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It is Equestrian tradition that, when a pony comes of a certain age, they are given a magic timer that counts down the days until they're destined to meet their soulmate. Rarity was very excited the day she got hers.

She just hadn't expected it would be counting up.

Short ficlet based on a prompt I got on my Tumblr blog. Original prompt was to write a drabble set in a universe where "timers are set on the wrist of every person once they are a certain age, slowly counting down until the day they meet their soulmate".

Cover art by Maximasmac !

Now with Russian translation!

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This is the flustered Rarity that was missing from my day. Thank you for being the highlight of my day.

I know we come for the Raritwi, but bless Pinkie's Pinkieness, she's just such an adorably fluffy Archimedes lever.

Fluffy ficlets and quality aren't mutually exclusive. Even gourmet chefs need to slap together a PB&J sometimes. And this was a delightful combination of sweetness and nuts. Thank you for it.

One of the Quality Writer dirty little secrets, I understand, is to write everything, but sell the best 10%. So, you're just building up your 90%. :ajsmug:

Nice and sweet. Thank you :raritywink:

kits #6 · Jan 26th, 2021 · · ·

Rarity being super embarrassed by this was very fun and sweet.

Flustered rarity is a blessing and it makes my day better. Thank you Mono for this, it was a delight.

It is Equestrian tradition that, when a pony comes of a certain age, they are given a magic timer that counts down the days until they're destined to meet their soulmate. Rarity was very excited the day she got hers.

She just hadn't expected it would be counting up.

...Why would it have that feature?

Ah yes lovely fluff just what was needed well done mono :twilightsmile:

Probably for situations like these where you met them before you got your timer. And also because it's a nice thing to be like "awww, we met X days ago"


because it's adaptable magic

That was a great twist on a theme as well as a lot of fun seeing Rarity being the one that was flustered.

This was just adorable. Love the Maxi cover art too; amazing that she got it done so fast.

I for one am glad to have you back! Feel free to post all the short little fluff you want. Especially if short fluff leaves you more time for your Big Original Projects! :heart:

TWIST: Rarity's soulmate is Nightmare Moon/Luna. They have the same voice and everything!

Also, FiM Classic characters FTW.

I have a feeling a certain Pretty Pink Pony Princess has something to do with this Soulmate Timer thing. If so, there is no wonder why she is the Goddess of Love.

I'm almost surprised by how Pinkie was surprised by what happened. Then again, she's only omniscient when the plot allows her to use her true powers. :rainbowlaugh:

Also, damn! Closing in at 100 likes after the story being out for just 2 hours. You are an inspiration to the small fry that is me.

A truly sublime story to find at the end of a long day. Good show!

It’s a treat to get a new Mono story, and this had a really fun premise!

And what does the timer look like? A digital stopwatch, or what?

And Rarity came of age two years after the series premiere? :raritydespair: That hardly makes sense, considering she owned and operated a clothing store (and by definition, paid taxes) for quite some time before then. Wouldn't she have received it when she turned 18 or 16?

10646896 see, that’s what we call a “hook”

“Now I won’t know how many days she has left until I see her again.”

I'm a little confused as to what this line means? Other than that, this was a cute little fic! I do wish there was a follow up though... :pinkiesad2:

Cute little read! :rainbowkiss: But when does Twilight get her timer? :twilightoops: They would end up saying the same time right?

that might be a mistype on my part but came of age isn't like 18 or anything; it's just a set age for when you're given the thing (in my head it's 25, which honestly i should just add in)

Edited it to make it clearer. Basically, she's saying she won't know how many days are left in rarity's timer until she can ask again next time she sees her.

wait, to add on to my previous reply, the reason I kinda see it as the timer being given to ponies in their mid-twenties (or the equivalent of that) is because by that point you're supposed to kinda be settled into your personality and your life?? if that makes sense

<GASP> OTP Fluff! I needed this, thank yoo!

Yesssss, all of the shipping! :3c

Yup. Lavender flavored marshmallowy goodness. Thank you for the cuteness Mono.


Well that was nice and cute. Honestly I get the feeling Rarity was just oblivious to her own feelings this entire time anyway.

Can you imagine having already missed the moment you met your soulmate? Crushing.

♥️ing 2021 Mono

Any Monochromatic is good Monochromatic.

2021 Monochromatic is 2020 Monochromatic with a better fluff case

There is a Zootopia story with a similar premise.
It's a good premise and I look forward to reading your story.

Plot twist: her soulmate is Princess Luna. :pinkiehappy:

"Or perhaps that dashing river dragon, darling!" :raritystarry:

I've always seen her as very knowledgeable, and good at connecting the dots, yet just poor at seeing them in the first place. Here she isn't omniscient - she's able to do the math of 365 days into 730 for two years, then realize that the Summer Sun Celebration this year just happened a month and some change ago before double checking the 39 more days and figuring out that was Twilight's arrival - all the while there's actually pretty fair amount of time passing between Twi and Rarity's back and forth for her to do so, frowning thoughtfully.

I've grown up with ADHD all my life, scarcely knowing I had it for 2/3rds of it so I'm absolutely and definitely projecting, but she's less a clown who stumbles upon information and more so one smart cookie who acts absolutely clownish. I like her, she's pretty cool.

:heart: OTP fluff, yay :yay:

What an adorable one shot

Ohhhhh fudge.
Twi, you better not let 'er down, or you're in for a flooded planet.

Edit: I just realized that this is a completed story and now I'm saddd

...You could make a in-depth story out of this, but aside from that, good read.

Adorable :twilightsmile:

(and also the raritwi train bc I kinda fell off it)

How can you fall out of the train when you're the conductor? :rainbowhuh:

Oh gosh this is great. Monochrome adjacent RariTwi is my *jam*

Then again, if you watch "Cutie Mark Chronicles," Rarity was sewing the costumes for her school talent show in the boutique when she was Sweetie Belle's age. Rarity has had that place since forever.

She met Steven Magnet the day after she met Twilight and a little while before she met Celestia for the first time. Come to think of it, Rarity did not meet anyone who was not a local and thus probably already within her circle besides Twilight and maybe Spike. It's hard to say with Spike; Rarity never even acknowledged his presence. Seriously, how does she miss the fact that the pony who just walked into town hall has a freaking tiny dragon with her? For that matter, how did Applejack miss him? You would think that Spike would be a lot more of a conversation piece.

"Well, howdy, Twilight... uh, do you know you have a huge purple two-legged horny toad following you around?"

wait, coulnt it also be sparity?

then I realised that Mono writes a lot of twarty stories

Makes you wonder if Twilight had a timer as well and she was so confused by it she locked it away.

Needs a follow-up chapter. ^^

Potentially misleading hint about dragon timers working differently… Hmm.

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