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Bored due to there being nothing for her to do, as no Friendship Problems have arisen that have needed her help, Twilight decides to visit her Canterlot High friends and see what's going on.

However, something goes wrong and the portal closes, leaving Twilight stuck on the other side. That's fine though. She can just hang out with her friends and wait it out.

However, it won't be that simple. Though she turned into a human like normal when she arrived, Twilight is now about 6 to 7-years-old and it seems she has access to her magic as if she were still an Alicorn. The human world isn't prepared for this.

AU universe where Friendship Games happened before the Season 5 finale, so Twilight's human self is already transferred into CHS, but pony Twilight has yet to go with Fluttershy on their Friendship Mission.

Rated Everyone for now, but may change it to teen depending on future chapters

Note: Twilight didn't see Sunset's messages in this AU due to them coming whilst she and the girls being away dealing with Starlight, followed by how much she'd been avoiding her castle in the following episode.

Spike is the reason the messages never got answered though, due to Big Mac accidentally knocking the book of it's place on the machine whilst he and Spike were in the library, Spike not being there in time to see it glowing to indicate messages being received, so he just placed it back on there without a thought.

In Popular Stories 22-23/1/2016. A good start to the Year, I feel

Whoa. Featured 3-4/3/2017. Okay, honestly, I really did not see that coming. What?

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OK, I will gladly admit that I needed a good laugh today and was looking for just that when I spotted this little jewel of a story. I was laughing so hard that tears where coming out of my eyes. Thank you so much for posting this I am so very much looking forward to reading more on this delightful story. Please keep up the really good work. :twilightsmile:

trust me when I say this story looks vary interesting and I am happy to see you are planning on going back to work on twilight but I am feeling you may be neglecting one of your other story's a little as it has bean a score of days since the last up date.

Whew boy... Things are about to get... interesting. (And on a side note, is that Bonnie in the cover art?)

Standard Pinkie Pie-ness :twilightsmile:

Seems pretty interesting. I'd definitely like to see where it goes. Good luck!

Interesting, I'll keep watch for this.

PS you need an editor and spell checker.

The premise already got me hyped and what I just read rightly so. Looking forward for the next chapter.

You call human Twilight an Equestrian at one point.

I like where this is going.

Very intriguing idea, looking forward to seeing how you would continue this.

very interesting beginning, looking forward to more :pinkiehappy:

This story. . .So far it's. It's. It's beautimus!:pinkiehappy:

Why not change the rating to teen now?

I am waiting for more

...... this is going to be good, and how is twilight going to get back if the portal at the highschool is gone???

The moment she’d completely vanished through the spiraling gate, however, the portal flashed, the journal dropping off from its resting place and falling onto a tower of books, causing the tower to tumble down into a big pile.
The force of the falling tower caused a small draft, pushing the letter Twilight had addressed to Spike to fly into the air. It drifted until being whisked out a window due to a sudden breeze.
The letter floated through the air, before settling face down in a small mud puddle.

It seems Fate/Murphy/Discord is being a busy little bee, huh? :trollestia:

Nice intro, good work.

The Portal is in the base of the statue and is still there, it's the statue that rested atop the Portal that was destroyed.

Was hoping it was gonna be along of the lines of Looking glass- By: Krickis But i do enjoy it as is.

7887438 no, that was Sunset being referred to as Equestrian. You see the change in paragraphs, right?

Great to see a new chapter for this, love the premise as well as the surprise with pinkie. Can't wait for the next one.

Okay while I have not read this yet (But I swear I will lol) It actually took me at least about 10 times seeing this cover art before it dawned on me WHY the Librarian has the look on her face that she does hehe. How did it take me this long to notice the huge stack of books in Twily's wagon lol

It's another Twily fic, everypony run! :pinkiegasp:
Wait, false alarm. Its just a mathematical error within the temporal incursion of the alpha-beta world-lines.
Love the line about paradoxes, especially without the dissonant harmonics of two parallel entities negating an aspect of causality thus rendering their shared existence inert.
By the way, good call avoiding the full sequence movie rewrite; that trope has been overused far too often in other fics.

