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Coverart belongs to PostScripting and can be found here. Thanks to Pickle Tickler for PMing me the link.

My week has gone from bad to worse. First I get a horrible cold that leaves me bedridden and unable to sleep for the last two nights. Then, as I was listening to a reading of a fanfic, I suddenly find myself in the Everfree Forest, in the body of a Changeling, feeling like my whole body is on fire.

Worse, I've apparently got a egg entrusted to me by Chrysalis from before the invasion that's about to hatch and it's a Royal Egg.

Well, at least I don't have to worry about my cold anymore.

Sex tag for sexual references.

In Popular Stories 30/12/2019? A surprisingly nice gift for the end of the year. thanks, everyone

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Interesting beginning...

Okay so this is at the end of Season 2 and before Season 3, so if this person know's the show as well as any fan does, should they head north to where the Crystal Empire will return, this way they could get inside of it before Shining or Cadance show up and could even find the Crystal Heart before Twilight and the others do, if they do that they could stop Sombra before Shining and Cadance even show up to the Empire, also they would then be able to feed off of the love that the Crystal Heart produces too, then they won't go hungry from lack of love.

this is interesting so far, hope to see more soon.

7384344 because a lonely changeling with no idea how to do magic can stop an evil tyrant while watching a baby... even worse: we do not know how much time passed between season 2 and 3. It might have been days, it might have been months. So he (she/it ?) has no idea when to go into the frozen desert.

To the story: interesting beginning. Let's hope it won't turn into another generic "hero befriends mane 6 and stays in ponyville the whole fic while defeating ancient evil" story. Not that those are bad, but there are already top many of them.


Found it! The artist is PostScripting (PS). The link to this picture is here.

I like it, I feel this story has a bit of potential. Interesting that the protagonist can access his form's memories... because he is indeed possessing someone in this case, I believe.

It’s a green egg, way bigger than I’d have expected an egg to be. It’s bigger than an emu egg. Pushing out of it is something black. I can see a pointed horn pushing through the top.

How large exactly is an emu egg? Is it normal to compare things to emu eggs in Australia? I have never seen an emu before in my life, so I am assuming their eggs are around the size of an adult chicken. Looked it up and it is about the size of a PS3 controller if a PS3 had an egg shaped controller. Australians are strange.

The start was interesting but it went downhill after that pretty fast in my opinion. Why do we get all these answers via flashback? Wouldn't it be more fun not to know everything right away? Also, these "flashbacks" are amongst the top 5 lames plot conveniences ever. It's lazy writing.

The other thing is, I don't know why the character is trans-gender. I don't have any grudge against people wanting to be the gender they feel most comfortable with. Maybe you, the auto is trans gender and wants to relate to his story better or hay, you just want to have an excuse to skip the whole "Oh god my penis is gone" rubbish. Either way, just wanted to mention that you don't have to be trans-gender to say: "Who the hell cares what equipment I have between my legs, at least I'm alive."

The apostrophe in the title should be before the s.

If I were asleep and that happened? Being yanked from sleep is hard enough to come to terms with, but when you can’t even breathe?

Tried that. I don't recommend it. :rainbowlaugh:

Interesting but there are a few issues.
Let me know and I will point them out.

Here's one issue:

I can feel no hair on my head, nor anywhere on my body at all. I can feel what is clearly a horn on my forehead.

How did your char know this?
What did your char use to feel that he/she has no hair anywhere?
How would your char know that there is a horn on his forehead?

sorry if I'm a bit wary, but I hope your actually going to update it.

At first I was really happy about this story, but I know that you just don't update very often because you probably don't know which of your 50 storys your going to update next. I know you don't have to do anything, but I just wanted to let you know what I'm thinking because of well how you handle it so far. (this was not supposed to be either good or bad, I was just suddenly dissapointed because I don't think I will see a second chapter soon.

this was a really good chapter, I mean it started weird and I nearly thought he had some sort of toilet transformation, but the rest of it was really interessting.

While I really like Chrysalis I think I would prefer it if she was actualy dead in this one which would make her/him the real mother of the Changeling.

Sorry again, but now this is a new story where I want an update, so maybe you should put all the others on a hiatous, and only think of a few which are going to get updates.

I don't really want you to end a story sooner, just because you suddenly want to have less work or something like that.

Sorry that if I annoy you, but I'm just worried fo the storys I like to read.

quick question, has the cover art any meaning? Is the main char supposed to look like the well not so normal Changeling there, or is this a random picture?

7394896 i chose it because of how it shows a tender bond between changelings. it has no impact on how the character looks or anything like that. it was just the best one i could find to embody the sweetness of the relationship the main character will have with the little royal.

for the love of bugs DO YOU HAVE AN EDITOR

I now know what Medley looks like as well, fan of Derpy...

Welcome to the Swarm, fellow bronie...

Added this to read later... I like the premise.

