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Luna goes to Manehattan Comic Con in disguise, meeting and spending the day with an online friend there.

Just a quick thing I needed off my mind. Nothing fancy, just a bit of cute, and a bunch of geeking out.

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Genuinely a great read.
..man, why couldn't WE have had immortal nerdy princesses to tell the publishers to screw off when it came to Mass Effect 3?

I really enjoyed you Luna x Button Mash story as I'm a fan of shipping them together.

This is wholesome my dude.

I want more of this.

I really do

“Just need to make yourself a bit smaller.” Luna pulled forth the spell Celestial had taught her, something her sister had designed for just what Luna wanted to do now. The Princess of the Night shrunk down a little, her stature becoming more like that of a tall pony rather than an alicorn princess. “However you make yourself a tiny pegasus I have no clue, sister…”

That a reference to Celestia's disguise in that one comic?pbs.twimg.com/media/Fa4YuQWUEAEnZVf.jpg

If their Discourse reacted wildly to Celestia being at the con, they're gonna explode when they find out a princess is truly one of their own...

This was a fun read! Gamer Luna is one of my favorites! Now she needs to attend Cider Fest Milwaukee!

Button got a chance that none of her suitors did, to meet luna without context, proving that he's not just after her status. To make it fair luna should go undercover for a year and date everyone in the country to find the most worthy partner

By context, you mean not in the palace or announced??

without context = not knowing that she's royalty

That was adorable.

You're very welcome. :twilightsmile:

There should be more button mash x Luna stories

Oh yes, there should be a LOT more stories.

It's such an untapped ship

I love Button Mash X Luna. Very cute story!

We need to commission said ship

9/10, good fic. The complete tag at the bottom stole a point though. :rainbowwild::trollestia:

Meanwhile, in Ponyville...
Pipsqueak: Something is not right.

Just something short

Nope. We require 10k more horsewords now. Chopchop. :eeyup:

Gamer Luna lives on in 2023 and I love it

oh my gosh, great story. So cute and bubbly. I love the princesses acting like actual people.

4 squee's out of 5

That was a really good story.

Nice. That was a fun read. I've got to ask, was it inspired by Her Knight in Faded Armor? It certainly shares a number of elements.

Wilt #30 · 2 weeks ago · · ·

I'm guessing that she's going to have more explaining to do when she next has breakfast with her sister ...

"Luna? Would you like to explain what was happening with the stars last night?"

Not completely, but it was definitely in the back of my mind ^.^


I can't accept Sweetie not being there with Button. Even if it was just as friends. :unsuresweetie:

I mean, those are fan works so...

And yeah, yeah, I know, comics aren't canon to the show and all that...

An I remember reading those stories awhile back. There good stories. Thanks for being up good memories.

Loved this little story and it just makes me want a continuation. :)

That’s him. A rush of adrenaline coursed through Luna’s body as she spotted her online friend for the first time. Helix pulled off the helmet he was wearing, revealing an earthpony stallion with a brown coat along with a rough brown-orangy mane. Luna then realised that just like her he’d never uploaded pictures of himself fully exposed, only updates of his Mass Effect armour project with his real face blurred. Huh, first time for him too then I guess?

So is button mash an adult or young adult

I'm guessing young adult

Wing #39 · 1 week ago · · ·

Well, this was delightful. :3 Made me reminisce. The gamer pair is highly regarded.

This was a great read, really cute : )
Felt like it would have really benefitted from being longer since it feels slightly rushed. Though that's just a symptom of it being a one-shot I think.
Gonna take a look at some of your other works now. Once again, great work!

Awww this was a pretty adorable story so Luna is preparing for a convention and she put her disguise on and she's pretty excited to meet one of the online friends and also nervous because none of them never show their pictures same with her when she got there she decided to meet with this person what you got there he saw him and it turns out it was Button Mash the young adults who came here a lot so she introduced herself and her disguise and it looks like they get along pretty well so they check out the newest games coming out and even saw a trailer of it Luna was pretty surprised to see Celestia here which she's going to have a lot of talk when she gets home after that button invited Luna which he doesn't know who that is to the hotel just to hang out and once they got there when I felt really guilty for hiding the secret so she decided to tell him the truth and drop her disguise yes at first he was pretty surprised but apparently wasn't too ashamed and he doesn't really care if she was a princess or not she was a good friend wish that was pretty nice of him again this was a really nice story keep up the good work

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