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Just some hidden brony with a s***load of ideas. Also available for assassinations (Not really, Deadpool does that.)


After Deadpool and Pinkie Pie were laid off from their other story, they were given another job, to do a time wipe and go with a new story. As cliche as it is, it's the revival baby!!!

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have to say. I'm super glad that this has not died (kinda). those two are too awesome and amazing to be gone!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy: now i shall sit and wonder what shenanigans they will cause:rainbowlaugh:

yes yes YES YES YES YES YES u have all my yes

*Reaction to cancellation*


*Reaction to reboot*


*Reaction to reboot that seems good so far*

I'm glad this is back on course! Continue being awesome, it's in your name after all! :pinkiehappy:

I think I might like this one even more! It's even more random!
Now if you'll excuse me it's chimichanga time.

This is the story we all needed.

1764164 And Deadpool's sexuality is banana and so is yours.

Dude for reals THANK YOU FOR THIS

Wait YOU'RE here!? Then It MUST be good.:pinkiehappy:
Not necessarily, but that's probably true.
Nobody here even knows who you are.
You could explain it... if you weren't such a penguin.
What!? NO! I would look crazy if I tried to elaborate.
And you don't already?
Umm... shut up.

What? Bananna? It does not compute.
You're really that dumb?
Apparently yes.
It means *whisper whisper whisper*
WHAT!? That's stupid... and gross!:pinkiesick:

"I'm a human, called Wade Wilson, but you can call me Deadpool. And I'm available for black ops, missions, assassinations, and birthday parties."

He was Awesome in that game!
Except he could be beaten.
Yeah? because he's a boss?
I didn't mean it like... you know what? Forget it.

1764238 I knew it... I'm known well enough to be followed... HEEEELLLP. Hai. :pinkiehappy:

1764317 It was basically crossing the more serious Ultimate Deadpool with the less serious awesome Deadpool, with his own TV show. In other words, it was fantastic. I wonder if any dimension-hopping occurs in the upcoming Deadpool Game... I do ever so wondere... :unsuresweetie:

I want to buy that game but... ARGH!
It might have "inappropriate" content.:applecry:
You're an adult. GET OVER IT!
But I don't wanna!:raritycry:
Yes we will be buying that game, it looks Fantastic.:pinkiehappy:

But it's not the story we deserve.

New deadpool an pinkie pie story?! :pinkiegasp:

-Kiryu :moustache:

I hated those Batman movies.
Now you've done it! Batten down the hatches! Theres a sh*Squee* storm brewing!
Let me elaborate. I didn't like Batman's voice, and The Joker was too much of a murderer insane guy, and not enough of a clown comedian.
His motivation is FUN! But this Joker is only in it for Anarchy. Why? Because he wants to. My favorite Joker was the one from "Batman The Animated Series"
Of course those aren't all of my reasons but that's a good start.

I didn't really care for the movies either.
I didn't really like Batman's voice in the first movie either but it did (in my opinion) get better in the other two.
I agree with you on the Joker though. While Murderous Joker was cool, I immensely preferred the Joker from B:TAS.
The only reason I made that joke was because it was a perfect set-up and I just couldn't pass it up.

I know what you mean. It was supposed to be a serious moment, and he made it a hilarious meme.
And they killed Qui Gon Jinn! He was my favorite character from Fallout 3!
You're just saying that to make a joke.
Yeah... He is cool in that game though.

Wait. What character had the same actor as Qui Gon Jinn?
It been waaaaay too long since I last watched any of the Star Wars movies.

HA HA! I don't even know how to follow people.
How do you do that? And are you gonna finnish that soda?:pinkiecrazy:
Shut up! he doesn't know where we are.

Liam Neeson. Batman's mentor.
Also he played your father in Fallout 3.

Oh yeah!
How did I never notice that?
The made my favorite actor a throw-away villain! Now I hate that movie!

That's what I said!
At first I was like "That's Awesome! Qui Gon Jinn is his master. Now Batman is a Jedi.
then it was "What!? He's a Villain!? A villain who wants to kill everyone because he can?! He makes less sense than The Joker, and that's HIS thing! I call Bull*squee*!

No more dimension hopping, just Pinkie and Deadpool being weird/stupid/awesome/funny? I am so totally with you! (Again.)

At least he was still awesome.
Not Grey or Taken awesome mind you. but still awesome.
P.S:Now I want see a movie were Batman becomes a Jedi.

Now I want to see a Batman MLP crossover.
I'll go and see if there are any. Also since Star Wars was brought up. EPISODE VII (7) TO BE RELEASED IN 2015!

P.S: If you want a Batman/MLP video, try Batman hates Bronies. It's not exactly a crossover but it is hilarious. You can watch it on NewGrounds or probably YouTube since everything gets uploaded there eventually.