*sees cover pic*

HNNNNNNGGGG! :heart::heart::heart::heart:
*starts reading*

As for what will happen next time here (when i finally get around to it), our main character ends up meeting two ponies that cause them to make a mistake when taking a disguise, merging the two together in the disguise. i will only give this hint, blame G3

oh dear...oh dear....


I have to pause as the sound of my voice reaches my ears. It sound distorted, yeah, but it is hard to define what gender I am from it. Huh. Guess that theory that Changelings are generally genderless unless they focus on it is legit.

That's a bit of a leap in logic, it would make much more sense to get "Changelings have weird voices" from that.
A simple cup check would be a much simpler way of telling sex, and that's if proprioception didn't tell her first.

Okay, mental note: don’t think about leaving the nymph ever again. Dammit! Must be some leftover order Chrysalis programmed into this Changeling before I somehow hijacked its body, right before its charge hatched. That’s gonna make getting home a bit trickier.

...for a moment I hoped he had the pain because the child was panicking. It isn't bad this time, but I like to avoid anything that is forcing the character to have an adventure, like body sharing, or a body that is forcing the new host.

I guess the cold weather could be dangerous for them as well.
In a way, this story is starting to get actually very good. I just hope it is getting enough chapters till he/she actually meets a few other beings, till it maybe stops again for a while.

what a stupid ass move that was. Monday went find,

i think that's surpposed to be 'fine'.

I think this story has a lot of potential. I'm rather curious where you'll take it considering most of your other stories have the characters friendly with the main ponies, in Ponyville. This hints at a very different environment later on, characters, and abilities. The fact that the protagonist is being influenced by a newborn and has several compulsions placed on them, but is otherwise free to use their judgement in carrying them out... is an interesting setup.

shiting eggs and changeling tits

I don't know why I want to read more.

the only thinng i really see a must of the disguse is a mare (to make sense on how the newborn are being feed)

7517453 im right in this thinking correct?

7549769 whats funny is i actully had to edit a comment for a sec to remamber what that emot ment and yeah i never saw how he could explain feeding them as a guy especially later in the year parent teacher kind or need both active parents

Intriguing, I'm hoping for a more settling episode next, either him/her trying to build a place for them in the cave and going to ponyville to scout the timeline, the crystal is very chaotic i'd go to canterlot, besides tirek and discord, it's mostly safe, now love-wise, maybe not so much.

Is this going to update soon?

7543541 WRONG.just say"Its magic dont have to explain shit !!!":trollestia:

7459509 now i dont want to read this story....thanks alot.

7885879 i ment makes sense for the ponies the foal/nymphs are new borns

wow its been a while, going to have to start from the begining, though it is good to see this continue

It lives, excellent

Nice to see this continuing. :yay: Also props for using the old Rainbow Dash. :rainbowlaugh:

So far, so good!

Always good to see a dormant story get up and be like, "Hey! I'm still here! I didn't die!"

I'm sort of scratching my head over this story. . . It seems reasonably well-written, and there are some interesting ideas and some things happening in it that are pretty cool. (G3 Rainbow Dash meeting FiM Rainbow Dash and Rarity was good for a laugh, but perhaps didn't live up to the idea's potential.) At the same time. . . There's so much that isn't explained or doesn't seem sensible.

Based on the many changeling fics I've read, it seems like they were scattered far and wide in all directions after being ejected from Canterlot, and then they all somehow landed in Everfree Forest. I'm just saying.

What were Melody and her parents doing there in the "Forest of No Return," anyhow? Ponies don't just wander in there by accident.

Random changeling attack is random. :rainbowhuh:

And then our hero decides, out of all possible places to go for safety, the Crystal Empire is it? And just in time for the conflict with Sombra's ghost? Her reasoning really seems like a stretch. It's almost as though there's some unstated reason she's compelled to go there, and she's struggling to rationalize any kind of excuse to justify it?

The reason for the fear is simple: I had to work fast to get my airways clear again and it took a lot of effort and concentration. If I were asleep and that happened? Being yanked from sleep is hard enough to come to terms with, but when you can’t even breathe?

Yeah, that's a problem right there. That's a situation that gets you admitted to the hospital...breathing difficulties are a serious, life-threatening situation. He ought to be admitted and possibly intubated (if they don't have some fancy hospital version of mucinex to clear that right up).

If you're ever that sick, seek help. Don't "tough it out." That's why pneumonia is such a big deal, even if you don't feel that bad compared to the flu or a bad cold.

She blinks again, becoming confused. “How’d you know my name?”

Rarity said it, literally two seconds ago. Flat. :facehoof:

“You’re friend here just said your full name, did she not?”

Oh, thank you Luna. I thought I was going crazy.

Though, I’ve no idea when the Empire returns. Since, from what I can piece together, the invasion was today, looking at things from a logical standpoint, the Empire would return within a few weeks, maybe just one, after.

this reminds me of a story where the Crystal Empire re-appeared JUST when Cadence and Shining cast their spell-as if they triggered it-but it took several weeks for Celestia to find out it had returned (because it's so far North).
that story is called "excuse me, your fangs are showing."

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