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The psychos of the world. We are just straight up crazy. No gore, no rape, no thing is too much for us. We are more demented than anything you can imagine. We see everything as evil. We MAKE everything evil. Why? Because we are the Pinkamaniacs, that's why.

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Oh Faithful Editor, I shall.

I can do that whenever I please. I have the power to take over everything.

im a bi clop dose that conte
and i have ben trying to take over the world but pinky keeps foiling my plans:flutterrage:

What are the odds that we'd find seven Colt-Cuddling clops and seven Filly-Fooling clops? Luck number seven. Now we need seven straight clops...

First! As captain of this group of psychos, I say we take over the world, who agrees? :pinkiecrazy: Better be all of you.

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