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Sweetie Belle's job at the national radio station, Equestria Public Radio, had been a major success. Working her way up from newbie audio technician to host in just a few months, every show she did every weekend was just another joyous radio where she could share her interests with the world. Every weekend night, she would come on and serenade the world with her personal jazzy picks and talk to so many people about whatever interests or idiosyncrasies they had. The only thing was, no one knew it was Sweetie behind the mic. All they knew was Lady Luxury was more than willing to listen to each and every one of her viewers.

Spike was lonely after he came to terms with Rarity's lack of affection. Months and years pining after her and barely a hint of reciprocated affection. While on a year long trip around Equestria, Spike had a lot of time to think and after days and days of soul searching and consideration, he realized the affection he held for Rarity's little sister just bubbling under the surface. A long time friend and companion, he was conflicted, so he called in to his favourite radio show to ask for advice.

A sweet wholesome fic about Radio host Sweetie Belle and Lonely Listener Spike. A web of love and pseudonyms inevitably to be unraveled. Will love withstand the deception?

Rated T for innuendo, crude humor, and mild profanity.

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Oh yeah, I love it! You got the talent!

Before I read, I saw a mistake on the info panel.

Sweetie does he best to offer advice while keeping her identity a secred.

Just two-word mistakes.

Sweetie does (her) best to offer advice while keeping her identity a (secret.)

“I’m no virgin, you know that!

”Crusader sleepovers don’t count.

Sweetie deflated, completely ready to remind Scoots of their club activities, but already getting shot down.

Ayo what the…


“Okay Smith, I’ll tell my producer to let you through if you call back. I’m interested in how this goes.”

Very creative name. 10 points for spike for creativity.


Ok let’s not look at that. I really like the chapter, and definitely an idea for the story. That thing with radio is creative, idk if I saw this anywhere. The whole thing with “incognito mode for Sweetie Belle” is also very unique. Good job on this chapter

I rate this chapter 8,5/10
DISCLAIMER: I only rate by my personal opinion. I don’t want you to I think, that I want to make you feel bad. I hope you understand :)

Thanks, I'll fix those, I wrote the description real quick between classes and didn't go over it a second time

A brief tangent about something from the first draft. When I decided to lower the age rating, I scratched the original discussion and just gave a little summary. I like making raunchy stories so, yeah.

Thanks for the good words. 8.5 is respectable, and I'll work for that 9.

That was a interesting story goodluck with the rest of it.

i'm sure, that you write a really good story (which it will be i hope) it can be 10/10

Heh :ajsmug:

Hey Spike, why don’t you name yourself John Doe?

Such a sneaky little trick Scoots played on her CMC bestfriend. Scootaloo's little comment about 'CMC sleepovers not counting' ... and the 'real' reason Princesses have a summit ... Bow-chicka-wowow!! :trollestia: Kind of awkward after since Caddy is Tia's adoptive niece and what does Shiny have to say or is he stuck watching Flurry?

So… when is the next chapter going to be released?

At the pace I'm writing, hopefully by monday, assuming school doesn't screw me over. Why is engineering math so hard :fluttercry:

I've been looking for a story to read before I fully get back into things, and this looks fun.

I'm enjoying it so far. Good job!

This reminded me of that one Disney channel movie, Radio Rebel, with how Sweetie is disguising her true identity under an alias. Great work on this, I'm looking forward to seeing how this goes.

I'm ngl I never liked the spike X sweetie bell ship. I get sloppy seconds/ settling for the younger sister vibes.
It can work, but I'm wary

Feel you on school doesn’t screw me over part.

This honestly was really good writing in my book so no problems there. As for it being Sweetie, my personal preference is Rarity, but if that was a no then Sweetie would be my choice for Spike. Overall I find it very good

What?! Princess summit?! I must have missed that....

Comment posted by B1ngB0ng deleted October 7th

“Sp- Smith.”

Ah yes, the perfect fake name that sounds totally natural.

I really have nothing to critisize about, this chapter is very well writen… just without any comment / objection. I hope the next chapter will also be the same :)

I rate it 10/10 told ya
You deserve it for your good work on this

D'awww, that last line is just so sweet. Well done!

nice, I was a little worried Spike was gonna bail for a second

Mhh...Anoher magnificent sory ino my 'Tracking' list

Yup, this story's going into my "good stuff hoard"! Keep up the good work! :D

So far, I’m loving this story! Though I’ve spotted a few minor mishaps here and there. Nothing huge, of course, just simple typos and grammatical errors.

