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To showcase and collect in one place any story that has an audio reading available, no matter who did the reading.
(For those who prefer to listen to stories, rather than read.)

To be listed here, a story MUST have a link to an audio reading in the story description or author's notes.

More audio readings listed in the group's forum. (For those where an audio reading exists, but isn't linked to from the story.)

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Quick question; would it be appropriate to make a forum post requesting assistance with casting for a fanfic reading here? Just trying to get the word out however I can, but don't want to be disruptive about it.

There's a few stories here.
{sidenote, I am totally cool with them being added to the group}

Also, the MLP audiobooks site looks interesting, but also... a bit difficult to navigate, at least at first glance.

Dose anyone of any good audio clop and non clop stories

Finally gave this group a banner because I suddenly realized what the perfect picture for it would be! ^.^

Man, I love this group.

Wow, this group has a lot of stories now.

You sure added a bunch now! :rainbowderp:

400449 Wow, you've got more than I do. :D Maybe a topic with a list of sources of readings and youtube channels would be a good idea. I was thinking about adding all the fics of all the readers here but you can imagine how long it would take, I'm doing this slowly though.
This site needs more love, it's the only collected archive of MLP readings that I know of. Other than that, the only way I've been able to find readings is either here, or random searches on Youtube.
Youtube usually works, but I've found some authors who simply name their readings things like "Chapter Two" or such, which makes a search useless and I'd have to stumble across it from another link.
Anyone else have good sources or want to post a list of youtube readers?

Visualpony Thenarrator
Goomba Guy
Lucero The Pegasus
Illya Leonov
Thornquill Audiofics
Crafty Arts

All the readers that I've subscribed to so far

400264 and thank you for considering this!

400264 Yeah, I was thinking about making a forum thread with a list of all the readings for that folder but I stil don't know how to organize it better. Because there is apparently no such thing as a forum thread that everyone can edit and with so many readings that I know, there will be lots of hundreds of threads there, completely impossible to use. As I know, the comments here can be edited by their author at any time, so maybe you'd start such a thread and I and others would just post one comment per person and edit it whenever they find a new reading of a story. This way, it'll be possible to find a reading using search.
(I'm just trying to find an option that would be either convenient for the users of this list and won't require admin's work all the time)
(I've heard that there exists an option in google docs where a multiple number of people can edit one document. But I'm not sure that it would be convenient and that it's possible even)

Well, okay, if two people are asking for it, I might as well.
But I think it's still a good idea to also put a link to it in the group forum.
Knowing a story has an audio reading somewhere doesn't help people much if they can't find it.

You've already been told that, but I think you might just make another folder in the group for the stories with audio reading not mentioned in the description. This way, it would be possible for the readers to search for the reading themselves, knowing that it exists.
There're just so many stories like that, I realise that I'd be really grateful for a group with such content.

Comment posted by felisimar deleted Jun 27th, 2015

Duly noted and understood. Thank you kindly for your time and consideration. :twilightsmile:


Perhaps, then, would you consider accepting forum posts with links to the stories (provided they're SFW) accompanied by links to their respective audio readings (provided they're also SFW)?

Sure, that would work.
And NSFW would be okay, too, as far as I'm concerned. I'll allow it if fimfic itself allows it.

That's true, and I assumed you had already considered that; otherwise, it wouldn't have made sense to put those rules there in the first place. I understand. I can imagine that, if somebody is truly searching for readings of works, they need only take the further step by checking out the profiles of those who have done the readings for the works featured here. I can concede that authors don't always refrain from posting the links to readings in the story descriptions or author's notes.

I did ruminate that you might, perhaps, reconsider, though. I might include, though, that as readings I've seen are often done a considerable time after the pinnacle of attention has been given to a work, I've often found that the links are rarely buried in the comments section if that's where they're found.

Perhaps, then, would you consider accepting forum posts with links to the stories (provided they're SFW) accompanied by links to their respective audio readings (provided they're also SFW)?

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