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A powerful magical artifact has been lost in the vastness of interplanar space, and its creator is a bit miffed. The fact that it seems to be damaged probably doesn't have anything to do with it. The fact that he is a literal god, and his power seems to be leaking through it might, though.

The additional fact that the rest of the pantheon has flatly forbidden him to go after it himself out of fear of sparking an interplanar war with whatever local gods rule the area and might sense his presence almost definitely does.

But he knows just the cheeky mortal to send on a retrieval mission.

*Crossover with Norrath, the setting for the EverQuest games (you know, the one that started the whole MMORPG genre?)
*sex tag for innuendo and suggestive jokes only. This story will not result in the clippety-clop of little half-elven hooves galloping around Ponyville. Unless my druid is significantly freakier than I realized...

Consider this a rough draft. When I actually get some free time, the first couple chapters are going to be reoutlined, rewritten, reorganized, and replaced. It was the first thing I'd written in 10-12 years; had to blow the rust off. And boy was there a lot of it! (This message will go away after that occurs)

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Meridian 59 predates EverQuest by 4 years (1995 vs 1999), if you're only counting MMOs with 3D engine.

Of course, EQ1 still got an expansion every six months until 2016 and has another one coming late this year or early 2018, while M59 is open source by now and the original two devs seem to run it out of their basements.

I never played M59, I just remember reading an article about it sometime before EQ came out. That's headspace I'm apparently NEVER getting back.

Very nice to see a crossover adventure story, though. I'm following!

Edit: Oh good, now you've got me nostalgic for spamming each other with gibberish to drive up language skill back in the day, haha.

I remember that time very fondly, when an MMO could have 100k players and be considered wildly successful. Nowadays whenever someone makes a new one they're like "We'll totally crack 10 million" and inevitably fall short.


Yeah, no, it's crap. I consider it a rough rough rough draft now. At the time, it was just me, out of work on injury pay, bored out of my mind, and trying to get the old creative juices flowing like they used to back before I joined the serf-force. It's either dead or something that will be completely rewritten with a proper outline planning what will happen, because I do once in a while get an idea for where this could go, and if enough stack up, then maybe...

But thanks :pinkiehappy:

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