1764650>>1764683 YAY DISCUSSIONZ.

I liked those movies. But I prefer the B:TAS too. Mark Hamill. 'Nuff said. By the way, yes, that is Mark Hamill voicing the Joker as in Luke Skywalker. Imagine Luke having a Joker moment in episode 5...

...That video was a lot better, the way I remembered it... oh well.

Sure. Batman is an okay detective. I prefer this one, though.


Disney just bought out ALL of Geroge Lucas' companies. I saw an article on msn.com. I don't know what the plot is though.
I have a general guess but that's because I've read alot of the books.
one of the next movies WILL have the yuuzhan vong invasion of the Galaxy. Though it probably won't be in the first movie.
Also Ben Skywalker is my favorite EU Jedi besides Revan.

Here, take an excerpt from a Mark Hamill Interview.

CS: Do you have any news you can share regarding Star Wars: Episode VII?

Hamill: I don't have any information that isn't already out there. And I'm in a place where sometimes I forget what's classified and what's not. I said to my son � because my son is really the Star Wars fanatic in my family, of my three kids � I said, "How come you know more about Star Wars than me or even Lucasfilm?" He goes, "Well, Dad, I go to StarWars.com." He knew about the new writer, Michael Arndt, before I knew about that� I'm not holding out on you. I just know that nothing's been decided, whether we're in or out. I was surprised at how George announced it, because he told me about this last summer. Not about Disney, but just that they decided after all these years that they were gonna go do VII, VIII, and IX. We were just shocked. But it's so in the early stages� I thought he announced too early. I don't know what the timing was in terms of the Disney deal. But we don't know what's going on really. And when we do, believe me, we'll let you know! [Laughs.]

For some background knowledge. George said he wouldn't make any more movies because of all the hate he received about episodes 1, 2, and 3.
Technically he's just an advisor in these. So he isn't really making the sequals.

Not really. I didn't give away who dies. Hint hint ****** ****. I blotted out the letters but that's his name.

this is how you do that dance of joy

Me or the video?
One of the next Avengers movies is going to feature the Skrulls and their Secret Invasion.

No wonder Frieza was pissed. He had to sit through hours of that.:trollestia:

Come on guys, I know Deadpool's back, but I have other stories too!

*bows* Oh you guys. All I did was get you your jobs back.

1765212 And that's why we love ya, but not in a sexual way.
Pack the cupcakes, we're having fun!

1765221 *fires party cannon*

D:fluttershyouch:n it Pinkie! You just destroyed the fine china!


I didn't really like them anyway, they reminded me of my crazy ass marefriend that decided casting a spell on my groin that made so I couldn't be castrated, while also feeling the pain, and lighting it on fire would be fun.

I am Masteroid, with my power over magnets.
What was that about?
You don't need any cupcakes when you have magnets.
So you're stupid me?
No you silly billy. I'm your creativity.
I only talk when you're half asleep.
Oh, I think that means I should sleep now. (and make this post, postable)

"Oh my goodness! That outfit is absolutely horrendous!" Rarity said.

"Hey talking pony, I don't know who you are, but don't dis the costume. Besides, look at this." Wade took off his mask and showed his face to the mane six. Their jaws dropped and the creature put his mask back on. "Not so good there, huh?"

Rarity fainted in an overly dramatic way.

I have seen that face and I would Love to be in Hawaii.
What? No no no, that's not right. And I think he should never... ummm... do that thing where he gets blown up... or something...?
He should get a new outfit.:raritystarry: Something that says "look out world here I come". Maybe in pink? It would work Fabulously.
Oh I get it now. You're my flamboyant side.
And then Pinkie would wear red because they share so much in common.:heart:
NO! that's a horrible idea.
Having Pinkie wear something symbolic of their relationship would really help.
Help what?
Help readers to understand just how amazing they both are. Look, both Deadpool and Pinkie break the 4th wall, and both have psychotic episodes that scare everyone around them. Plus being around Deadpool is dangerous, so she'll need at least some protection.
Giving Pinkie a bullet proof suit does sound good. Yes it does. Author Do it! Give Pinkie a suit of Awesome!
And Deadpool too.
Yes and... no not Deadpool.
What the Heck is all this!? Watever, I'll just post it.:trollestia:

I leave to go to the movies and when I come back what do I find?
That a throwaway joke I made has indirectly started a whole discussion that's about half a page long.
What I feel like right now:

Well Flamboyant me did write a huge comment.
It was Fabulous.
Stop saying that, you're making me sound gay.
Who is that, Harrison Ford from the "Air Force One" movie?

Nope. It's Liam Neeson in ... a movie.
You know, the one where he does some stuff and points guns at things.
It's a classic.
Oh god, why would I use an image from a movie I can't remember?

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