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Submit your own fan-fiction here for a reading.
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Completed works that have a Editor and/or Proof reader.
Those will be accepted.
Having good grammar in the fiction is a must.
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Readers can join the list and post their YouTube Channels.
Post in the Youtube-list here.
VAs can Audition for Character parts. A list of VAs will be view-able if readers would like to ask for voice assistance, to supplement their reading.
VA's will be listed with the chars that they can voice and a a link to their sample.
Post in the voice-actor-list here

Fics can have more then one reading, if a Reader so desires to re-select one from the finished list.

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Hi I know this is a little off topic but would any one want to do a few voices for an audio drama

Hi! New group member here! I have a story that I'd like someone to read if that's alright.

I'm not 100% sure if this group is still functional but I'll put my Saddest story here, Simply because I wanna be able to listen to it at work.

Iam currently still working on my main story but eventually I would like an audio reading of it. I have two short stories as well. But first I will need a proof reader and editor. If anyone wants to take up this task drop me a pm.

Why hello there, not-stranger!

Oh, hey, Quinch. :P Fancy seeing you here.

Hello, everyone, a new reader joins the group. It doesn't look like there's much going on at the moment, activity wise, but if anyone would like me to read something for them, poke me and I'll see what we can do. I don't do sexual or gory stuff {nothing wrong with it, it's just not my jam} but otherwise I'm... well, I'm hoping to get versatile over time.

I'm also wondering what are the odds of being able to tap others to help with fics that catch my fancy - what are the overall protocols and etiquette, how does all that work really.

My stuff so far can mostly be found here - I'll get around to uploading it to YouTube or something at some point or another.

Looking forward to working with you all!

How do I apply as a joke reader? I do a pretty great Nappa impression.

i'm still editing it after having finished it, but i hope, once i've fixed any and all mistakes in it, you will consider doing a reading of my fic, Living Nightmare

I do have one fic that has been edited and is finished that i would like to ask for a reading of now, though. It's called We Belong Together. it's a sequel fic to another fic called, Derpy's Rainy Day by dragonpony111 that i wrote after listening to Scribbler's reading of the latter story. there is also a silly little oneshot i recently wrote that would be quite funny if you would do a reading of it, especially if you got the voice actors from the Ponymotes that the fic is based on. it's called Taste Testing. a silly little thing i wrote to break out of writer's block at one point

379369 I certainly hope not.

o3o not that I know of.
just waitn on a better T.T halfway there

Is this group dead?

376789 Perhaps I will take a look at it and see if I want to read it. Currently I am busy with another reading right now so it may be a while.

If you would like to see how I do readings follow this link to the playlist of the story I am currently reading: HERE!

Also any constructive feedback is welcome.

376591 I dunno, whoever wants to:derpytongue2:

Are you asking me to do it or just one of the members of this group to make it? :derpyderp2:

Please do 'Tricked Heart' by me!

I am new to performing audio readings. Generally do stories with short chapters and of a darker nature.

So I have a story that I've been wanting to have read so my sister and friends can enjoy it. Is that okay?

I have a good friend of mine that has a twidash series going and it's INCREDIBLE I was hoping if you guys could do a audio for him, I wanted to surprise him cause he's been trying to find ways to make his story more known. I would greatly appreciate it if you would

347972 send me a link to the story, Ill pre-read it, then ill get in contact with the author. :raritywink:

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