter Keep up the good work!

1946609 I can assure you I am hard at work on the next chapter.
Thanks for watching we too

/deep breath YaY! I cant wait!

Really good work on this chapter i cant wait for the next one.
Stuff is about to go down! and its going to be awesome!

Nice chapter of badassery and portal 2 reference im looking forward to the next chapter.
I also hope you ether make a sequel to this fic or more chapters to this one.
Where you go more in depth with Twilight and Trixies relationship.

With the whole elemental powers deal and what about Ixion.
Im pretty sure he is plotting some evil scheme to take over the world or some thing.
He did seam quite shady and i don't trust him one bit.

2015674 Don't worry, I have not forgotten about Ixion despite his being totally dropped from the latter half of the story.
Final chapters will answer all.

You've got a good story here and I really enjoyed most of it but it kinda fell apart a bit for me during the invasion. It happened almost exactly like it had before and Celestia didn't seem to have done anything about it, plus in the other story you established that she had taken some precautions like her guards had trained with the stunning spells but none of that seemed to be shown at all in this one. It kinda makes Celestia come off as very naive, since it makes it look like she went "It was horrible when this happened before, lets not change anything and hope it doesn't happen again."
I would also recommend cutting out or at least modifying the lines she says when they are following the trail of bodies, about how her guards hadn't been trained to do what it looked like had been done to the changelings. I know you wanted to show how she has love for all life but it seems rather silly for them to even have weapons if they aren't really prepared to use them. Plus in the last story you made it sound like they had been trained to fight and fight pretty well with them, as what happened when Fleur and Shining Armor sparred. Pretty much all my complaints had to do with the castle being taken so easily again. It rubbed me the wrong way. Big battles are very hard to do well since they take allot of planning.

The only other thing that stuck out for me was how Twilight was suddenly in love with Trixie, I know that wasnt really the main focus but I think just going with attraction and building from there could have added more depth to the relationship. I've seen way too many stories pull the sudden love thing and in turn that takes away some of the most interesting moments and drama from the characters building a relationship together.

Alright, so Trixie is Shiva, Ixion is, well, Ixion, and Twilight is Ifrit most likely.

If anything, Pinkie would be a daemon of Tzeentch. "The Isles... THE ISLES! A wonderful place! Except when they're horrible... Then they're HORRIBLY WONDERFUL!!!!!"-Sheogorath

2448549 I wasn't trying to be subtle there.

Comment posted by Subatomic Seal deleted Apr 19th, 2013

"How fast is Godspeed?"-Griffin the Griffin


In the privacy of the library however…

If you know what I mean...*Waggles eyebrows suggestivley*

For the entire chapter: http://www.listenonrepeat.com/watch/?v=dmzZrj-cLSc

2448757 Why do your replies never show up in my notifications?

2449119 Don't know. Notifications have been kinda odd since the major site overhaul a month or so ago. I'm still being told that comments I have replied to are unread and the mark all as read button appears to be there for decoration

hoping for a sequel please let it happen.... or have happened and i overlooked it

7724638 no sequel as of yet. It got lost in the 'one day' pile.

Loved this so much!

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