“Who could be knocking at this hour?” Sweetie paused the video game she had been playing as she heard someone knocking on her door. The boutique had been closed all week as rarity prepared for the release of her next fashion line, and it was pushing eleven o’clock, later than most ponies who didn’t work night jobs stayed up. She pulled herself up off the ground and trotted over to the door.

Rarity. Names should be capitalized at the start. :raritywink:

“Pinkie, I saw you like, a few hours ago when I picked up a desert. What are you all up to so late?”

Dessert, actually. Desert is the big sandy continent with extreme heat and cold.

“Hi Sweetie. We got a last minute alert from Celestia and Luna that Spike was on his way home.” Twilight took a few steps forward, saddlebags full of various party supplies. It seemed like everyone was carrying something to help set up the party. Well, everyone but Pinky, but her hair seemed to be able to carry a seemingly infinite amount of random things. “He got the express train so we’re expecting him back home tomorrow morning or afternoon.”


Banners had been hung, party signs had been made, and purple and green streamers hung from any part of the ceiling they could reach. Twilight and pinkie, the only elements of harmony left at the cafe, had shifted into the back to double check if the Cake’s still had stuff to prepare Spike’s favourite emerald and ruby dust cake. Their search through the pantry left the Crusaders alone.

Pinkie, with a capital P.
+ Optional edit: café, with an é instead of an e. Hold alt and on the numpad, key in 130 before releasing the alt key to make an é, if you’re using a qwerty keyboard.
++ Optional, of course, because an e and é are usually so close, that it doesn’t really matter in the long run, and more often than not, e is used to just replace é regardless. Case in point: Pokémon is often replaced with Pokemon, despite the first one being the correct format (so much, in fact, that Pokémon doesn’t have the red underline in the browser while typing it in).

“There ya go. Why wouldn’t ya want yerself a cute man who you already know so much about. That’s not even mentioning the fact that he’s a gosh darn prince since twilight became princess. You could do anything ya wanted to.”

Twilight, with a capital T, since it’s a character’s name.

I’m sure I might’ve missed a few more, but I have faith you’ll be able to spot them easily. Anyways, great work so far! I look forward to reading more! :twilightsmile:

So is next chapter going to have Spike talking to 'Lady Luxury again? Something funny is if Spike somehow finds out it's Sweetie Belle giving him tips on how to romance her, and he has to hide that he knows.
Also, "those raunchy seduction techniques from Twi’s dirty novels." Hmm just what has Twi been up to...? :twilightblush: Also, I wonder if she knows the CMC had found them. :twilightoops: Hope to see more soon. :)

My spellcheck refuses to let me have Pinkie's name correct apparently. Thanks for the help :pinkiehappy:

I always felt like Spike and Sweetie Belle was better than Spike and Rarity. This story made my entire day, and I can't wait for more.

Any time! Thanks for bringing this awesome story onto the site! :rainbowdetermined2:

“Princess stuff, bureaucracy stuff, pretty much anything that isn’t fun.” Starlight fell back to her hooves as she began leading the way off the train platform. “Things just haven’t been the same since the elements retired. Sure, nothing bad has happened, but so much of that excitement is gone with it.”

Wait what.

Author can you explain when and how and why they retired in the first place

Especially since there is no 'alternate universe' tag. I didn't even know being an element bearer was even a job. Applejack always seemed to be one bad day away from losing the farm...

That's all based off of how I assumed the story ended. I never actually finished the series, stopping after season 6, but from what I understood when twilight became a bigger deal princess, the group of elements disbanded, no longer needing to solve the world's friendship problems.

If this is wrong, then I can throw the alt. universe tag on this. This is just what I thought actually happened.

You probably should add the alt universe tag.

Added, thanks for the advice : D

Hey no problem but at least you didn’t see twilights g5 form *shudders*

Bro I'm amazed with your work. I was sad that nobody was trying to write that much spikebelle stories. And now u made my dreams come true. Sweetie belle being a radio singer and hoster is a very unique and flamboyant idea. Ur creativity and writing style is soooooo gooood. Please continue writing the rest of the chapters. I'm all for it.

I give this fic a 11/10. Its awesome and romantic. I don't care about the grammar mistake or sentence structure issues. The story is charming and captivating and a little bit heartwarming all at the same time.

