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All was quiet in the small town of Ashfell. The town always got a lazy trickle of visitors, never more than a dozen at a time. That was, until the changelings came. Now amongst their number, Taylor Vasquez has to lead his town through the trials of being bug-horses. If only he knew anything about leading.

Co-authored by Thunderclap, edited by Em2pt5. Cover graciously provided by Grim_Grin

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This is odd...

...But the good odd.

good stuff! upvoted

Interesting... Veeeery interesting... It's a bit early for me to say it's a fave, but I do quite like what I'm seeing so far. I'll track this for now, let's see where it goes. :trixieshiftright:

I'm interested to see how this develops. I can only assume that converted changelings are compelled in some manner to cooperate and not blow the entire thing wide open as soon as they are released.

The big question that comes up is where the changelings get their love energy from, considering the entire town was converted.

I can't help but wonder if the changed people of the town try to go through their everyday life as changelings like they did before in some manner, or if they now have new jobs and directives. I believe it was hinted that a hive was constructed by them under the town, so perhaps they were appropriated entirely for alien tasks to their former existences.

Interesting... I hope Chryssie is alright, though.

Ah, again we see that changeling loyalty is as deep as a puddle in the desert during a cloudless noon.

I can see those queen hormones in action already! Aggressive, confident!

“I know I will be more than happy to teach you and the town how to accommodate yourselves to your new forms,” a drone stated firmly. “The old queen’s cruelty must come to an end.”

Hi Thorax, good to have you here.

8125334 Nah, its not thorax

Awww, that would have been fun.

I don't think changelings operations in progress can be stopped so easily. They have replaced people after all, and there are probably some who are mid-conversion. They'd have to let them finish converting, I imagine, and then they'd have to instruct them how to take their old places and forbid them from sharing the secret, all the while not arousing suspicion from loved ones who haven't been converted.

Sounds to me like the secret would get out rather quickly in that case, and all the risks and potential rewards that implies.

Godzilla Reference

Yeah! 2 chapter in and the town is already ready to revolt! Down with the Queen! Vive la révolution! Sing the songs of angry men!

or you could shapeshift into your formal self and live your normal, average and boring life. That's cool too.

Comment posted by hive vs machine deleted Oct 23rd, 2019

8125357 I hope to see more, the story is interesting:pinkiehappy:

Is more coming soon?

Taylor Vasquez has to lead his town through the trials of being bug-horses.

is this saying the town is populated by changelings? and changelings are invading them?

It's alive.:pinkiehappy:

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I can't imagine the original changelings that tried to take the town over to be used as shocktroops will be regarded very well. Them not facing repercussions from the new queen wouldn't feel right.

I suppose the best way to ensure the American goverment treats them well is to hunt down, capture, and hand over non-complying changelings to be tried. And possibly killed or dissected, not like anyone will care about those ones though.

Ok whats so speical about Albuquerque?

he asked, hitting the send button.

What'd he say?

The weird premise aside, the dynamic between Taylor and Jackie is very, VERY well done.

No no, the trick is to both organize a revolution WHILE living a normal life. They could pretend they're already converted and loyal to... Well obviously Chrysalis, while both leading a seemingly normal human life, AND organize a full-blown mutiny.

You won't believe how hard it was for Nazi officers to differentiate between regular French citizens and underground militias. And the most dangerous of them all? Those who genuinely look like they're supporting the cause, only to reveal themselves as a long time backstabber. Like that triple agent spy working for Spain, Axis, and Allies, eventually leaning towards the Allies. That Juan Pujol Garcia guy.

Aww man, Taylor is genuinely an interestingly competent individual. The dynamic of this being Earth instead of Equestria also really captivates me. Shame it's dead, as with a lot of good pitches.

A president is not a president if he never oversaw a dissection of aliens :trollestia:

That's a nice story. Do you think there will be a next chapter soon?

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