P.S. I read way too many temporal incursion & Multiverse stories. :facehoof:

Temporal Incursion is a type of functionality for energy and mater conversion between the 3rd and 4th dimensional states of being during time travel as a means to incur or evade a paradox. This can also be used for transit between worlds by going so far back in time as to launch oneself forward into an alternate timeline so far removed from our own that the laws of physics differ greatly. :twistnerd:
Other References Used: Doppelgängers, Counter-Earth, The Multiverse Theorem, Many-worlds Interpretation, and Universal Wavefunction.
A great reference in anime would be The Science Adventure series, Such as Steins;Gate

As illustrated earlier; I read way too many time travel stories.

OK I understand
...I think

Nice to see this story update.

Both Pinkies exchanging their places has become a fun theme since the blooper video. I just didn't expected to be used here, but that would only double the insanity and the fun. Looking forward for the next chapter.

Found some mistakes:

Is was the smaller of the two


the little girls cheeks


Interesting... looking good so far. Good job, sir. :raritywink:

Ok like it so far, however if twilight's family don't call sunset and magi-twi insane and kick the both of them out on their ass I'm gonna call bullshit.

Pinkie Pie shrugged. “Eh. Other me’s family don’t seem to mind my living with them.”
“Wait, they know?!” Sunset and the older Twilight cried.
Pinkie waved a hand. “Pftt, duh. They knew it right from the start. But they know I’m just their daughter from another world and that their daughter from this world is safe in Equestria, so we good.”

Pinkie's family sure know how to simply roll with it don't they?

Oh, I like the setting. I have always wondered why there haven't been any fics where a pony appeared on earth as a human child(maybe I haven't looked hard enough...? :rainbowhuh:). So this seems to be a nice substitute.

still going good so far. only thing i can nag about is how short it is (chapter wise). it hurts meng, but you can still have a thumbs up

The only thing I can't see is Twilight just breaking down so suddenly like that. Is it because the child instincts, or what Sunset said, that she thought they were her parents and then the stress got to her or something? Sorry, it just seems so random. Otherwise, great job! I really like this story so far.

URGH! I don't know why, but this chapter was really hard to write. It was like my brain had forgotten how to write child characters.

? She isn't one. Sure, she's physically regressed (and hormonally, too), but she's still the same world-saving, raised-a-child-from-hatchlinghood, experienced, probably-older-than-her-human-self Twilight. Her pony parents are still alive (unless you've had something happen to them? I could see the worst happening when Tirek came to Canterlot...), she sees Shining and Cadance relatively frequently, and they have good reason to think that the portal will open come another 30 moons. Her bursting into tears like this, to the point that she completely loses control over her magic, feels like it just came out of the blue.

I did expected Twilight, due to her regression state, to become emotionally unstable like any child, but I'm a bit sceptic of what triggered her emotional outburst.

Found these mistakes.

the buss having reached their stop


wearing a blue long sleeve shirt was wearing and white trousers,

Now this story is becoming more solid.

Didn't really understood why she got emotional. :applejackunsure:

“I’ll explain later. But you’re her mother. Hug her and it should calm her down. Trust me on this!” Not that Sunset trusted herself, if she were being honest.


Ok where did that come from? I need an explanation! Why would twilight react like that? She was just acting calm and collected and suddenly she's acting like a long lost kid or something. Its far too early for any kind of bottled up home sickness and if her mind is degrading back into that of a child you should give us more hints to that rather than dropping a full mental breakdown in the 2nd chapter. I mean if you were going to go that route she should've been crying immediately out the portal. This feels completely out of place.

hmmmm I think at worst young twilight going to end up with Candace, who believe everything

*finds new story and reads to latest chapter before checking author's name then proceeds to bash his face into table* Oh c'mon do you know how many of your stories I'm waiting to see update!? *hits fave and follow buttons*

is this an AU where twilight's parents are dead or something? and she cried over sing the human parents? why would she cry otherwise?

Here's hoping the government won't come in and experiment on Lil' Twi. Or raise her to be a soulless military weapon. Or use her as a power source for a mecha.

7995796 i see two anime references in that comment. very amusing:ajsmug:

7997225 One of them was Evangelion, but the other one I dunno.

7997333 gunslinger girl, i believe

7997342 I kinda remember Gunslinger Girl. I've watched a lot of anime but one that stood out was this one about a boy in a white bodysuit who is rescued by a girl from some resistance group and slowly learns to be human. Never watched Evangelion until two semesters ago, I think. My mind almost broke from End of Evangelion, though.

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