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After Pinkie messes up Twilight's latest experiment, they find themselves combined into one pony. Juggling two personalities, the new 'Twilight Pie" attempts to have fun and party while still investigating the scientific implications of this strange biological occurrence. There's plenty of wackiness to be found in the third installment of the collaboratively written fan fictions.


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Oh god, this can't end well. :applejackconfused:

Cute. Cross Stitch is a bit one dimensional, but that makes it easier to enjoy when she's hoist with her own petard.

The most original MLP fic that I've read ever.

Fun! I like this story it made me smile. :pinkiehappy: :twilightsmile:


Your Review is finished my good sir! Patchwork Alicorn Review

2423400 Impressive! I certainly wasn't ever expecting to get a review. Anyway, my response is a bit long-winded so I'll just PM you.

2423438 Speckle asked. I delivered :pinkiehappy:

Shut up and take my like!!

not that you have much choice.

Twilight Pie is my new favourite alicorn.

Will there be a sequel to this? Because I want to see what happens to Apple Dash / Rainbow Jack. :ajbemused::rainbowwild::derpytongue2:


Maybe, if we can come up with more ideas for what they would do. :)

“IT’S SO FLUFFY!” Applebloom exclaimed as she grabbed hoof-fulls of the material and threw it around.


I was considering this. I think mixing Applejack and Rarity might be able to result in more hilarity. Perhaps we could find a way to switch to that. Like have them keep frantically retrying the potion to try to fix it. Each time, things get more mixed up, until finally, they run out of potion and we're stuck with the RariJack pony until Twilight can get more potion. Just a thought.


Assuming we do make RariJack, what sort of things would she do?

Comment posted by Cant--Cook deleted May 2nd, 2013

Applejack and rainbow as one you have got to put in a story with that. Oh. I. Just. Can't. Wait!


That ending.:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

They became their voice actress basically. I think 2 ponies are missing in the explosion there. Rarity and Fluttershy disappeared. I'd think Twilight would look to see if all her friends were alright. Great story despite that minor thing.

I really need to find more of these amalgam stories (stories that actually include multiple ponies mixing into one and NOT just multiple minds sharing one normal pony body). They are so bucking interesting and fun to read! I know of 3 so far. This one, another literally named "Amalgam" (without the " "), and another about discord that just... it has a good plot, but the way it's written makes it hard to read.

Really hope there will be a sequel to this.

Also, during the fashion show, the song "Crazy Loop" by Crazy Loop kept coming to mind.

How they dealt with Cross Stitch didn't feel very Friendship is Magicy, and there was a little ooc in some of the characters, but other than that I really enjoyed this fanfic.
I demand a sequal! (If you want to, I mean.)

Ironically RD and AJ's fusion would be a lot more stable you think given their complimenting personalities.


HUDDA HUDDA HUH!!:pinkiecrazy:

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