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Pinkie Pie wants to make a cake for each of her friends, but she just can't get them to taste right. She decides to do the only she can to make it taste just right. Lick her friends to know what flavours will work perfectly.

A short and silly little oneshot I wanted to write based on the ponymotes by the same name. Dub here.

I take no credit for the original idea, that goes to THEELINKER on tumblre. I just wanted to write a story based around it for the shits and giggles.

In Popular Stories 28-29/7/2016.

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Was a pretty humorous one, nice work

A world without cake was too horrible an idea to comprehend!

Amen, brother.

Excellent story XD

The best one shot story I've ever read. Gratz to you sir or ma'am.

What the buck Autum? That was funny as hell man. :rainbowlaugh:

reading the title it make me think of the fic about how horns are made of candy

Pinkie Pinkie Pinkie I 100% believe this is cannon if the writers would allow it. Bahahahaha :rainbowlaugh: love the story and yes I believe this situation would happen if Pinkie thought of it.:pinkiehappy:

Thank you for this. It was a nice little jump taste into your writing style (the first one by you I've read so far, as I've yet to find time to read everything): pleasant, funny, and descriptive. It certainly gave me a good giggle, and I found myself saying "Oh no" alongside Twilight in that moment. XD
All I can say as far as criticisms is that there are a few minor misspelt words and grammatical issues, but they don't detract from your writing as a whole; I can still appreciate the story itself :raritywink: One or two sentences felt a little clumsy to me (and make the words feel like they're shifting, but that's me and not you) I won't nit-pick errors for you though, unless you specifically wanted me to edit.

Thank you again for this little story, Autum, and hehe, I know exactly what valley you're talking about :3

Edit: That little ponymotes animation was pretty funny too :rainbowlaugh: But I think your story version of it characterises them and helps me imagine the scenes better :P

I know you don't like to read something like that, but there is probably no really nice way to say it.

Could you please concentrate on some of your earlier good storys? I don't exactly want to get all excited about one of your storys, only to have then other storys like this one after the one I actually wanted to read.

I could bet if you start to write much more storys, you end up finish them far sooner than you planned just to have less to do.

I don't say this story is bad, I just would like to read more from your other storys.

Good story, but I feel a follow-up one shot with her presenting cakes classified like her friends Is a must!

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