I can offer to edit and correct the basic spelling mistakes and grammar issues to a certain extent free of charge. But I'm not a professional. I already detected all the mistakes pointed out by your other fans and I think I can correct and proof read things to an intermediate level with no cost at all. I'd be happy to help a talented writer if ull allow me. I can make corrections and let u the author double check things before reposting. Lastly I'm offering to do this because ur writing an adult spikebelle fic that I have been waiting for a long time and mostly because of ur style of writing and creative genius. I'm already doing editor work for another author but I can do the same for u more easily because u just started the fic. If I take the editorship, u will get more time to focus on the story and coming chapters without worrying about spelling and grammar.

Radio Rebel was one of my favourite disney live action movies. I'd be lying if it wasn't part of my inspirations. This is actually a story I've thought about for years, but never had the confidence to put to the page, let alone publish. Seeing Radio Rebel on Disney plus reminded me of this idea and I figured it was time to revisit and actually do something with the idea.

Edit: I think I mandela effected it on disney plus. I went to find it and I can't. Oh well, it is still one of my inspirations.

To give a short summery of what the mane 6 did as the elements after season 6;

The bearers are the elements as established against Tirek but were sidelined almost every time. When Sombra came back (because Discord) and took over the Crystal Empire (with no problems at all because no one has a military force) the mane 6 grabbed their elements on Celestia's say so. No plunder vines appeared but they were at least mentioned (which was the last time mind you).

They zapped Sombra with them.

He survived despite the direct hit. He does something, fade back into the ether? Ghosted? Don't know. Sombra then destroys the crystal tree while the physical elements are in it after following the mane 6 back there. Sombra conquers Canterlot by walking in because... (I find it galling that Sombra 'defeats' two alicorns that, in ages past, ran a successful military campaign against him that forced him to rage quit for a thousand years)

The elements blast him again yet this time it works (despite all the conditions against Sombra being gone; if anything this was logically the time it should have failed). This was just the mane 6. No jewelry, no tree just harmony between friends (a good lesson that was).

You didn't miss too much. There might be enough well written episodes to cobble together into a season but most was bad fanfiction.

Nice stuff!

Bucking Trixie, I swear...that mare is insane!

Can't wait to see what Spike ends up doing now!

When Twilight left, the pair of guards at the doors left behind her, leaving Spike and Sweetie alone in the dining room.

Another delightful chapter! I love seeing these two dancing around their own feelings. I'm looking forward to seeing them finally work it out.

(And Starlight topping Trixie makes so much sense.)

There was one tiny slip I spotted, quoted above. Twilight leaves dinner with Spike and Starlight, but Sweetie ended up there. It's little, but stands out.

Good Gaia, Starlight has the patience of a nun to put up with Trixie. Of course, she's probably going to come up with some creative forms of discipline for her after that little stunt at the end of the call.

“Welcome back to Sweet Jazz with Lady Luxury. A special thanks to the girls on before us, but now it’s time for your dose of the best jazz selection in Equestira.”

“Welcome back to Sweet Jazz with Lady Luxury. A special thanks to the girls on before us, but now it’s time for your dose of the best jazz selection in Equestria.”

No need to be so formal. Tell her I’ll be there in a minute.”

“No need to be so formal. Tell her I’ll be there in a minute.”

You forgot the “ thing

Trixie shouted back, “And if it all goes well, you can take her home, throw her in bed, and ru-”

Ayo what the fu..


So… another chapter. Good writed, as usual, but some grammar errors happened. Lore got me again. Also… (probably Trixie) comment didn’t get me? I did get the joke, but I don’t think it was funny or something. But still, looking at the rest of the chapter, it didn’t really matter

Also +1 to rating for Glim Glam

So my rating for this chapter is 8,5/10

As I said, it was good, but grammar errors were too visible for me and quite ruined the feeling

“You are correct.” She released Spike from his hug and lowered herself back on to her hooves. “Now if you’ll excuse me, there is a great and powerful mare in my room who needs to be punished for how much she frustrates me. Good luck Spike.”

Ooo kinky :ajsmug:

When the next chapter?

Eventually. Midterms start tomorrow so probably not for a week at least, unless I get stressed and just need to blow through some pent up emotion

Understandable and again sorry for asking just curious is all.
But I do wish you luck on your midterms my friend

Good luck with your midterms!

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