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Everyone has a bad morning every now and then. Most ponies just have to put up with it.
Colgate however has the power of time travel. And with great power comes great... screw it, she just wants coffee, and if it take violating the one unbreakable rule of the space/time continuum to do it, then she's willing to take that risk.

Something short and random I wrote as a break from other things.

Cover art by Furrgroup

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This is magnificent work. Hands down, the best time travel story I've read, even counting non-fimfic stories. I think you succeeded admirably in your two aims, and whilst you did make the fantastical power of time travel 'mundane', as you'd intended, the story was all the more fascinating for it.

5060791 Glad you liked it.

This. Is. Perfect.

I love Timey-Wimey Colgate. I mean, why does anyone consider her talent dentistry when there's this wonderful option?

I should probably write more Colgate stories...

This is really briliantly done, bravo!

It's like A Stallion for the Time Being, except incredibly mundane.


Why does anyone consider her talent dentistry when there's this wonderful option?

If Superman were ponified, would his cutie mark be the Kryptonian symbol for "hope" that we normally associate with him? Probably.

To compare: Superman / Clark Kent has a normal job working at the Daily Planet as a reporter, but his special talent is bringing hope to the people of earth. Colgate's special talent is time manipulation, but that isn't what pays her bills, or at least she has enough scruples to avoid misusing it for money. Plus she probably likes dentistry.

I liked the "average day in the life of..." style of this story. I mean, the Mane Six get slice of life stories all of the time, but their "superpowers" aren't their special talents. Plus when Discord has a mundane day, it's another "Discord is Bored" story. This is kind of along the lines of "Daring Do and the Trip to Market Basket (To Get a Loaf of Bread)," where we see Ahuizotl and Caballeron behind every aisle plotting Daring's demise, or even worse: taking the last Marble Rye!

Magnificent piece of work, it's beautifully done. The idea of time travel being use for mundane use is quite interesting. I especially like how Colgate just ask her future self "How many?" and doesn't even bother to change the past, just going along with the flow. Makes me wonder what would happen if she tried to wake her past self up? Surely she have tried such things before learning it to be impossible. Maybe a prequel about Colgate trying to change the past? That may make a good comedy story.

5060791 you mean hooves down.

This story is very well done! :moustache:

That was a perfectly done timeline. bravo.

Time travel in general confuses me. I have a love hate relationship with it. Still, this story was remarkably well written and quite enjoyable. Bravo.

5062327 I was wondering when someone - I mean, somepony - was going to say that! :rainbowlaugh:

Now I wonder how she discovered her special talent *imagines twenty filly Colgates doing their homework*. Probably that's why she ended up in the same school as Twilight – to learn how to control it.

Why didn't Colgate drink the coffee before she went back in time to get the milk? Why did she only have one open space, if she frequently has to go back multiple times? She might accidentally go back to the same time twice one of these days.

'Be you later.'
Oh God. That's perfect.

Have you ever considered submitting this story to Equestria Daily? You can find out how to do so here.

5065416 I'll think about it. I've tried submitting before, and got a very curt no for reasons that made no sense.

5064756 1. Doing so would have broken the chain of events and destabalised the timeline. 2. That does seem odd, but someone with a talent for time would probably keep track of when they were within a designated travel point.

5067111 If she originally grabbed the coffee before she got the milk, then it would be perfectly self-consistent. She just can't change it after she borrows the milk.

All it would do is have her drink the coffee at the end of 1, instead of the end of 2.

i bet you only chose the tags because of their color

5069669 Unfortunately, the Alt universe tag doesn't apply, or I'd have all three.

Carrot Top was an excellent gardiner when she wasn’t working on her farm.


Decent fic I like how mundane you made the power, while still keeping it to a degree interesting.

Absolutely spectacular story you wrote. Now how in Equestria this got a downvote is beyond me. BTW, Colgate is one of my favorite ponies, which is what attracted me to this story to start with.

5073350 And it was doing so well, too.
A downvote is one thing, but give the reason.

5074404 I didn't down vote it. I gave it an upvote. What I wonder is why anypony would downvote this spectacular story.

After thinking about it for a bit, I realized that this story kind of has some dark, or at least depressing, undertones. If Colgate is constantly running into versions of her a few minutes into the future, then she'll always know what she's about to do, and apparently trying to do anything else just causes problems. In a way, she basically loses her free will. She has no choice but to carry out whatever decisions have already been made for her. This seems like the type of thing that could easily lead to depression, especially if she's constantly doing it. And judging by how mundane her use of her powers in this story is, I think she does.

Still an entertaining story though.

5074431 I wasn't saying that you were the one downvoting it. It was a general philosophic about how anyone who downvotes a story should have the guts to say why.

5074746 I agree with you on there. They should have to give a reason to downvote a story. Generally when I see a story that doesn't look appealing, I simply don't read it. Yours caught my interest and I am glad I read it because it is spectacular.

Now when I think about... What if she suddenly found her own body?

I seriously need to stop looking for fridge horror...

5087137 Then she would know that at some point she is going to die, which is not exactly news. Everyone dies eventually.
Remember she can time travel; it can be 200 years before tomorrow comes around. You can't escape fate, but you can delay it for a while if you know what you are doing.

Yeah, though still seeing it would be unsettling... But as I said, I shouldn't delve into it.


I didn't downvote this (I actually upvoted it), but:

Whenever I downvote a story and leave the reason for why in the comments, I'm always confronted with a lot of...hate I guess?
It feels like it's not the right word, but it's like...other people can't understand why my tastes and priorities might be different, or that the story might have something wrong going on in it, and when there's a chance to be angry they latch on to it.

On the flip side, it IS a downvote, so there is a bit of a justification there.

5096646 It's a sad fact of life that there will always be people who don't want to hear that they work isn't a masterpiece from the first keystroke, and so lash out at anything that isn't open praise.

I do want to hear the criticisms, the constructive ones at least. I'm not going to get any better if I don't get feedback about what I did wrong. Provided that it is presented in a calm and constructive way, and not just blind ranting that I'm shipping the wrong ponies together, then I'm not going to hold the downvote against a person.

In from City of Doors.

5074746 I take issue with this. There's nothing wrong with downvoting a story you just didn't like and moving on without a word. It's one thing not to like it – and that's your call, of course – but quite another to make unfounded, prescriptive statements about other people's behaviour. You're tarring people unjustly by framing it the way you did, and I object to that.

I see a lot of folks about treating a downvote like some mortal insult. It isn't. I leave plenty of 'em, and if I actually want to hurl insults at the author (I won't pretend there haven't been the very odd occasions) , they'll bloody well know it. Obviously I can't know your reasoning for speaking that way about downvoters, but my instincts suggest that you're taking it a little too seriously for your own good – like rather too many others.

That was a most excellent time travel story. This kind of travel is the best kind, since it avoids the paradoxes you mentioned. I also love taking extraordinary concepts like this and seeing them used for mundane things, because you know people would do that if they could. Awesome work.

Re-read this fic. I'm kinda sad that there isn't more fics like this with this character. It would've been fun to see explored.

One of the truly amazing things about this piece is that I can keep track of which Colgate is where. Very good job, very amusing little fic.

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