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Princess Celestia as been challanged to a showdown by her former student, now princess, Twilight Sparkle.

Army's have risen, plans set in motion. In the end it will all come down to which princess is the better strategist with the fate of Equestria hanging in the balance.

Now with a Dramatic Reading.

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You got me.....You bastard :rainbowwild:

From the start I knew what it was especially when you started spouting the names of the pieces. good job:twilightsmile:

You got me.
Both with the story and you also got a new follower. :twilightsmile:
Job well done indeed

3 hours?! You monster!

2476532 I made a point of not calling the castle a rook for exactly that reason, but anyone who is familliar with the game would still recognise it.

2476650 thanks for a follow

2477105 yep Thanks for answering, And I loved how you made Celestia loose horribly to Twilight.:rainbowlaugh:

I should kick your Australian ass. But it was good, so I'll leave you alone.

Chess rules. You should redo this seriously.

I really dig the artwork and... you got me again, grr!! :rainbowlaugh:

2535975 The art was perfect for the story, and I wanted to write a crack fic where everything seems one way, but reading it again with knowledge of the twist changes how everything fits together.

Twilight's forces were mere pawns because they actually were pawns, and who else would be the king, but a depiction of Celestia herself. Though she sees it as narcissistic having to play as herself on her own set.

Good to see you around again.

2535999 Haha, yeah it's fitting beautifully. I actually read the story when you posted it, but re-read it just now to spot the clues. Too bad I'm so unfamiliar with the chess figures in English, or I might have spotted that there were exactly two bishops and two knights. When you described Celestia looking down upon her marble statue I actually pictured her on a balcony, helplessly looking down as enemy troops invade the front court of her castle.:twilightblush:

Feels good to be around again, too! Expect me to pester you with a new story of mine in two weeks time, give and take a few days.:twilightsmile:

I saw the ending coming as soon as Bishops were mentioned.
Still, very well done and a great idea.
Clearly a favorite.

Celestia you foal!!!! Twilight is a lvl 12 nerd at least! What were you thinking trying to take one of those on, and in a chess match of all things!?! I mean that's on the same lvl of stupid as trying to take a piece of cake away from you! Only with less of a chance of losing a hoof or a horn in the process.:twilightblush: :eeyup:


didnt see that ending coming i was to focused on the battle to realize the ending

i had to read this while listening to---


just as i always have to listen to that whenever i see that pic ^^

i could also tell before i even read it what the story was going to be about that lol......

So...I started reading this and I was like "Hmm...you know what would be awesome? A fic about this exact scenario, but it ends with Celestia and Twilight playing Che-... Oh...THAT WAS THE FIC! OMG!" XD I was just starting to get some ideas on how to work it when the ending popped up and I was like "OMG! I GUESSED THE FIC BEFORE I EVEN READ IT!"

Entertaining short. :twilightsmile: Saw things as they were a bit early on but still quite enjoyed the read. Also I cannot find the pic in question in the gallery, but am 99.47% sure that is DeviantArt's PonyKillerX by source. Could be entirely wrong, mind...

i totally didnt se that ending coming :rainbowlaugh:

As soon as bishops were mentioned, I was like 'oh, they're playing chess'.

3570142 Bishops, Knights, Castles and Pawns all get a mention.

Bishops were the first pieces mentioned, anyways it is rooks not castles

3573333 I know it's rooks, not castles, but calling it a rook would have tipped my hand too early.

So did bishop; a bishop is a leader in the church and has no place upon the battlefield, and that's before you take into account that there doesn't seem to be anything in the way of religion in Equestria.

Yeah, the bishop thing makes the fact that their playing chess far too obvious.

@the author, you might want to consider renaming them to archers, generals, or using an equivalent name from older styles of chess, such as calling them alfil or ferz or whatever. The bishop mention at the beginning of the story simply makes the chess motif far too obvious.

3575105 umm, you do realize just how militant the early churches were right?

Even with the early church, the bishop would never be on the battlefield, but rather in a secure location.

It took a few seconds for me to catch on.:twilightsheepish:

You're such a putz!
I honestly thought that Twilight lost her **** and attacked Celestia's castle without any second thoughts.
I will admit, the story was well-written, and I never would've expected it all to be a joke, but still...it's just not something ya do ta someone

When I first started reading this, I thought Twily had actually waged war upon Tia. Then I eventually realized it was a game of chess. Great story!

That was the idea, a little hint for those paying attention.

*Sees Cover art*
...........That's Cool (Puts on reading list)

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