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Twilight Sparkle has passed on from old age. Leaving Celestia to mourn the abscence of her faithful student. Wanting to see Twilight alive again, Celestia travels back in time to one particular night in her and Twilight's past.

Short. One-Shot.

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needs to be longer,tho its ok. there needs to be more... sadness... :pinkiecrazy:

the longer it is the longer it makes the reader sadder and might make them cry if long enough.

Funny thing, I always assumed Twilight would end up as an alicorn (or discover whatever it is that makes Luna and Celestia "ageless")

actually, there not ageless, celestias life span is as long a the sun. once it burns out she dies... or at lease it think. if not, im sure you cant live without a sun...

Nice "Back to the Future" reference towards the end there, sir:moustache:



I don't really know what to say. It didn't affect as some others have but it was good.

381818 What about luna?

381861 when the sun turns into a red giant it will engulf the moon... so you get it right :applejackunsure: or the moon gets hit by a large asteroid and exploded, if the moon brakes/gets destroyed and Luna dies.

381875 or did you >.> <.<

381881 yep.........
bored nao BAI:pinkiehappy:

381884 bye. :fluttercry:

what to do now :unsuresweetie:


Applejack notices too much of fancy science. She is not pleased. :ajbemused:


physics FTW!!!!!:twilightsmile:

:fluttercry::pinkiesad2::raritycry::twilightsmile: Loved it. You are very talented! Gave me a good tug on the heartstrings, you did. Thanks for writing:twilightsmile:


While I agree to a certain degree, with Rainbow's tricks there's no place for physics.

381977 yes there is, only pinkie pie screws physics.:pinkiehappy:


Twilight Sparkle disagrees. :twilightangry2:

381993 with what? pinkie pie screwing physics?? or rainbow dash having physics?

381813 Thats a good thing, right?? :derpyderp1:

well if you want it to pull heartstrings then yes... im guess that's what this story is trying so yes.

All things come to death.
Good day.:moustache:

That is such a touching story.:fluttercry:

"all good things..." but why this thing. Why? If celestia and luna are linked to the age of the sun and moon shouldnt twilight be linked to the age of magic?:fluttercry:

no, she just has a strong connection to it, its like saying rarity should be linked to fashion.

I sincerely doubt thats how it works. Plus, that would make Celestia far, far older than she is portrayed to be in the show. (Luna too) i am of the personal opinion that Alicorns, while not immortal, are ageless after a certain point.

what i think is that they somehow managed to "link" them self's to objects and live as long as that object is existent

Ah wow. Thanks for the comments and other stuff. I was quite surprised this morning waking up. This started as an idea, a sad idea that I felt needed to be explored and to get out of my own head. Looking at Celestia's reaction to Twilight's death and a possible time paradox from using the time traveling spell.

If people really do want to see it continued there are only one of two ways that I could think of at the moment to continue it, but it would only be a two parter. :pinkiesad2:


you put my name twice :raritystarry:

382269 I'm not used to editing and using this reply system :derpytongue2:

i feel so..... special :pinkiehappy:... i got put twice.


From how touching the story is.


The description is intriguing, but "remembrance" only has three Es.


Yes, I did not do a lot of editing in my early days of writing. :derpytongue2:

Any chance of a fix?

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