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From father to son to grandson to great-grandson, on and on down through the centuries, Celestia has continually found love and comfort from a singular line of remarkable stallions. For a thousand years, she has been romanced and bedded by a succession of lovers from what may very well be the most charming, suave bloodline to ever exist.

Then Luna returned from the moon...

Cover art by StarBlaze25

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 42 )

This is funny, weird as all get but funny.

Weird as all hell, but hilarious.

*Cackles.* Oh my god that is brilliant!!

Yay! Lighthawk is back! Granted, not an update to a particular story I was hoping for (The Herd), but just knowing he is alive is awesome!

*Gets to reading the story*

Edit: After reading this story, that was an amazing bit of characterization for Princess Celestia... and that ending had me cackling! Great job. Oh! And congrats on being featured in the #1 slot! :pinkiehappy:

This was fun. I want an epilogue.

...that's different.

Twilight is going to be so jealous. A Type Six golem that is *not* made out of cloth and stuffing. Um. Rephrase that.

Fantastic. I didn't see the twist coming at all, and was rendered nearly insensate with laughter.

Also, and while I suspect it was intentional, I like how apt the Comet name is. A heavenly body that draws close to the sun and makes a beautiful display for a short time before it leaves it and is shot back into space, only to return again many years later. Very clever.

Ha ha ha ha ha! Long-winded joke win! Love it!

well played sir well played

For some reason this brought to mind a line from the movie Serenity. I ain't had nothing between my nethers that ain't run on batteries in years (paraphrased cause I don't remember the exact quote). A lovely well timed and played joke, thank you so much for this gem.



That seems fair, I'll take it

Not sure what else there would be to add, but if something comes to me, I just might

Your suspicion is quite accurate, and the name was chosen for just that semi-poetic reason. Well reasoned.

the big gay is with you, op

lmao well done my dude

nice and long con

mirth from the their features

mirth from the their features

I... really want to hear this from Comet's perspective and get his take on everything now. That was delightful! Such a fitting name and fascinating possibilities!

Poor Celestia had the lover she always needed but never knew it.

Dude, this was gold. Had me laughing for the better part of 10 mins.

Oh, I could imagine an epilogue set several months later, featuring Celestia swollen with the results of a day of rutting after forgetting her contraceptive spells, and being doted on by her golem consort while Luna is overjoyed at becoming a grandmother in a roundabout way...

What could've been a cute, "humanizing" little fic for Celestia turned out to just be a cruel joke. I'm not laughing.

I agree fully. I feel sorry for Celestia and the cruel joke and how luna acted. This time of introspective into her character and her real fears and concerns made fun of and belittled.
I cannot find this funny or endearing in any way. Its cruel even if it was benign in the end and didnt have lasting concequences it belittled her love for many of her late lovers and made it cheap and not matter as much.
Im sorry but ehile the story is fine i personally dislike it author



Understandable, humor is one of the most subjective things there is, and I knew this wouldn't amuse everyone, because nothing ever manages to be that good. Sorry it wasn't to your tastes, maybe next time. If it helps any, I really didn't intend for it be taken as being cruel to Celestia (though I can appreciate where that viewpoint could come from), as she is one of my favorite characters. However I also have this headcanon of both her and Luna being rather remarkably resilient mentally and emotionally, so in my mind, she'd bounce back from this in relatively short order. It's also why Luna found the whole thing hilarious, because she knows Celestia isn't going to be upset about it forever, and the two of them have pulled pranks on each other that could match this.

But again, subjective. We like what we like and don't what we don't, and you're never obligated to explain your feelings in order to have them justified. I just hope it wasn't too off-putting or upsetting.

Thank you for not taking it personally. And i agree with most if not all ur statements about Celestia and Luna being resilient but pain and emotions are fickle and no amoint of mental hardening or preparation will trully be enough. Im just sorry for Celestia but on one hand she will have a caring go to that wont leave her? It could be interpreted in many ways on which perspective u use.

That was quite a twist ending there.:rainbowderp:

You really had me thinking this was gonna be a cute sentimental story and then wham Luna out of no where.

I liked it alot though good stuff. :rainbowlaugh:

Comments warned me it wouldn't be funny but it honestly was.

That cover picture totally reminded me of this old story's picture.

Not so much the detail level, but the expression.

I, at least, found this hilarious. :rainbowlaugh:

Taking boy toy to whole new heights. Thus was bloody hilarious and, at the same time, rather deep. Good job, good sir!


Twilight is going to be so jealous. A Type Six golem that is *not* made out of cloth and stuffing.

Jealous until she discovers that Princess Cadance actually mastered and improved that particular spell decades ago and her "brother" is actually a Type Seven...

That was a very evocative and well written story, but the plot twist at the end was just a deu sex machina.

(Don't judge me, it's late. I'll be sorry in the morning.)

Hahahahaha!!! Huzzah!!

Now I'm interested in Comet's perspective since he is a living golem. Probably sweating when maybe, just maybe, he will be sent to the moon through brute magical force.

Y'know, this is kinda sad... Maybe it's because the story doesn't make clear just how "autonomous" Comet truly is, but... it's a bit disappointing that it ends how it does. If Comet truly is his own pony, with his own life, his own thoughts, and desires, and with wit barbed enough to match Celestia's own, then it changes their entire history together. Celestia believed that her relationship with him was doomed, unable to last for more than a brief but passionate fling, but Comet? Comet's love for her has spanned a thousand years. And he's probably the only bachelor that can truly be there for her, never growing old or dying as so many others have... But Celestia seems already too entrenched in her beliefs to consider that.

As a one-shot ending where it did, this is great. But if it only had taken things a little further, maybe shown the confrontation scene? It would have been fantastic.

If Comet really is (or through the years became) a person, it may be not love that drives him to Celestia once in a while. It may be the call of his cutie mark - not the picture on his butt, but the purpose that was ingrained in him from the beginning. A constant compulsion to do what he was made for. So, when the call becomes too strong - he comes to Celestia and fuck her silly. And then he's free for a time to do what he want.

I know why this relationship never worked out.

Celestia is immortal and thinking this stallion wasn't ... It made her fear that if she kept him close, he would dwindle away... Not providing any ancestors... And therefore ultimately leaving her alone.

And even if they had a child, it wouldn't end much different and worse... For the child to be mortal or to love among them , to repeat mother's mistakes.

Curse of immortality.

A deep start with plenty of chuckles at the end, loved it! Would love to see a side story with highlights from Comet's thousand year journey. Did he exist solely to hone in on lonely alicorns in their greatest time of need? Or was he making the whole world a little less lonely?

The latter. Definitely the latter.

you partly right, shiny is type 7 while twilight is type 8, and flurry heart is type 9

Did this go where I expected?

No, though I am not sure what I expected. Drama, possibly.

Am I glad it turned out the way it did?

Oh you bet I do! A most welcome twist!

This was GLORIOUS!!! I can't stop laughing...

Glad you enjoyed it :pinkiehappy:

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