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Game quote: It took ninjas riding basilisks to stop me. I can be proud of that.

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So sore... · 11:38pm Jul 21st, 2018

I walked four+ miles today! O__o

But I caught a shiny Zapdos!

And 18 regular Zapdos. Zapdoses? Zapdosi?

I need to add more friends. I ran out of eggs to hatch today with all that walking... o__O

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Where I'm at, that'll be tomorrow. I'll look for it when I wake up! :yay:

Actually, the new chapter is written and ready to publish. :pinkiegasp: I just woke up a few minutes ago. Gonna be seeing a plane about a cruise in about 6 hours, so I'm planning to hit publish once I'm done grabbing some food at the airport (So... 'bout 5 hours from now). It's one of the shorter chapters, clocking it at roughly 850 words.


If the timing holds up, I'll read your new chapter tomorrow. :pinkiehappy: It will be a good time!

Thank you bery mucj for the favorite. And glad to hear you like the use of overmorrow.


In a game I was playing, my guild needed more people, so I made a second account. This noob account was absolutely crushing the early game because I basically knew every strategy and what skills to train up first for the biggest effect. I was nearly untouchable, and looting ridiculous amounts of gold from the enemy, because how much gold is vulnerable to being swiped by a raiding player was a function of raider's level vs defender's level, and the ratios were wildly skewed by my tininess.

Every other weekend, ninjas attacked and you had to fight them off. An update had just added basilisks, so the ninjas showed up... with basilisks. The "turn you to stone" type. And then the ninjas could smash the statue.

Finally, something that could kill my noobly self!

After being stonewalled, I said that in the guild chat. Got general agreement; that is something I can be proud of.

I crushed everything I faced. Until the ninjas. Riding basilisks.


  • Viewing 17 - 21 of 21
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